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Ways Of Overcoming These Barrier English Language Essay

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today I would like to give a speech on the effect of communication barriers and overcoming these barriers. As we all know, communication is the basic needs for everyone to communicate in order to develop in social skills. Sometimes communication can involve only one person, usually when the individual is having a self-thought over something or making a decision. Communication is also an activity which allows each party who communicate to share information through the exchange of thoughts, messages or information. Communication in an organization usually requires more than one person in order in work out on daily productivity and being successful.

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Communication usually requires a message sender and a recipient to receive the message by the sender. There are different types of communication usually involve in an organization, one of them is the verbal communication. Verbal communication includes sound, language, speaking and words. Verbal communication occurs in an organization usually when one person involves face-to-face conversation to other, meeting, teleconference and presentation. A good verbal communication is inseparable part of business of organization communication. Since business requires you to be able to communicate with the person you come across with various races or culture, a fluent verbal communication is important as it will help you deal better with people in business or during a meeting. Self-confidence also plays an important role in business and communication which with the fluency of communication skills it will lead to success.

Public speaking is also a verbal communication which a group of people have to be addressed. Preparing a speech before it starts is important in order to be effective. In public speaking, it is necessary to prepare according to the type of audience you are going to give speech to. The way, you can prevent any boredom from the audience while you are giving speech. Your speech should contain a content which is authentic and prepare enough information on the topic chosen for public speaking. The main point of your speech must be delivered in a correct order. There are many skills in public speaking and these skills should be practiced well in order to have an effective speech.

Another type of communication would be the non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is a communication which involved in a physical way and no words are used, it is also known as body language, for example the motion of the body, tone of voice, appearance, or eye contact. Body posture and physical contact can convey information. Non-verbal communication is also important as it can express the feelings of an individual through facial expressions. By non-verbal communication, it helps you understand better on how the person you are communicating with feel and know the person better.

Written communication is a communication which words are written in the order you want to communicate. In written communication, we exchange information with language written. Well written communication is important in business. It provides proof and exchange of documentation Examples of written communications are E-mail, memo, faxes, reports, article or letters. Before written communication take place, it is possible to make amendment and edit limitless of times before the message of the sender was sent to the receiver to whom the communication is intended. This is one of the advantages in written communication as one of the major means in business which provides black and white statement. Written communication is not only used in formal business purposes but it can also be used informally. Mobile short messaging system (SMS) is one of the informal ways in written communications.

Visual communication is visual display of information which usually involved pictures. In visual communication, the recipient receives the message from a signboard, banners, advertisement, display or maps. The signboard or banner of “McDonald’s” indicates that the fast food eating joints, which is a form of visual communication. Visual communication is also important but it depends on how the recipient interprets the message with the sign on it.

Effective communication is important in order to success in any type of business and also in an informal way. Without a good communication skill, nothing can be archived. Therefore, it is important to develop in communication skills. One must understand the type of communications which are equally important and it is a must to develop in such skills in all medium.

Communication Barriers

However, if any disturbance blocks the step of communication, the message is destroyed. This is called communication barriers. Communication Barriers involved distraction from noise, language understanding difference or using jargon, and lack of interest in topic during a conversation, lack of focus from distraction and the use of over complicated or unfamiliar terms to the recipient. The common thing in communication barriers is both sender and receiver have an absence of common frame of reference which is affecting the smooth interpretation of meaning, feeling, attitude and thoughts from the sender to the receiver from the specific topic of conversation.

Distractions from noises which causes communication barrier usually take place in an environment which is crowded, where renovation takes place nearby or when someone else is also talking nearby when your conversation take place. A sender sends out the messages which he or she wanted to say, but with the distractions of noise, the receiver could not fully receive the message and could not interpret the message sent by the sender, which misunderstanding in the conversation will occur.

Language barrier indicates the difficulties faced when both the sender and receiver do not have any languages in common attempt to communicate with each other. Language barrier happens usually when travelling abroad for a business trip. This is common during multinational meetings. Different countries have their own local language, foreign who visited the other country who does not know their language find it difficult to communicate with the local people is also a language barrier in communication. Even communicating with both using the same language, a linguistic difference will also lead to a communication barrier. Certain same words with many different types of meaning will lead to misinterpretation. For example the word value, it can represent the meaning of worthiness of something with its importance and usefulness or a principle standard or quality which is worthwhile or desirable. Communication barriers will occur if the perception is wrong received by the receiver.

Sometimes when you speak too much in a presentation or in a meeting, you have to be aware on the information you shared out rather if it is necessary. This is because the more unnecessary info being shared out, there will be a risk which your listeners will misinterpret your point. Lack of focus from the listeners will occur when the speaker prepares a topic which is not interesting, having loads of information which is not really necessary in the presentation or taking long hours in the speech. This will sometimes relate to listeners getting distracted or thinking of something else not related to the speaker. When listeners have lack of knowledge of what is presented by the speaker, it will also cause communication barrier. Too much information from the speaker will lead to the listeners harder to focus effectively on the key point and important messages. Speaking too fast in a presentation can also cause communication barrier, listeners will not likely get the main point which the speaker is trying to share out.

Another problem in an organisation which leads to communication barrier is the status of each party. Usually when a listener of the meeting in an organisation has a lower status than the speaker may be very cautious when sending message back and respond to the speaker. They will only talk about something which is related to the topic or something which they think the speaker is interested in. It is related to an organisation which higher status people will refuse in discussing anything which would tent to undermine the authority of the organisation. Some people may think that they should treat people differently based on what status or power they perceive in an organisation. If the employees think that managers or supervisors have power to control over staffs, for example allocating duties for them, promote, reward, or dismiss staff, it may lead to communication barriers before communication even takes place because employee will think that if they say anything which will offend their manager, it will affect their productivity.

Ways of Overcoming These Barriers

Effective communication in an organisation is very important for in order for an organisation to succeed. It is necessary to cope up and deal with these communication barriers to ensure an effective and smooth communication in an organisation.

To overcome with the distraction of noise where conversation take place, both the speaker and listener must overcome the barrier by changing their ways of communication or eliminate the noise pollution. Firstly, try to detect the source of the noise, if the noise is possible to be eliminated, consider if its removal is practical. For example, noise outside can be reduced by closing the window or move to an inner place in the building which is far from where the noise come from. Sometimes if there is any renovation nearby the building, consider when is the right time to plan to have your oral communication. It will not be possible to completely remove the noise, but it is possible for the speaker to raise the speech volume. If the listener could not hear properly due to noise, then the listener should request the speaker to speak louder. Listener should practice active listening, this means paying attention to what the speaker is saying, not just hearing what the speaker is saying but also try to understand the speaker’s point of view.

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Language barrier is one of the major problems in an organisation as communication is a two-way process. To overcome language barrier, it is advisable to use only one type of language which is used globally and by everyone. Try practise using English in an organisation because it is a language which is used globally. However, don’t forget to show respect for local language as well. Adding subtitle or having a translator is also a great way to overcome language barrier. Don’t just practice with one language, try to make effort to learn some words either the some or different languages. Just a basic way of saying “good morning”, “hello” and “thank you” in the local way. Before travelling abroad for a business trip, do learn and find out about the culture, language and the local customs of the country first. Especially on body language and how the locals behave. Don’t be too sensitive when you are in a foreign country, this is because you are the foreigner and oddity. You may have to respect their culture of the country when you are paying a visit or having a meeting with the local people overseas. Do ask for clarification politely and make sure the information is correct when you do not understand what is being told. Never assume that you understand what the speaker has said. Be patient in overcoming this barrier. Cross-cultural communication requires additional time. You cannot expect your communication to occur with the same ease when you are communication with someone else with the same culture as yours.

The way to overcome lack of concentration in a presentation or oral communication is to add some image or sound effects which may attract the attention of the listener. Pictures or animation with colours will make a good presentation and would have overcome this barrier. Avoid using idioms in an oral communication. This is because idioms will cause the listener harder to understand the point given by the presenter. Speaker should consider using language clearly and straightforward. By doing so, it is able to prevent unnecessary confusion and misinterpretation. Before planning on a presentation, it is necessary to realize that some information is not essential, this information are advised to be remove from your speech as it will be harder for the listener to get your key point. Try using simple language which is easily understood by many people and only present what is important with information meaning rather than just passing a message itself. Speak slowly and clearly with proper enunciation and slow down your speech. Try to manage your time and plan well on your oral communication. Even if you’re pressuring for time, do not rush through your communication. This will ended up taking more time to clear the confusion if the listener could not really get your point and cause miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The reason that status is part of communication barrier is because one in an organisation with a lower status may think that talking directly to their manager or someone with a higher status are not interested in listening what the speaker wants to say or being too serious with a topic which is not related to work. To overcome such barrier, the managers and colleagues should be well informed in what they are doing. Try encouraging employees with a lower status to keep you informed by being respectful and fair-minded in their opinions. Be open-minded in a communication, this will make employees with a lower status feel that saying out their opinion will be considered rather than being rejected. Always be prepare on receiving information even if you think it is not necessary. Because sometimes employees have information to share out, they will first think and afraid that their manager might not like. Status which cause communication barrier can be overcome by the willingness to give and receive information regardless rather it is good or bad.


To conclude my speech today, allow me to summarize the main point of my speech. Plan a time and place well to prevent noise distraction from your conversation. Speak louder if necessary to prevent noise distraction to break down your communication. Get everyone to practice using only one language practiced globally, get a translator or add subtitle if a foreigner who doesn’t understand your language is attending your presentation. But also don’t forget to respect local language and culture. Summarize what you are going to say in an oral communication, longer time or too much information will make the listener confuse and hard to get the point of your view. Prepare what is necessary in your presentation. And lastly, be open in communication in the organisation and always be ready to receive information even if it is going to be a good or bad opinion to prevent communication barrier due to status.

Practice the way to overcome these barriers to archive an effective communications in any business organisation in order to succeed.

Thank you.


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