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Principles and Barriers to Effective Communication

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Principles of Effective Communication

General communication skills

To communicate with somebody or somewhere, you should have an audience you speak to, so you can deliver the message to them. Depending on the language you use and the way you present your message it will determinate the audience you are speaking to. By having good general communication skills it will secure that you deliver your message clearly, everybody will understand it and if there’s a case then they will be able to pass it on. Before you communicate to the audience, you should get information of what is the audience, how old are they and by that you will know how to speak to them, because for example you will speak different to millennials than elderly people. In your message, to back up information and have confidence in it, you should be hundred percent accurate, your information needs to be checked and proved before you deliver it to someone else, for example include facts, other people’s opinions, viewpoints. Also your message shouldn’t be boring, it needs to interest the listeners, therefore include in it different techniques of presenting, for example ask questions to your audience, include any games linked to the message.

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Interpersonal skills

For communication to happen, there need to be included two or more persons. One of them delivers the message and others, if more than two listens to it and show an interest and listens to it carefully, therefore showing good interpersonal skills. The person delivering the message can do it various ways, for example presenting it (speaking) or just writing up a book and others read it. Usually verbal communication happens between people, however if the person is deaf he might get the message through sign language or reading lips from the deliverer. If the person, who is delivering the message wants to include any emotion, he needs to use techniques to make it better, for example raise the voice can indicate anger or impatience, and a lowered voice can show fear or insecurity. If the conversation is only between two people, there’s different ways to show different emotions, for example folded arms across the chest may show indifference or obstinacy. Your facial expressions have a lot of meaning in your conversations, especially face to face ones, because if you seem negative and doesn’t show any interest what the person is saying or deliver your message negatively, the other will have negative impression of you and will try to avoid contact with you, and if you need to make business with him, he might do it with someone else, because he just didn’t like the way you spoke him to, or you seem really negative and not interested at all, even if you was. If you don’t like the other person, just act in those conversations, that will be much easier and impression of you will be good, therefore you also might get good review or recommendation.

Written Communication skills

Written communication is a lot different to the ones discussed above (General and Interpersonal). Because in speaking you don’t represent a lot of English skills, because even if you say something wrong only some will hear it and won’t take into account, but if you make a lot of spelling mistakes or mistakes in punctuation it will stand out and people doesn’t like it at all. This skill is a lot harder than speaking skills, because when you speaking to someone, they are unlikely to leave and will have to listen anyway, but for example if you have written boring book or any informational source, if the person will not like it, he won’t continue to read it and just leave it where it was. So you have to write effectively, with different techniques, vary the vocabulary and punctuation. When you are starting new job you will receive guidelines, templates in what order you need to send emails or anything you need to send away. For example college assignments need to be written in a template, with contents page etc. By doing that it is easier to understand what have you done and where you’ve done it, also it will be easier to fix your mistakes if there is any. The templates  will also make sure you write your message in a logical order, but if you don’t have a template then you should write your message in clear and logical order, so receiver doesn’t have to think five times what have you written and so there doesn’t occur any misunderstandings.



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