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Write A Perfect Introduction Paragraph

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Wordcount: 1095 words Published: 18th Apr 2017

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It was one minutes before the eighth period bell rang for classes to start. I rushed into my sophmore english class, out of beath, to see my english teacher standing by the door. As we all scrambled in, proceeding to our seats, we were handed a piece of paper which looked to be an assignment. I quickly snatched an assignment and hurried to my seat. Little to my knowledge, this specific assignment that our teacher had planned for us, would change my view on english writing. I was not aware that in the next few weeks, I would be approaching one of the most difficult assignments and experiences in my educational life. Subsequently, our teacher quickly clarified that the assignment that we had to do was to simply write an introduction paragraph. Not only did we need to just write a well-written paragraph, but it had to be “perfect”. We had a few weeks to write a “perfect” introdcution paragraph on a choice of a topic, and we had to turn our paragraph into the teacher. If she saw a mistake (whether it be grammatically or structurely), she would solemnly hand it back without notifying us on what our mistake was. We could turn our paragraphs in as many times as needed, before the deadline. If we were able to write a “perfect” introduction paragraph with no mistakes, we would earn a full 30 points. If we were not able to write the paragraph within the deadline, we would simply recieve a 0. After understanding the details of the assignment, the pressure began for me. I immediatley went home and wrote a first draft of my paragraph. I wanted to create a basic structure with my bridge and thesis. Arrogantly, I thought I had a perfect paragraph on the first try. The next day, I turned my paragraph into my teacher with a huge grin on my face. I just knew that I would get the 30 points on the first day. To my disappointment, she quietly returned my paragraph within a minute of reading it. My hopes were down, but I was not going to give up. Within the next week and a half, I must have turned in my edited paragraph at least 5 times. I had my friends, family and even the TLC proof-read my paragraph. I wanted to succeed in this assignment, no matter how frustrated it made me feel. A few days before the deadline, I had confindently turned in my paragraph. Waiting patiently while my teacher read it, I was very hopeful that this would be the time when she would finally accept it. The moment I saw my paragraph put in the pile of ‘accepted’ paragraphs, joy overcame me. Looking back on this experience, I still remember this because it gave me a different look on writing. I had to edit my paper numerous times, I had to recieve help from others and I had to pay attention closley to my writing. Even though I was not happy that I had to make this paragraph a “perfect” one, it felt great once I suceeded. This assignment has impacted me today as a writer because I now know that there is always room for improvement in any writing that I do. Its just the time and effort that I need to continuously put in each piece that I write. That assignment has showed me to never give up on writing, no matter how much stress it can cause me. Hard work, effort and ambition goes a long way in writing!

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As a human being in general, I am very ambitious and I never give up. These qualities shine through me as a student, as well. When it comes to school and my education, I am usually not too enthusiastic about all the work that i must do. Knowing that all the work and effort that i must put into school is going to help my future, I take school very seriously. As a student, I care so much about my grades and my goals for the future. When it comes to teachers and being in a classroom, I am quite specific. I long for a teacher who has the students best interest at heart and a teacher who is willing to go out of their way to help students succeed. I generally do not like when a teacher has one specific way of teaching, such as having students just write notes. Its preffered that there are various ways of teaching and having students interact differently. The type of learning that helps me the most and that is most beneficial is visual learning. If I am taught something, I want to be able to see it. Thorough explanations and claficiations behind material also help me understand more deeply. In general, a teacher who simply cares about a students success is the type of teacher who i stride to have.

Every year, I say to myself “I am going to work extra hard and get straight A’s this year”. Being a bit unrealistic in the beginning, my year ends up not turning out how i say. Obviously, most students would love to get straight A’s but that does not always happen. This year, I am going to make a difference and make realistic goals for myself. I am definatley striding for good grades this year, but saying I am going to get straight A’s may not be the most realistic goal. The difference with this year and other years is that this is the year that I must take the most serious. I am going to get quite involved with college information, tests for college (ACT/SAT) and planning my future. Having high goals for my future, I want to meet them. The way to meet my goals for my future is to work extra hard and continue to be ambitious. An enormous change I need to make this year has to deal with procrastination. In previous years, I seemed to procrastinate quite a lot. For the upcoming and subsequent years, I want to cut out the procrastination quality completley. I know that not procrastination will only benefit me. This year, I have lots of ambition and I want to simply stride to do well.

In addition to my general future goals with college and my future career, I have many goals for this specific year in English class. The main expectation and goal that I am aiming for is to improve with my writing. There is always room for improvement and if I learn even more about writing and improve, I am confident that this will carry me far in the future. Another expectation is that I improve with my reading. Honestly, I am not enthusastic about reading and like other students, I sometimes stuggle in this area. I want to enjoy all the reading done in this class and learn ways to improve my reading skills. This may include tips for annotations or any way to help me become a better reader and understand material easier. English is on my top list of favorite classes and I am excited to learn more and to improve!


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