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Weight Loss For Women

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Does the very thought of losing weight makes you feel burdensome? If yes, then let me tell you that losing weight can actually be fun! If you are wondering about how to lose weight in a way that would really be fun and burden-less, then first think about the benefits of shedding those extra pounds of flesh you have in your body. You would get to wear all of your favorite dresses to flaunt that perfect body, you would soon become a head turner, you would have an increased level of energy, you would feel immensely happy about yourself, and about generally everything and most importantly keep all kinds of diseases at bay!

The typical “how to lose weight” guides will make you follow strict boring ways to lose weight. But here we are going to give you some excellent ideas on how to lose weight, without much effort. First and foremost you should be willing to lose weight, and everything will then follow.

The prime reason why you put on extra-weight is their eating habits. So if you are a foodie, and just cannot resist those tempting burgers, then let us be a little more experimental and eat a healthy fruit salad instead! Likewise, instead of convincing your mind that a ban has been put on all the junk and fattening food, think of the alternatives that you can eat which are healthy and nutritious. It will not only help you in reducing your weight but will also satisfy your taste buds.

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Another reason of extra weight is the lack of exercise. So if you are in love with your laziness; then here you would have to ditch your laziness a little, if you want a better partner who would not be able to take their hands off your body! There is absolutely no need to force yourself to do all that rigorous exercise; plenty of alternatives are available for the physical activity that you need which would help you in losing your weight. For instance, aerobics, yoga, swimming, dance! Wouldn’t it be fun doing all this, having fun while losing weight!

Women, especially, are very much concerned about the ways they look. Their elegance and their attractiveness is based on the way they look. How to lose weight for women is very important and women must focus on their figures to look gorgeous. Today, globally, women are cognizant about their health and diet. Earlier, people usually considered obesity as sign of health, but things have changed with the time and now, you might have understood and realized the magnitude of health and its diverse hazards. You strive hard to lose weight and try to find various ways of losing weight. However, weight loss depends on people and the places where they live in. There are various factors that affect one’s weight- it could be related to losing weight or gaining weight. There are countless ways that you can shed your fat and look gorgeous and attract people all around you with your fragile and curvy features. Do not you want to look stunning in order to entice people around? Every woman wants to look beautiful, the only reason is they are naturally delicate and have tender features. They beauty flows from head to toe and people lock their eyes on women from every angle as women are very attractive, especially when they are slim and have good figure.

As you know, there are numerous factors that are related to losing or gaining weight. However, recent studies have revealed that women lose weight faster than men due to their natural fat-shedding mechanism. However, it is believed that women need to involve in rigorous exercises in order to lose weight, but here, it is not the case. Since the chemicals inside female bodies act as reactors to certain dietary levels, it is not difficult to shed weight. Nevertheless, women should understand the basic concepts and when you understand then there is no hard work involved, but only some steps to follow. One of the problems that women have is time! They may not find time and maybe this is what restricts them from doing regular exercises. Women all over the world are health conscious but however, regions matter a lot. If you are in America, then you know what diet you have to follow and you do that according to your climate and region. Similarly, if you are in Europe or Asia or Africa, you follow health patterns according to your comfort levels. Women in America eat pizzas, burgers, diet beverages, etc. in their routine life. However, this may not be applicable to the women who live in Asia. Asian women may eat noodles, rice, etc. No matter what you eat, you must know the nutritional values as they are very essential.

Losing calories is one of the crucial aspects and it is regarded as the ‘front-fighter’ for women who have desires of losing weight. You might have heard that if you take more calories, then you deposit more fat in your body. But now, we have solution for you to lose fat as there are many ways to lose fat and to look slim and sexy. Make people go gaga over your looks and make others envy your sexy figure.

There are various ways through which one can lose weight such as:

1. Eating healthy food

2. Reducing fat in your diet

3. Doing exercises regularly

4. Having sexual intercourse regularly

5. Building up stamina by doing combo-exercises

6. Spiritual exercises

7. Walking whenever and wherever possible

8. Stay Happy

9. By joining a gym or a fitness center

10. by consuming lots of water

1. Eating healthy food: What is healthy food? And how you are going to keep track of your diet? Well, it is very simple! Healthy food is nothing but normal diet. To shed that fat, you have to follow simple basic diets such as leafy vegetables, food without oil, fewer intakes of fish, cheese, butter and other fatty products, etc. It is said that if you eat leafy vegetables, then your metabolism remains perfect. You can start off with simple breakfast. Take a bowl of cereals as they have high-fibers. Mix a couple of bananas and milk. Remember not skip your breakfast as breakfast is very essential to stay fit and alert whole day. Good and healthy breakfast gives strong impact on your daily activities, so never skip it!

2. Reducing fat in your diet: Reduce that unwanted fat! How? When you intake food, read the nutritional values or just have some knowledge about what you are eating. Avoid regular consumption meat; do not eat fish regularly (once in a while, it is okay, but not every time). Avoid snacks. Munching some or the other thing may result in the huge deposition of fat and that may lead to various diseases including heart related, cancer, less concentration, and also may lead to unstable mental balance and equilibrium. However, you can grab a fresh fruit plate and finish it off and this does not have presence of fat. It is estimated that a piece of any fruit, any time, during the day reduces blood pressure and keep the blood levels minimal. This also helps in getting less anger and maintaining your mental balance which is very essential for you to lose weight. All fruits have very few calories and consumption of fruit at least 30 minutes before breakfast or any meal will prove useful. So, kick that snack off and gulp a piece of fruit!

3. Doing exercises regularly: Shake it baby and shake that fat off your belly by doing regular exercises. It is very easy to work out daily by taking some time out from your routine. Daily exercises include walking, jogging, running, skipping, jumping, swimming, cycling, etc. The best way to follow regular exercise is:

a) Wake up and walk around for at least two minutes before going to washroom

b) Stretch a bit and touch your toes after you finish brushing your teeth

c) While eating, chew at least 40 times and this is one of the best exercises for your jaw. Also, it helps in churning food well and helps in good digestion

d) Play with your kids and run while playing

e) Laugh a lot! When you laugh, your stomach muscles contract with your neck muscles, including your spine. This helps in keeping your heart race in rhythm and as you know, laughter is the best medicine!

f) Pick your kids up in your arms and roam around

g) Park your car and walk till your destination

h) Avoid elevators and climb stairs, no matter how many floors they are. Climbing stairs help in building your thigh muscles and your hips get in shape when you climb regularly. It is better to count while you climb every time and also, climb down

i) Let’s dance! Turn on your favorite track and dance for at least 15 minutes. Dancing burns calories and when you perspire, sit down, relax and count till 50 and then backwards.

j) Angry? Kick it off by kicking the kit. When you are angry, do not regret later as this is one of the best ways to release your frustration, as well as your unwanted fat. When you get angry, put on the gloves and start hitting the boxing-kit till you perspire and think you are getting exhausted. When you do that, you burn a lot of calories and also, by that time, you will realize that you have already kicked that anger off your hot head and then you will feel cool and relaxed. What else do you need? You are getting multiples things at the same time- your anger is vanishing from your head, you are reducing your fat, you are losing calories, and also, you are training yourself for self defense. Sounds cool, does not it?

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4. Having sexual intercourse regularly: Men get aroused easily and women take a lot of time in getting sexually charged. Recent studies depict that sexual intercourse burns many calories and the act itself is a fat burning process. When you are involved in sexual intercourse, you tend to lose more fat. It is said that 1 French kiss helps in losing many calories. So while having sex, make sure you lips are locked. Also, an orgasm can make your heart healthy and regular sex may reduce mortality. Indulge in sexual act at least 3 times a week.

5. Building up stamina by doing combo-exercises: What are combo-exercises? When you combine two things, then it results in combination. Similarly, combo-exercises are the combination of exercises such as dance and exercise, Thai boxing, Cardio, etc. When you dance and exercise, you build stamina and stamina helps in performing more, which results in burning of fat.

6. Spiritual Exercises: These exercises involve meditations. Close your eyes every day and meditate at least for 20 minutes, by keeping your mind blank. When you are involved in spiritual stuff, you will find the difference soon. Meditation not only gives impact on your physique but also on your mind and memory. When you do meditation, you will improve your memory and things may turn in a positive way.

7. Walking whenever and wherever possible: Walking is one of the important ways to lose fat. Walk fast every day or walk slow does not matter but walking itself matters. When you walk your muscles get strong.

8. Stay Happy: Stay happy by being positive. Tensions always lead to disturbed life. Avoid that and keep yourself happy if you want to lose weight.

9. By joining a gym or a fitness center: Follow instructor’s ways and shed off that fat

10. By consuming lots of water: Consumption of water may reduce weight as the liquid will flow deep inside your body and make your joints and muscles flexible which may result in good work out.


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