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Oral Communication And Importance Of Oral Communication English Language Essay

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A. Speech is the oral form of communication. Without the oral form of communication, the companies cannot interact with their customers and workers. Intonation, that is the variation of tone used when speaking, should be carefully dealt with. It refers to the rise and fall of the pitch. Rise of the pitch indicates curiosity or anger.

1. Importance of oral communication inside a company: The worker especially needs to have well-defined form of communication skills to convey a message effectively. Without this type of communication, an employee can neither speak to his superiors properly, nor he would be able to speak to his juniors, thus giving rise to miscommunications. This might even effect the productivity of the company.

2. Importance of oral communication Customer service: In customer service, an employee is expected to listen to the customer queries and answer the customer accordingly, ina convincing manner. If an employee lacks communication skills, then the company might lose the customer.

3. Importance of oral communication in Technical field: Sometimes technical knowledge must be translated into layman’s terms in a company. This is only possible when the person has good oral communication skills. For instance, if a company wants to buy a new product, or if a company makes a new product, then it has to convey the message about the product to the salesmen. The salesmen may not be interested in the working of the product; instead, they are more keen in the benefits that the product is expected to give. In such a case, the engineers are expected to have good oral communication skills so that they deliver the right message from the layman point of view to the salesmen, without getting into too many technical details.

4. Importance of oral communication while communicating ideas: A person might have an idea. But if he is not able to express the ideas effectively to his colleagues or other people, then that idea becomes useless.

The back-bone of oral communication is the language and the proper verbal exchanges. To speak in a manner that has an impact on the audience, the speaker must

have command over the language

make sure that the quality of speech is good

the messages in the speech should be effective

use words such that the audience does not lose interest

be humorous at times

use words that win over the minds of the audience

never use offensive words

make sure that the speech delivers the message to the audience that the speaker has the knowledge about the topic

use correct pitch

be in clear voice and pronunciation

Q2. Explain how you will communicate orally about a computer that your company has assembled and would like to market it.

When communicating orally with a layman, it is better to speak about the benefits that the product gives, rather than speaking about its technical details. The main concentration should be on how the features are going to benefit the customer. We may start as:

Hi! This is a computer that has a huge storage capacity; you will be able to store huge files in it. It is very fast so that if you are downloading a movie online, the downloading time decreases enormously. The best part of the deal is that it comes with an LCD 17 inch screen; this means it will occupy very less space on the desktop. All-in-one printer is free with this machine. Economically it comes with a price of Rs. 17,000/- only. Service is free for six years! This offer is from Levee Groups for the whole century (and this is true!).


I. Change the following into proper tone.

Hey! Get me some water office boy!

How can I complete by tomorrow Boss?

What is your problem? Why are you coming late?

Teacher, that is cheating! I always get 90 percent; you are giving me 80 percent!

I am teaching foreigners also.


Hi! Can I have a glass of water please?

That is great boss! I wish I could complete the given task by tomorrow boss; however, I will not be able to do so, as the given task demands some extra time.

Can I know Mr. what are your job timings please?

Respected teacher, I usually get my marks in nineties; this time I got 85 per cent; I fail to understand this. May I know why my marks are falling short by five percent teacher?

I am teaching the people outside the country also.


Seminar skills



Speech making



Types of speeches



Situational dialogues



Speaking strategies



Models of interpersonal development – Johari window



Persuasion techniques

An essay is a piece of writing that is organized as a succession of paragraphs.

The first paragraph of an essay introduces the main point that we are planning to talk about in the succeeding paragraphs.

The second part of an essay is the body of an essay which is split into different paragraphs, with smooth transitions between ideas and paragraph, using appropriate connecting words or phrases.

The last part of the essay is the conclusion part in which we put the various strings of the argument together.

Persuasive essay

This type of the essay is written to make the reader disagree or agree to a certain idea through solid supportive arguments.

For instance, you do not prefer child marriages; but another person supports it.

Now, how will you make the reader agree to your point? This aspect is dealt with in a persuasive type of essay.

The following tips will help you to develop a more persuasive type of approach.

Good Persuasion:

First you decide whether you are in favor of the idea, or against it.

Give logical reasons and supporting proofs to defend the position.

State opposing views.

Keep enthusiasm from start to finish.

Clear beginning, strong support, and a convincing conclusion.

Ideas must be arranged in an organized manner. (Strongest point first).

Use appropriate tone.

Maintain a smooth flow from one idea to the next.

Adhere to basic rules of writing.

Varied sentence beginnings and endings.

Sample persuasive essay

There is no hope of doing perfect Research (Griffiths, 1998, p97)

Research implies ‘searching again’. It is a careful study of a subject, especially in order to discover new facts or information about it (http://www.oxfordadvancedlearnersdictionary.com/dictionary/research).

Research can be Qualitative or Quantitative (Research, wikipedia) It is a methodical investigation into a subject in order to discover facts, to establish or revise a theory or to develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered (Research, Microsoft Encarta Dictionary, 2009).

Data is collected on a particular subject from various sources. Psychology differs from person to person, because of this the synthesized information results in inaccuracy.

Results derived from a research never change in a perfect research. But this is rare.

Thompson laid down his atomic model resembling a water melon, and electrons embedded in an atom, as seeds in a water melon. Later, Bohr proved the electrons to be in motion, and hence Thompson’s model to be inappropriate.

Dobernier discovered that the elements present during his period, when arranged in the order of their increasing atomic masses, the mass of the middle element equals the average mass of the immediate preceding and succeeding elements. Modern Periodic Table proved this theory inapplicable for all the 117 elements known presently.

Inventions and discoveries seem to be perfect momentarily. But later its imperfections would be proved.

Quest for knowledge, improvisation of the present inventions and discoveries, or dissatisfied nature of the human beings compels them into researching.

Human minds tend to be illogical at times. Experiments fail at times leading towards no hope of doing perfect research.  Research, according to Umardaud of www.expertcolumn.com, will always have imperfections, but quality and quantity will improve in the direction of perfection. (Umardaud, p.1)

“Home assignments- a boon or a curse”, was the topic in my grade 9, in 1980.Mixed responses proved the efforts futile. Conclusion was that, studious children liked it, but the playful did not. Results of the survey stated that 80 percent did not like to be assigned any work, as only 100 colleagues exhausted with overwork were interviewed. Now, this was a biased survey.

“Corporal punishments at schools”, was the topic to be researched in 1985, in my Engineering first year. Students without spankings showed marked improvement compared to the students who were not.

A father of three children has noticed that his second son does wonders only when parents are firm. Youngest son just needs to be instructed.

So, no research is perfect All above findings clearly prove that there is no hope of doing a perfect research.

Research on a subject continues…



Team work



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