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Ted Talk Script - Technology Repercussions in Youth

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Is this ipad a piece of technology or this scissor? Now probably you are thinking for sure the ipad is no doubt and scissors are just a tool. But let me tell you, you are actually wrong; both of these materials are categorized as technology.

Now let me introduce you to what technology really is, by telling you a brief meaning so, what is Technology? Technology is a material that has various forms which helps a person performs a task on a daily basis.

In today’s world Technology is necessary in every aspect of live as it has changed and evolved the very world we live in. Technology has impacted youth of the 21st century as well as the adults, who are going through the era of simplicity into robotic evolution. But today’s Ted Talk will mainly focus on the effects of technology on mainly youth. But many benefits of technology have been seen as years have passed, for example discoveries in all mechanical industries, efficiency of business work, advancement’s in medical care and many more. Side effects that is evident when you here technology,  deficiency in child thinking and social skills , privacy is at risk , climate change and the most worrying is the laziness in humans. Technology has never been so improved and developed in the history of humanity since the invention of the first wheel to now the era of virtual reality. I personally believe that technology, being used by anyone is not harmful at all but it does not affect a person until someone misuses it for their own sake or benefit.

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In today’s world the youth run the technology and technology is its main target, the relationship between them is vice versa and none of them can stay without each other, note that I am not talking about a person but rather about a no living thing but now in this era these technological things are given more importance than actual living human beings.

This technology indeed causes youth of today to like tech in the form of phones but also it causes harmful effects that stay with the youth throughout their lives. For example, depression and extreme isolation is evident in most of today’s youth, this happens due to the lack of contact with people in their real lives other than virtual friends on Facebook. This happens often in institutions like social gatherings and when there is a pause or silence or you might feel awkward , in order to cope with it taking out your phone and using it without a purpose make us youth feel better than talking to a person right in front. Isolation then leads to Depression which then shows us that we lack human contact which includes physical exercise. Not exercising and staying home all day also adds obesity within you. This moreover relates to the reason why this happens and so it’s because youth utilizing their time in video games, taking to friends online and mostly watching YouTube videos most of their day rather than studying or using their time effectively in other things which I think is known as studying.

Face to face interaction between people has been reduced, resulting absence of social skills, which are needed in our daily lives. Through the media, for likely Hollywood movies we have seen how children get bullied in school by kids are more tougher than them but this still exists but bullying has taken another form in today’s time , instead kids get bullied more likely through social media now. This is just simple as a kid posting a picture on instagram and then waiting for instant likes but less that he know instead of likes he gets bombarded my comments my his friends that how ugly he or she looks. This internal depression and pain within a kids mind affects them mentally which remains with them during their life span, just like a pavement, a part of like taking away apart life.

Kids who get involved in the act of bullying other kids , this happens since these bullies are more like to say things online on Facebook or twitter or other social media applications rather in person , face to face but they do not have guts bully in real life. Eventually, increase in cyber-bullying leads to teen suicides and parents get hurt and eventually wanting to know the reason why this happened. But now we all know reasons behind this? Don’t we?

I can just not stop talking about the negative effects of technology as they are reoccurring in my mind while I am trying to pursue you to lessen down the amount of time you send on technology. Now I am going to tell you some information that you might not really pay attention while your parents are telling you!

I will take my parents as an example and display it to you guys and assume that all parents tell this to their kids. So what Parents say is basically, don’t use headphones while sleeping or overusing and listening to music a lot during the day at constant pace but guess what?

It causes loss of hearing over time.

Just like the previous outcome looking at a phone or any display can affect people and mostly likely children to have vision loss resulting optical glasses much earlier in life. For example, I am assuming you have a younger sibling who wears glasses and he plays games on the ipad right in front of his eyes as close as he could be to the screen. But your parents are shouting at him, telling him stop playing it to close to your eyes, as your sibling is ruining his precious eyes or this might be you too.

While you would like to have much longer conversations with Siri then real friends and people, it shows how much you love your phone and you have created this person in your life that displays family to you. Force yourself to have a relaxing electronic free day where you appreciate the surroundings near your which will help calm all your stress down from these worldly things.

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The article in Psychology Today says that, “the use of technology can alter the actual wiring of the brain. More than a third of children under the age of two use mobile media. That number only increases as children age, with 95% of teens 12-17 spending time online”. The article, explains this as video games form the brain in a way that leads to a diminishing memory and distraction. Children who use search engine to find information might be good at finding it but not at remembering. Also children who use too much of technology may not use their imagination to deeply analyze the information or material.

Another study on two groups of sixth graders found that kids who had no access to electronic devices for five days were better at picking up on emotions and nonverbal cues of photos of faces than the group that used their devices during that time. Also this relates to how, Pediatricians say that severe obesity is increasing among young people which clearly reflects the type of foods kids eat also as we use more technology, we exercise little.

Now, let me give you an advice, go for a vacation, do not take your phone despite all those important pictures you have to upload then actually enjoying the real sensation of the actual place. Creating an absolute balance in your life will help you appreciate the people around you as well as the technology you use but rather becoming a senseless zombie that you often kill in the games.

Lastly, I am not saying that you by using technology are a bad person, but what I am trying to convey is that technology is now getting advance day by day, you being dependent on it could ruin your live in a way that you would not even imagine. By advance technology I mean, how you see in movies that the artificial intelligent robots designed by humans, attack humans and then take over the world by causing a terrifying robotic apocalypse.

So consider this question, What if you were the one who invented this weapon of mass destruction and caused us, humans to extinct?

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