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Your Survival alone in the wilderness

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 2702 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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“Have you ever wondered how you will survive, if you find yourself alone in the wilderness? How will you resist the natural enemies of them? How would you eat? Where would you find water?”

For first W’s Formula ‘WHO’ we are talking about reader their own. This lead is to make human beings have time to think if it happens then how to deal with this?

Sometimes we are really busy, so busy planning their future even ignored. Every day we are in a race against time, with each creature on the planet compared. But people have not thought about if one day you have all you want and some things before, but lost family members, friends, a planet with only your own, you like how to survive. This example is in a wilderness, where nothing likes you how to make yourself survival. Human beings are a very sensitive animal, but also a wealth of animal emotions. So take this title is for the human face of how they thought about temporary events, so that they can more easily be satisfied. In fact, happiness is very simple, as long as live in the moment; cherish each and every one with the people around you.

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The second formula is WHAT. In this lead, we try to introduce the reader to enable them to better understand this article. For example, in this lead we are using the lead of “Have you ever wondered how you will survive, if you find yourself alone in the wilderness?” to the interpretation of the article about what to write. We choose to use questions to give readers a sense of will in the end of this article want to know is what happened. This article is about how to independence, under no one’s help learn how to take care of themselves, how to face difficulties. Is mentioned in the lead alone their own, everybody feels like to be abandoned so the reader will read from word to yourself.

Besides that, WHER formula also include in the lead. Select the location should keep in mind your training goals. Will work best for your meeting in a classroom setting? Arranged in a horseshoe or will be more conducive to an interactive table that you want? What kind of demand can be met at that location? Are the A / V equipment such as flip charts, whiteboard, and screen and LCD projector for example available? Can bring snacks to the room? Or a corridor set will be the only choice? For this lead of location is very clear in the wilderness. In a complete lead there will be places where it can make the reader first, ideas or images. An example “if you find yourself alone in the wilderness?” it show a clear where the place. Location can make a living as a lead, and very lively and not dead.

For the timeliness formula WHEN is in accordance with the expected results, should tell how long it needs. Remember, most of the readers like less time. If you choose to stuff a day program that can be completed in half a day, you will not win any rave reviews. In the lead is unknown. Why choose a title unknown to the reader kind of know what to do, then think to consider this issue carefully. This may make people feel panic but it is not necessarily a bad thing. In this lead also got asking “Where would you find water?”

Last but not least, WHY also include by the lead. When readers see this lead, the reader would first think of an idea why such events occur. It’s possible? No one can be expected, only that this is a hypothetical question, but is likely to occur.

Question Two

Parents give themselves up, and the remaining four unidentified suspects at large.

KUCHING (Reuters)-The teacher did not complete the job “education” for his son; the parents actually bring people to the teacher at home afterwards, beaten to death the wounded. October 21, occurred in the District of Seri Aman City Kuching shocked that people from the massacre.

Students who hit home with his father

Yesterday morning, in bed by Lu social to reporters about the October 21that nightmare experience.

By Agency said Lu, who Seri Aman District People’s Hospital, his wife Qiushu E Street is from Seri Aman district is the third grade language teacher from teaching 20 years. At 9:30 on October 21 Xu, who is working overtime, some people find the hospital that his wife and others at the gates of conflict. After hearing the news, he hurried back separated by a wall of the hospital family member courtyard, find the door with 4 strange men cheeky ferocious, has stepped on its own traces of wooden doors. Lu by seeing society, and quickly said something good discussion. Soon as he finished, four men kicked and punched him has skyrocketed. Sees his play, his wife immediately came out to discourage, and soon was knocked to the ground. Soon, a student named Zhang Hongwen parents rushed to the scene, a fight against him and his wife. Confusion, he saw someone pick up a brick to pound his wife, he was beaten face with blood. After five or six minutes, five assailants sped away.

These people left, his wife told him the afternoon of October 20, Zhang did not complete the operation because of the students, she will of its “education” of the meal. In the afternoon, Zhang’s mother had found the school theory; I did not expect this will happen the next day.

Lu by social stress before the incident, a couple with no contradictions and Zhang Hongwen holidays.

Parents to surrender the remaining 4 at large

After the assailants left, Lu increasing social alarm. Soon, Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch Seri Aman 4 police station rushed to the scene. After a site survey and asked some basic information and left.

After increasing Lu and his wife to the hospital community. Hospital, said Qiu Shue intracranial hematoma, needs surgery as soon as possible. Lu has also been played by social nasal fracture, multiple soft tissue injury. The afternoon of October 21, experts Qiu Shue surgery, but the situation is not good. Yesterday 1:30 Xu, 47-year-old Qiu Shue died.

Qiu Shue Unfortunately, after the death of Kuching police station rushed to the hospital again, and made a detailed record. Subsequently, the case was transferred to the Public Order Battalion Kuching branch of Interpol. Introduction police handling the case, after the incident, the police immediately dispatched to apprehend suspects. Yesterday 8:10 Xu, has fled to the area of Kanowit Zhang Hongwen persuaded his family to the state branch of Seri Aman Municipal Public Security Bureau gave himself up. The remaining 4 people at large, identity is not clear.

Yesterday morning, Seri Aman Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of community, Seri Aman Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol with the military detachment arrived Kuching state branch, and the state branch of the Kuching, who come together to study the merits, the deployment of arrests. Zhang Hongwen suspects currently under police interrogation, and the remaining four suspects, police are arresting.

Does the teacher called the students?

Fuse is the case whether the hit Zhanghong Wen Qiu Shue’s children?

Lu by agency said his wife told him before his death did not “educate” the specific content, so he is not known. But then he heard relatives said the mother of the afternoon the students had found the school, said Chiu beat her son.

A telephone interview with the matter responsible for the Office of Education Seri Aman neighbourhood dry Dongqing Tao, but the directors are unwilling to show up, do not want to answer the students in the afternoon of October 20 the mother said something to the school, the school how to deal with, and Chiu is also reluctant to answer the students to play. Yesterday, the villagers under the guidance of the parties to the students three times a reporter Zhang home, but the door locked and no one is always open. In the state branch of the public security Yao, Zhang Hongwen undergoing police investigation, the reporter cannot be met with, in addition to yesterday was Sunday, the students leave, which is played Chiu students, it is not clear.

What concerns relatives of the deceased?

Teacher criticized the child, parents were killed with teachers, parents, and everyone says it was too brutal. But the interview process, all interviewees seem to have avoided something.

Yesterday, the news almost killed Chiu spread throughout Seri Aman area. Early in the morning, around the South Street School, residents in twos and threes discussing the matter. But when reporters went to ask about the situation, residents said they do not know, is not clear, and with strange eyes looked reporter, and then scattered away. Is in Seri Aman Primary School, teachers do not want to watch the men said Chiu things in school, but would not say his name. Including the Office of Education dry streets, since they are reluctant to say the problems relating to the case, more surprising is that even some of Chiu’s family, has also repeatedly exhorted reporters Do not specify their names in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Teacher still dare to do education for students?

Interviewed agreed that the masses, “even Chiu called students, parents should not be retaliation, and should not take measures to deadly violence.”

A parent surnamed Li, said a number of naughty children, not to complete the job should be education. If you Chiu really hit the students, must be wrong, but this is good for students, parents should understand this. “A woman, how to fight kids to do, nothing more than beating beat it.”

A Zhaoxing said the parents, criticized by the teacher if the child (education) to find someone to attack, deadly, then who would dare to say that after the students, education students? Zhang’s approach too far.There are people that criticize teachers, education students, are good for students, if they can take note of educational methods, the effect will be better.

Chiu is a good person

Lu by society on the bed said his wife is a good teacher. Engaged in education for 20 years, she is passionate about their careers.1989 won the “Outstanding Teacher of Seri Aman” the title. Although the work is hard but also very tired, but as long as back home, or quietly doing housework, or to teach children to learn. Now, her daughter was admitted to the university, the son is also very good academic performance, family day though plain, but also happy.

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“A nice people, ah!” Yesterday morning, not yet entered Seri Aman People’s Hospital family member courtyard, the residents of the buzz attracted the attention of journalists. “Chiu is a good man.” Talking Qiu Shue teacher, family member courtyard of the neighbours agreed that the couple are sub-Chiu, though not usually deal with more, but we all respect them. A primary school student named Yang said he is not in Chiu class, but every day saw Chiu.”Qiu teacher is very nice, very kind, every time I meet her; she always smiled kindly on us.”

Funeral will be held in the school

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Seri Aman Primary School three times, because it is Sunday, the school doors locked. Afternoon, a duty of anonymity, said after the teacher opened the gate, do not understand the situation the same day, President Zhang Zhimao only know to the hospital yesterday morning visited Chiu family.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of the state Secretary for Education said in a telephone interview study, the bureau has sent Seri Aman Sub district Office of Education dry coordinate and handle the aftermath. He said the Department of Education will fully cooperate with public security organs investigated and properly handle the funeral.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the phone Zhang Zhimao and Dongqing Tao, Zhang’s phone has been shut down, the Board called on the phone, he was, and Zhang Zhimao and Chiu to discuss the aftermath of the family, no time to see a reporter.School preliminary decision on October 23 at the funeral Chiu, Chiu has been initiated to collect the relevant information.

Love children, in respect of a forgiving heart star

Just because children are teachers, “Education” to bring people killed teacher behind the heinous acts, so that people approach the parents understand. Regardless of whether the teacher hit the child, the goal is clear, are good for children, parents, this should not take drastic measures, or even onto the criminal path.

Parents every move, every word and deed will affect children, are the children learn to imitate the object. Children in school had been wronged, even if improper teacher education, the children had corporal punishment, but are aimed at the child’s healthy growth. If dissatisfied with the parents, should be through normal, legal means of communication with teachers to schools and even education departments. That help to solve the problem, is conducive to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the child properly. More importantly, it enables the children to monasteries, from childhood to know how to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the right way, a reasonable effort to solve, and not at immediate fast, to take drastic measures, or even criminal.

Children had been wronged, his family feel bad, and this is human nature. But the love children, we must make you find a forgiving heart; teach him scientific and reasonable solution to the problem, the only way a child’s healthy growth. This edition has articles by the reporter to seek Chong Chee Kian / Figure.

Element of Newsworthiness


“Teacher still dares to do education for students?” from this paragraph we can see the respond and some teachers worry about the future will therefore enable students to adapt teaching methods, or whether the parents agree.


After the news out, parents are bound to be some controversy. They believe that a child is in a dangerous situation, let the child continue school or transfer. Some parents think that teachers this approach is good and full support for students.


Of course, the families of the deceased did not recipients of the facts. Some readers will therefore have the same feelings, that those parents are too overbearing and even cruel. They all make people feel very sad this incident, the school’s teachers and students will therefore affected.

The Unusual

Yes. This is unusual news; no one thought lead to teacher education students were beaten to death by their parents. Usually just tell teachers to teach parents the wrong way, so deal with law or the school. But this is the use of violence, people do not know frustration.


This news is too prominent, and this is about the life of a teacher. Compare it with other press people are a touch report, so readers will be its attention. And the headline is also brought out the people a feeling of going to continue to read.


Teacher punished the students are usually in our daily lives, which is pretty close to our circle of life. So readers are therefore worried about the next happen to them, so to remind children and parents will teach them how to protect themselves.


This allows more people to know that all things are not so impulsive, in the event of a no longer be redeemed. Parents who like the same things your family worry about him. He probably could no longer shelter for his family again just only because the wrong step.

Educational value

This news has a strong educational value. One of the students of education, there is one thing to teach you all things to do before the need to think twice. Do not wait until later to regret it happened, when no longer intended to make less than what it is.


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