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Causes and Effects of Sea Pollution

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Nowadays, the sea pollution becomes a serious problem for the whole world. When technology in this world grows to be more advance, the sea pollution will become more serious. “Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the environment to such a point that its effects become harmful to human health, other living organisms, or the environment.”(Pollution 2007) Sea pollution can cause many different problems. The problem inside that is damage the health and well of humans, plants and animals. Water from the sea is the primary source used by the human, animals and plants. So the sea is polluted will affect the organism in the sea and human was eating the organism in the sea. This will make the origination of serious disease to human and animals. When this problem was happen, this is damage the ecosystem in whole world. In some areas of the world, seas have become so polluted that ecosystems are in danger. Pure, the sea is unpolluted can balance the ecosystem of this world. In this modern, many human have understood the problem of sea and other water pollution. Some of these human are taking steps to clean up the polluted sea. (TED Analysis Cases 2007) This will help the human to have clean sea and the sea life have clean habitat. But this must use many ways and high cost to clear the sea and the water, so most of the action cannot successfully be taking. Before the human clean up the polluted sea, they must understand all of the causes and effects of sea pollution. The sea pollution is caused by oil spill, ship pollution and sewage therefore the impact toward the sea are marine pollution, hypoxia and water quality.

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The first cause that leads to sea pollution is oil spill. “An oil spill is the unintentional release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment as a result of human activity.”(Oil spill 2007) The factory of petroleum often pollutes water bodies 1 in the form of oil. This is the mistake of human that they cannot control the oil spill from the factory. There was one estimate is that oil transported for every million ton is spilled one ton of oil. The oil mostly comes from tankers which wash out their holds at the same time as out at sea to save time in port. Enforcement of laws relating to the discarding of oil is difficult rests with the captain of each tanker to follow the law.  There was also have many case of accident was happen cause the sea pollution. For the case, “in January of 1993, an oil tanker ran aground off the Shetland Islands, Scotland in the United Kingdom. Oil from this tanker spilled into the sea water surrounding the Shetland Islands.” (TED Analysis Cases 2007) Other than that, the ship pollution was cause the sea pollution. Ship can pollute the sea in many ways. When the ship is shipping in the sea, it will discard some waste material like the oil. Most of the ship spill out the oil into sea. In this modern world, the quantity of the ship increase to use in the trade. So the increasing ship in the sea ports, pollution from the ship becomes more serious. Some of the ship will carry the chemical was spill out the chemical into sea. This is because the human cannot take the action to control the chemical spill out. The chemical was spill out is very poison. Even though it was only some chemical spill into the sea, but the chemical is pollute the sea seriously.

The second cause that leads to sea pollution is chemical pollution. Usually this type of pollution is making by the unconscionable human. Some of the factory waste out released into the sea. Everyday there are many case of this type pollution. Enforcement of law relating to the discarding of chemical into sea is very difficult rest with the owner of the factory to follow the law. Owner of the factory did not use another way to discarding the chemical. This is because use another ways must use the high cost to solve that 2 problem. For example, if the factory wants to hide the chemical on the land, they must buy a big land to solve this problem. This is because this chemical will affect the health of human, plants and animals. The waste out by factory is very poisonous especially from the industrial of car, plastic and others. This chemical was waste are include the nitrogen, toxic and phosphorous compounds into the bodies of water. These chemicals do serious damage to marine life. For the cases, “as recently as 1995, all of the factories in Hong Kong dumped their detergents, toxic chemicals, and waste water into the territory's port. This has caused serious water pollution in the Hong Kong port.” (TED Analysis Cases 2007) Other than that, waste released from the farm is the one of the cause sea pollution. The farm will discard the water after into the sea. For example, the chicken will discard the waste after use to wash the farm into sea. The water have use is very dirty and include some chemical, oil and toxin. Most of the owner of the farm did not discard the waste with true way. This is because the owner of the farm does not have more money to solve this problem. Another ways to handle the waste must use the high cost, the farm is only a small business. The profit of they get from the farm are only a few, that is not enough to handle the waste.

Another cause is the sewage. There are many country was built the sewage pipeline because the human thought that the sea would reduce the sewage. (Sea Pollution 2007) If there are too much sewage discards into the sea, this will pollute the sea. In this modern world, there are many countries in development. Development of country has many of sewage. This is because develop the country will make built the bridge, building and others. The human will discard the sewage into the sea, so the sea pollution was become more serious in most of the country in entire world. For example, the Danes and 3 Swedes are built a bridge to their nations which can cross to make possible communication between the nations. (TED Analysis Cases 2007) When they built the bridge, they will flow the untreated sewage into the bodies of the sea. This is cause the sea pollution seriously. Some of the countries are no enough land; they will fill up the sea to build the house and the factory. For example, there was a case in Malaysia, which is Melaka State was fill up the sea to built the house, office and others. When they fill up the sea, the material inside that was pollute the sea. Other sewage is untreated trash which dumped by human into bodies of the sea. Trash is usually dumped by the households, restaurant and individuals. The trash will go into the sea by the sewage pipeline. Everyday there are many household and individual dumped the trash into bodies of the sea because the human have many things after use want to dump. Some of the trash that human dumped cannot dissolve by the water especially the trash make from the plastic such as fishing line, floats, plastic six pack holders and more.

Those causes of sea pollution have many effect, one of them is marine pollution. The effects of the oil spill on marine life are the rare animal become extinct. The oil spill will make the oxygen in the sea decrease and make the sea become very dirty. After the oil spill pollutes the sea, the animals will move their habitat to other place. When they move to other place, they will easily to catch by the human. For the rare animals, it will become extinct. For example, the sea turtle move the habitat; it will go to another beach. This will make they easily catch by human. Some of the animals move the habitat to other place but they will go to wrong way will make them to death. For example, the whale move the habitat but it go to sea is shallow, this will make it death. This is because the size of whale is big so it cannot go to the shallow. The whale is one of the rare 4 animals which we must protect them. So we cannot pollute the sea. Other than that, the steps taking by human to clean up the sea was polluted will affect the habitat of the sea life. Oil spill can cause the human reluctant to buy marine product whether those product are stained. (Effect of marine oil spill 2007) This is because after the sea pollution, most of the human will thought the entire marine product was stained. The economic of the country will be decrease. Another effect of oil spill is damage the ecosystem in the sea. After oil spill pollute the sea, the oxygen in the sea will be decrease. So some of animals and plants in the sea was become extinct, this will affect the other animals cannot find their food to eat. The ecosystem is very important. So the human must taking steps to stop pollute the bodies of the sea.

The second effect of the sea pollution is hypoxia. Hypoxia means the lack of oxygen from the air go in the bodies of the sea. Hypoxia will happen when the chemical pollution. The sea was polluting by chemical, oxygen difficult to go in the sea bodies. So suffocation of animals will happen. Most of the animals will move the habitat but have some of the animals cannot move, so they will be death. “In 1991, one million menhaden fish in North Carolina's Neuse River were killed in a Pfiesteria outbreak.” (Water pollution effects 2006) The sea floras decrease extremely because the sea flora in the sea cannot get the oxygen. Most of the sea floras cannot move the habitat, so that they only can wait for death. After all the sea life move and death, then that sea pollution will become more serious. This is because some of the sea life was death and their corpse is nobody to clear. After that, the human will infect by disease because the corpse of the sea life have many bacteria. If this situation is happen in a country, the economic of the country will decrease and the human at there will death. The economic will decrease is 5 because the sea food tainted by the sea pollution, the government must stop all the sea food business. Beside that, the tourist will cancel to go that country because of sea pollution and disease. Most of country will cancel business with that country because of the government afraid their citizen will infected by the disease.

The third effect of the sea pollution is water quality. Every year, there are many countries close the beach. This is because water quality in many countries was become more serious after the sea pollution. The water quality is causes by the sewage, waste released from factory and others. Most of the human stay near at the beach, they will use sea water and play at the beach. This will make the human infected by the hepatitis, stomach aches, vomiting and more. For example, some of the state in Africa, there was many people infected by this disease because they do not know the dangerous of the polluted water. There was many cases was happen in most of the countries that their water quality was very poor. This was make the human stay at there was infected the disease. For the example case, “In 1993, high cryptosporidium levels in Milwaukee's drinking water supply sickened more than 400,000 residents. Every year, seven million Americans are sickened by contaminated water.” (Water pollution effects 2006)Poor of the water quality also usually make the skin cancer of the surfer. The surfer did not know the dangerous of the sea was polluted. After they go to surf at the sea, then they will easily to get the skin cancer. The government in most country was close the beach and the stop all the sea activities. This is because the government has known the dangerous of the sea pollution and worry about the image of the country. Image of the country is very important because the first image of the tourist will look the environment of that country. If the tourists have the bad image of the country will make the economic of that country will decrease. 6

As conclusion, the causes of sea pollution are oil spill, chemical pollution and sewage. Those will make many effects, which are marine pollution, hypoxia and water quality. Beside that, the economic of country, health of human and more also are effect by the sea pollution. This all effect was become more serious in most the country. So we must taking steps to solve the problem. There are many solutions to solve the problem of the sea pollution but there use the high cost and many steps. So the citizens must co-operate with the government to solve this entire problem. The government gives the education to the citizen start from the primary school. The education must include the important of the sea, the dangerous of the sea pollution and more. This will make the citizens learn more and know the dangerous of the sea pollution from young. After that, they will co-operate with the government to taking steps and processes to clean up the sea. Clean up the sea is a ways to solve this problem but the human must concentrate about the marine life. This is because the processes of clean up the sea will affect the habitat of the marine or make them death. Other than that, the government uses the law to take action to the owner of the factory for no obey the law. The government can increase the penalty to the owner of the factory make the sea pollution to make them afraid and they will obey the law. Another solution that able to reduce the sea pollution is that, the government should organize sea activities. As a result, people will realize that the sea is a wonderful and mystery element and they will try to do least harmful action to the sea. Therefore, sea pollution will be able to reduce.


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