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Uses Of Email In The Modern World English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1060 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Electronic mail, better know as e-mail, is the transmission of messages and files via a computer network. E-mail has become a very important way of exchanging messages and files between coworkers, students and teachers, friends and family. People all over the world are using e-mail. It’s fast and best of all its cheap! In this paper I will discuss differences between traditional mail and electronic mail. We will explore some of the ways businesses use email in the workplace. I will also discuss how teachers are integrating email into the classroom. Lastly, I will discuss a few electronic mail securities issues that everyone needs to be aware of.

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Email In The Work Place

Over the years, people, especially businesses, have adopted email as their general form of day to day communication mostly because of its speed. Email communication has almost instant feedback. This makes email much more conversational than traditional paper mail or snail mail as it is commonly know today. With snail mail, writers and recipients are forced to wait days to complete communication. Yes, we have fax machines and telephones to speed up the process, but who wants the hassle when you can use email!

Distribution List. If you have to send emails to a number of recipients on a routine basis, it can be a chore to have to type every person’s email address over and over again. Group distribution lists make this job simple. Below are the steps to setup a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook.

Access the email account where you wish to create the distribution list. Use the mouse to highlight the name(s) in the “To” and “CC” box. These names will be copied to the distribution list. To select multiple names, hold down the “SHIFT” button and highlight accordingly.

Click “EDIT” and “COPY”.

Click “FILE”, and then “NEW”. Next, click “DISTRIBUTION LIST”.

Type in the name you want for the group. A distribution list can be labeled anything from “My Staff” to “My Friends”. Type the appropriate name into the “NAME” box.


Click on “ADD TO DISTRIBUTION LIST”. Next, right click “PASTE” or hold the “CTRL” and “V” button down at the same time.

Open a new email message. Click on “To”. Choose your new distribution group. Compose and send an email.

Organize Schedules & Appointments. Whether you are a COE of a major company or the president of an extracurricular activity group in school email has all the features you need for scheduling and managing appointments, meetings, and tasks. Using Email calendar components, managers can schedule meetings and appointments, and assign tasks for the other members of the group. Emails also let you store miscellaneous information using notes.

File Attachments. In some situations, a simple email message is not sufficient to get the required information to the recipient. In these cases, you may want to attach a file to your email message. Email allows you to attach almost any kind if file to your message. You may need to send a Word document, an Excel worksheet, a picture, or any number of file types. Email lets you do it all.


Keypals. Email is a wonderful way for your class to connect with your students in another part of the country, or perhaps another part of the world. In addition to practicing their English writing skills, your students can learn, first hand, the geography, culture and language of their keypals.

Web Mentors. Mentor programs often include lists of mathematics, scientists, historians, and other professionals who have generously volunteered to assist with class project.

Homework Assignments. If all your students have regular access to individual e-mail accounts (lucky them!), you might want to distribute homework assignments or bonus questions using e-mail. Some teachers even make their email addresses available for homework questions. If you plan to use email to distribute assignments and questions, here are some tips that will make things run more smoothly:

Make sure your students are email savvy. Before you send your first email assignment, spend a few classroom lessons on email basics.

Let your students know the time and day that you will be sending the assignment so they know to check their mail.

Be specific with your message subject title.

Instruct your students to use the Reply to Sender button. This way you can sort your mail using the subject title that you have specified.


SPAM or Junk Mail. SPAM is the sending of unsolicited messages. Most people hate getting junk mail. It also slows down the networks and is generally a waste of valuable, limited resources. Businesses have found that junk mail is an easy and inexpensive way to send promotional material. Don’t send unwanted email

Flaming. Flaming is when someone uses all capital letters in a message. This usually means that the sender is yelling or angry. This can be very offensive. Remember, once you send an email message, you can not erase it or take it back. Messages may be saved, read by others, or even forward to others with out your knowledge.

Internet Hoaxes & Virus Myths. Don’t be fooled by internet hoaxes and computer virus myths. Before you send your so called virus alert check with your IT department to see if it’s real. Don’t open an attachment or click on a link in an email from some one you don’t know. If the content email looks suspicious, but it is some one you know- don’t open until you clarify with the sender first. It may be infected with a virus.

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In conclusion, Email is a wonderful way to communicate with others. Email has become a very important way to communicate and share files with coworkers, students, friends, and family. Hopefully you have found some new and interesting ways to use email in the workplace, and in school. Also don’t forget to use proper email etiquette and watch out for internet hoaxes when sending messages.


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