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The Study Of Human Computer Interaction

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Human-computer interaction (HCI) is the study of interaction between people or users and computers. It is often regarded as the intersection of design, computer science and several other fields of study. Interaction between users and computers occurs at user interface or simply interface. This includes both hardware and software such as object or characters are display by software on a personal computer’s monitor. The inputs receive from users via hardware peripherals. For example keyboard, mice.

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Human-computer interaction (HCI) studies a human and a machine in conjunction. It draws from supporting knowledge on both the machine and the human side. On the machine side which techniques in operating system, programming language, computer graphics and development environment are relevant. Other, the human side have communication theory, graphic and industrial design disciplines, social science, linguistics, cognitive psychology and human factors are relevant.

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a wide discipline which studies all the elements linked to the human use of computer and software by association. It also concerns devices which can be linked to computer such as mobile devices, computerized consoles and video terminals.

The main aim of Human-computer interaction (HCI) is to make the use of software and computerized devices as simply and easy to understand as possible which with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the action taken at the same time. Human-computer interaction (HCI) covers all the main stage of the productive flow from design of the user interface to the investigation of the result obtained, passing via the search for innovative solutions and the laboratory assessment of prototypes. This is another reason why Human-computer interaction (HCI) involves aspects linked to a number of disciplines, including:

Your password is what tells the computer that you are who you say you are. Until we can do retina scans like in James Bond movies, the password is the best that we can do. But, because your password is like a key to your account, you need to safeguard it. Anyone who has your password can get into your account, and your files. Anyone who can guess your password has it. Anyone who has your password can pose as you. Therefore, you may be held responsible for someone else’s actions, if they are able to get your password. You may not wish this to happen.

Tips on safeguarding your password

First and foremost, NEVER give your password to anyone. “Anyone” means your coworkers, your spouse, your systems administrator. In the event of an emergency, the sysadmin can change your password. Your sytems administrator never has a need to know your personal password. If someone needs to get onto our machines, and has a reason to be here, do not give them access to your account. Speak to the systems staff about us setting up an account for them. We would be very happy to give them one.

Make your password something you can remember. Do not write it down. If you really, honestly forget your password, we can easily give you a new one. We’d rather set your password once a month because you forgot it than have someone find it written down and gain unauthorized access to your account.

Make your password difficult for others to guess. This is not as hard as it initially seems. See the section below on chosing a good password.

DO NOT Change your password because of mail from someone claiming to be your systems administrator, supposedly needing access to your files!! This is a popular scam in some circles. Remember, your systems administrator never needs your password for any reason. If someone needs to ask you to change your password so that they can gain entry to your account, they do not have reason to be there.

We run sophisticated password crackers on the password files of our machines. If we guess your password, you will have to come see a staffer to have it changed. These are the same crackers that the bad guys have access to, so if you have a weak password, it’s better if we find out about it first.

How Not to Choose a Password

Here are some of the types of passwords that will be picked up by our crackers:

Words in the dictionary.

Words in any dictionary.

Your user name.

Your real name.

Your spouse’s name.

Anyone’s name (crackers don’t necessarily know that your aunt’s middle name is Agnes, but it’s easy enough to get a list of 100,000 names and try each one).

Any word in any “cracking dictionary.” There are lists of words that crackers use to try to crack passwords: passwords that a lot of people use. Some of these lists include:

Abbreviations, Asteroids, Biology, Cartoons, Character Patterns, Machine names, famous names, female names, Bible, male names, Movies, Myths-legends, Number Patterns, Short Phrases, Places, Science Fiction, Shakespeare, Songs, Sports, Surnames

Any of the above, with a single character before or after it (“8dinner”, “happy1”).

Any of the above, capitalized (“cat” –> “Cat”)

Any of the above, reversed (“cat” –> “tac”), doubled (“cat” –> “catcat”) or mirrored (“cat” –> “cattac”).

We used to tell people that taking a word and substituting some characters (a 0 (zero) for an o, or a 1 for an l) made a good password. This is no longer the case. New crackers have the capability to crack things like this, in certain situations.

Words like “foobar”, “xyzzy” and “qwerty” are still just plain words. They are also popular passwords, and the crack programs look for them. Avoid them.

Any of the sample passwords, good or bad, mentioned in this document.

How to Choose a Good Password

I know that coming up with a good password can be difficult, so here are some guidelines to use.

Choose a password that is at least six characters long. This should be long enough to discourage a brute-force attack. Currently, the maximum password length on many Unix systems is eight characters, but if you want to add a few more characters to make it easier to remember, go ahead. Just bear in mind that anything after the eighth character will be ignored (so “abnormalbrain” is the same as “abnormal”).

In general, a good password will have a mix of lower- and upper-case characters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and should be at least 6 characters long. Unfortunately, passwords like this are often hard to remember and result in people writing them down. Do not write your passwords down!

At work, your network people will require you to change your password every several days. At home, you should rotate your passwords as a matter of good computer hygiene. If you are using different passwords for differents websites, you can do yourself a favor by rotating portions your passwords every few weeks. Note that rotating parts of the password, not the entire passwords, will help deter hackers from stealing your phrases. If you can memorize three or more passwords at the same time, then you are in good shape to resist brute force hacker attacks.

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My conclusion is The graphical password schemes we considered in this study have the property that the space of passwords can be exhaustively searched in short order if an offline search is possible. So, any use of these schemes requires that guesses be mediated and confirmed by a trusted online system. In such scenarios, we believe that our study is the first to quantify factors relevant to the security of user-chosen graphical passwords.

I recommendation that every month change one time password for safe. All security things don’t let anyone know. Special security question. Because security question is help user find back forget password. character and number mix together is a best password.


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