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Story Based Around A Bus Accident English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1353 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nothing indicated what I would go through since everything seemed normal. Sun poured in the window and I knew it would be a cold day. Brilliant light, arctic air. Warm and cozy in bed, I drifted in and out of sleep, wishing that the day would be charming. It was a normal working day. I got up prepared myself ready for work., I went down the stairs and through a long haul, and I made my way out. The air was extremely heavy with dark and dense fog everywhere. The clouds were a thick mixture of grey and black which did not even let a single ray of light breakthrough. I walked quite fast bearing in mind that I was almost late for work. At workplace everybody enjoyed when I was around since I made them laugh but on that day it seemed as if I was not going to be there. My cell phone rang after every five minutes , my colleagues wanted to know where I was since it was almost eight o’clock and I had not turned up.

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Lucky enough, at the bus station, one bus was still there hooting for anybody who might have been late as I was. I happened to be the last person at that particular bus stop to board and immediately I was in the bus the driver took off. There was only one seat remaining next to the driver which I took and wore my seat belt. I used to work at town in a post office as a delivery man and I was supposed to report to work at eight o’clock but now I was already late. Most of the passengers enjoyed the cold morning while others like me shivered because of cold.

I clearly remember it was Christmas Eve, kids played in the yard; people shopped for gifts and prepared Christmas trees. In this day people send gifts and cards to their loved ones and as a delivery man I knew my work would be much delivering gifts and cards. In los angels its well known that Christmas is a very big day . Everybody, young or old must celebrate this day to the maximum. Now as I saw kids play I felt the mood ,I knew this would be the toughest day of my life. Most of the places are closed on this day but every supermarket and shoping mall on this day is usually full and they make good sales. While many places close down around the country on this day there are still lots of things to do and see in los Angeles.I remembered when we were kids me and my brother how we used to be happy on this day. we could wake up very early in the morning and sing lovely songs, wake up our mother and ask for gifts. On breakfast, there was wheat bread, rye bread white bread; I usually ate the wheat bread because it was sweet even though it gave a sandy texture in my mouth. There was a countless eggs and sausages on each end of the table, considering how the table was long, the tabletop was no more visible because of the large number of plates that were scattered all over. After breakfast we could all join in the family room, which was colorful with green and red decorations. A Christmas tree stood the height of the high ceilings. The centerpiece of the room was covered with all different types of colors of ornaments. Purple, green, red , pink balls, along with mini Santa clauses, stars and music lyrics all hanging from the bright green tree. This indeed is a lovely day in Los Angeles

When one steps into a car or a bus takes safety for granted. My mind was already carried by that mood of Christmas .it was now drizzling and we could hardly see through the wind screen. My blood run cold when I saw the driver lose control and was now driving on the wrong side of the road. My eyes turned red and my body turned pale on seeing what was going to happen. I thought I was no seeing clearly when I saw a trailer approaching which raveled t a high speed such that nothing could have stopped it not even the driver himself. Shivers run down my stream as everybody who was on that bus started to scream on their voices. The driver on the other hand tried to break the bus to no avail. ” Help! help!” they shouted but it was too late our bus crushed with the trailer head on collision. Fortunately or unfortunately this happened on a bridge. Within a span of a minute our trailer was swimming in the river.

Life is full of surprises and difficulties. A twist of fate can make your life miserable or blooming as the spring flower. The next time I found myself lying and a beautiful lady beside me nursing my wounds .what I could remember was hitting my head on the dash board. I was unconscious when I broke my leg, punctured my lung, cracked a rib,along with other minor scraps. “Madam what happened? What am I doing here? When is today?” I was shocked to learn that I was in a hospital and I had spent one week there since it was now new year ‘s eve and I went on to ask what had happened so that I could end in a hospital but all she told me is that ” count yourself the luckiest man on this earth. God loves you so much”.

When our bus fell into the river the government had to request the red cross guys to come and rescue the victims. Luckily enough I had worn my safety belt but the rest had ignored this which was a new rule from the government that every passenger be in safety belts. Most of citizens ignore this since they argue that they are only driving for few minutes forgetting that an accident can happen any moment and anytime of the day. These people from the Red Cross had to do a lot of work to enter into the river and then into the bus which had sank half way in the water. They had to employ experts from Israel and US Navy who together with the local police and Red Cross men tried to save lives.

After a long search in the water for any breathing life, they came across me .I was so injured though still in the bus since I was attached to the bus. They gave me some first aid thinking that I would wake up from a coma but I didn’t. With only the heart being the active organ in my body they hurriedly took me to hospital. “What had happened to the other passengers who were in that bus?” but nobody could answer me .This at once came into my mind that these people were already dead. The driver and the other passengers had their last breath before the crash .when the two commuters crashed their bodies could not be recognized. Nobody could tell whether it was Tom or Mary. You could only see scattered pieces of meat.

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I could not help myself from crying even though I had mixed feelings. I was sad because so many lives died but I was also happy since this was one of miracles that happen in this planet .The commuter had a capacity of seventy and out of those I was the only one who survived this tragedy. Now everybody who came to visit me brought with him one of the local newspapers which had my stories on the cover page. “God’s Chosen One “this appeared on the cover page of Los Angeles Times Articles. “God loves this man” and then my photo in a comma appeared on . I often wonder if I would be the same person I am today if not for my God. He made a difference in my life by always being there for me whenever I needed him . I am a happy and cheery person today because of Him.

I will never forget my brother James who on learning that I had an accident and I was admitted in the hospital came and always slept by myside praying hard for me and provided me with anything that I required. My brother sympathized with me and made some funny jokes which relieved off my pain and stress. However, he could ask me if I was alright and when I said yes, he could smile at me and leave. It’s worth to have a brother like him.

It is very true that we are always in a hurry to do things that keep us going in life , but let us do these things not in an expense of someone’s life . Even though this was an accident, the driver ought to have been more careful with what he was doing. I hope people would be more careful when it comes to safety.

It is from then I now confess that God loves me so much that even after going through all that I can now breath and work again.


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