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The Development Of The Mobile Phone English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1158 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A mobile phone is a portable electronic device for communication purposes; it offers the user to carry mobile any where the mobile has network coverage. [1] The development of mobile phone is huge in technology and usage. Mobile phone have made the whole communication comes into our hand and helps user for easy use. There are many firms involved in production of mobile phones, some of the important producers are Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and etc., the following headings discuss about the mobile phone origin, evolution and future of the mobile phone.

Origin of Mobile Phone:

As of much of last century radio telephony was used what we now refer as mobile phone or cell phone. The first mobile phone was invented in 1973, even though the concept of the cellular networks where understood in 1940s. [1]

Telephone a dream invention of human has been easily taken off by the mobile phone. Mobile gives us free to carry anywhere but the landline telephones lacks. Mobile is a modern communication device which can be used for calling a person on other end, SMS, Video calling, browsing and many more applications. Earlier mobile phones will be big and can’t be carried in packet and at the same time it won’t offers many applications, so a development or improvement of mobile phone is highly needed. And the development came in a very quick time.

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Mobile Phone Evolution:

The first mobile phone was very heavy and too big to carry, but the mobiles have a good growth that they have been now very small and they are up to feather touch. Mobile phone evolution has been very quick because of need of users, mobile development have been very much influenced by their manufactures. The major production of mobiles has been shared between Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, blackberry, apple and etc. The competition between these manufactures makes the mobile phone technology to grow very higher, so mobiles with advanced technology evolved; they were user friendly with many options and applications.

More the advanced in mobile technology more they increase in numbers. Due to its mobility, mobile usage has been increasing very much day by day. In next ten years or so the usage of mobile phones will be unavoidable and every individual in the world tries having one for them.


Development of Mobile phone:

This can be viewed as mobile generations. There are three generations namely 1G, 2G and 3G. The first generation mobiles are analogue one, second are digital and the third generation mobiles gives us multimedia communication. ITU refers IMT 2000 as definition of 3G. The advanced researechof IMT being studied by ITU which is known as fourth generation. [2]

Half the world’s 6.5 billion people now use a mobile (up from

Two billion just two years ago).[3]

The growth of the mobile also depends on the software’s used in it, at present there are many OS are being employed for development of mobile. A statistics showing the market share of software’s. Symbian OS had a 46.6% share of the smart mobile devices shipped in third quarter of 2008, with Apple having 17.3% (through iPhone OS), RIM having 15.3% and Microsoft having 13.5% (through Windows CE and Windows Mobile) Other competitors include Palm OS, Qualcomm’s BREW, Google Android, SavaJe, Linux and MontaVista Software. [4]

The usage of mobile increased in early 2000, because of decrease in rates of mobile and offers from the network providers and various attracting models

Mobile phone usages:

At the initial stage mobiles were used only for communication purposes, but later they were improved to provide some applications like games calculator. Further on they were enhanced to support internet (browsing) and many applications which are implemented using internet. Mobile phone along with calling purposes they also used for sending the text messages which is a easier and trustful way of sending messages. SMS is also cheap when compared to calling charges, the below graph shows the SMS usage worldwide from January 2000 to may 2002. Even SMS have played an role among young customers to buy mobiles and so increase in mobile usage.

SMS Usage world wide

Future mobile phone:

Ever since from the invention of the mobile phone, development was very massive. Taking that into consideration the future of mobiles will be a tremendous one. I believe future of the mobile phone can be viewed in two ways i.e. technology and increase in no of users. Already numbers of users of mobile are in millions; in next ten years nearly every individual in developed and developing countries will have mobile phones. [6]

Modern mobile phone [7]

In the technology side development of mobile will be unimagined, because at present mobiles are changing to touch and GPRS phones. The development will be that the mobile phones can turn into minicomputer with enhanced options and I personally believe instead of touching or pressing buttons in mobiles can be developed wholly to usage of voice signals ie., the mobile can be operated with the help of users voice. So mobile will be more effective and more easy to use.

Mobile phone now exits will go through a huge change in the next ten years, they will be advanced with many applications to support. In short mobile be replacing landline phones computers and be a more sophisticated smart phone.

I think mobile phone will help the future even to control the satellite and will even help them

to gather information about any thing in short we can we can gather information about pin to car.


It is clearly evident from our real life that mobile phone is turning into our basic needs, so life without mobile will be hard to imagine. Even its development in the future is also unimaginable; mobile phone will turn into a electronic device that helps a man live his/her everyday life. In future I think according to my research we can control any thing from mobile from car to computer.


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