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Why I Am Learning English Myself English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 706 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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I’m learning English because I want to get the information by myself which have not been interpreted yet. In the world many information haven’t been interpreted. I like American movies, comedies and TV dramas. So when I want to get a lot of information about those, it is better to be able to understand English, which is a common language of the world, than to be not able to. If I could get much information, I can be more enjoyable those entertainments and share the information about those things with people all over the world who have same interests. The second reason of learning English is to survive in other countries. I like a trip abroad. In other countries I often have many troubles. For example, imagine that you go shopping in other country. If you can’t speak English, you may be not able to buy things which you need because you can’t tell a clerk what you want to buy. Being able to listen to and speak English is the one of the best way to solve those troubles. And by learning English, I can have many chances to feel other cultures and histories because English is the only common language of the world. I may be able to bring up and discover new myself by knowing other cultures and histories. So, learning English is important thing for understanding many cultures and histories. This is the last reason. So I am learning English.

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The skill of English I would like to strengthen most is listening and speaking. When I was a high school student, I stayed an Australian family’s house for a month. I was full of confidence with my English skill. However, I couldn’t listen to what they were saying. And even when I could do, I couldn’t speak because I didn’t know the right grammar and was afraid of making a lot of mistakes. Now I’m so regretting because I didn’t take advantage of the chance to polish my English skill. So I think that listening to and speaking English are the most important things for me. There are two ways of improving my listening skill. One way is listening to American music with understanding words and means. And another way is watching American movies with focusing on sound of speaking. I don’t like studying, so I want to enjoy studying. These ways of improving listening skill are the best for me. And for improving speaking skill, I speak with myself, the wall or the mirror about what happened at the day or what I think. This way of practicing speaking skill may be strange, but I think that this way is very effective to polish speaking skill. I was taught this practice way by my English teacher, who I respected. Thanks to him, I had a great interest in studying languages and other countries cultures and came to like English. And thanks to him, I could pass the exam of Osaka University, where I wanted to enter for a long time. So I believe the way of studying which he taught to me.

Now I am interested in Korean idol singers and Korean dramas. At first, I wondered why Japanese people were absorbed in the culture. However, the more I get to know about it, the more I come to like it. Korean idol singers not only are handsome but also sing and dance very well. And most of them can speak their mother tongue and many foreign languages. They are hard to study everything. Therefore they are more fascinating than Japanese idol singers. Korean dramas are different from Japanese one. Most Japanese dramas are ordinary love dramas, but construction of story of Korean drama is interesting because themes take various forms. We can learn difference of the culture between Japan and Korea from dramas. I think that when I study the culture and the custom about a country, the best way to know about them is to live in the country, but it is difficult. So, seeing a drama is a good way because we can find a life style of people who live in the country. And by being interested in Korean idol singers and dramas, I get to want to know about the country, Korea, and learn about the Korean language. Therefore, I’m learning about Korean history and the Korean language by oneself. Learning other culture is very fun. So, I’m interested in Korean idol singers and Korean dramas.


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