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Abiotic And Biotic Characteristics Environmental Sciences Essay

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San Francisco Bay has maintained a magnificent body of water and use to sustain the economy of Western United States and San Francisco Estuary in Bay in is of great importance because through this a large number of water draining becomes possible. It’s Estuary from where fresh water meets to sea water.

There are many pollutants that we face in our daily life e.g. dirt, sediments, oil, grease, fertilizes pesticides chemicals etc. the water running from the land carrying these pollutants to underground and ultimately this reach to the Estuary of san Francisco. These pollutants when reach in river and sea water can pollute the whole water and prove harmful for aquatic life as it can be cause harm for wetland creatures like fish, and can prove very dangerous for other habitats of water. It can destroy the aquatic system and can be major threats for the living organism living under water. As San Francisco Estuary considered as a very important region and has much economic importance so for prevention of pollution and keep safe this region from other different factors restoration and conservation is used.

Abiotic and biotic characteristics of the San Francisco Estuary

Many of environmental factors affect the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the San Francisco Estuary these include both abiotic and biotic characteristics. These factors effects the life in Estuary in great extends.

Non-living factors are called abiotic factors which include concentration of oxygen and nutrients, salinity of water and amount of sunshine. As these factors have the major impact on the life in estuary.

All living factors that affect the estuary are called biotic factors. That includes producers’ consumers and predators as producers are of basic importance for consumers. Consumers rely on producers and predators rely on consumers. So these are depend on one another to maintain the balance of estuary,

Population growth in the San Francisco Bay area affected the estuary

Increasing trend of population in San Francisco Bay area affected the estuary as increasing trend of population cause a rush in urban as well as on village areas. More the people are using the recourses more the waste is creating and much use of water and water waste from its use create pollution as much of the polluted water is drained through the underground ways to Estuary that is a great threat for the marine life.

More over in recent years 40,000 metric tons of pollutants enter the Bay annually from agriculture and urban runoff. Rivers, atmospheric fallout, municipal sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities, natural and artificial erosion, illegal clearance, dredging and dredged material disposal, marine vessel discharges, accidental spills, and landfill seepage are also causing problems as well. (1)

Habitat fracture in the San Francisco Estuary been increased by human behavior

Estuaries is of great importance for us as these are used for food, trade and for shelter and in this case Sans Francisco Bay has great importance as it is used as harbor for many ships of this regions.

There are large number of plants and animals found in Estuaries and the most of population of San Francisco Bay depend on these marine lives for their food. But due to the pollution spreading by increase in population cause harm to these plants and animals. This pollution can cause damage to the lives of these plants and animals found in estuaries.

Heavy load of silt, trash, and sediments by erosion and chemical contamination cause can prove to be harmful for these plants and animals and can create suffocation for them.

Due to increase in irrigation or by making more dams by the people can cause problems as more the salty water will move upstream as compare to normal routine that can cause destructive consequence for species living in the water.

The most important impact of human population in estuaries habitat in San Francisco is the development of estuaries. People are trying to get expand the area of estuaries for development purpose as they are quite interested to use the land for housing and business purpose as they want to want to utilize the region of estuaries for industrial development. Economically estuaries are very beneficial for these purposes but this can caused the lost of large number of habitat found in these estuaries. So it is harmful for the water species and become the cause of Habitat fracture in the San Francisco Estuary.

Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) is transporting the organism across America and around the globe. This phenomena is increasing that cause harm to native fish and wild life in different ways as it disturb the entire food web and cause problems for human life activity as well e.g. disrupting the water delivery and effecting the agriculture as well.

Conservation being used to promote and maintain the biodiversity of plants and animals in the San Francisco Estuary

Biodiversity of plants and animals means range of organisms including different plants and animals, present in ecological system. It is very important to promote and maintain the biodiversity of plants and animals to get the wide variety of organism that will be beneficial and use to fulfill human needs. San Francisco Estuary is of great importance for the habitat of this region as they get important benefits from them so to save this and to survive from the loss of species found in these estuaries it is very important to properly mange and develop the system to escape from the loss of marine species as well.

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Estuary of San Francisco Bay is of great importance in all over the world. To secure it from un exceptional phenomena and extend the productive use of it The San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP) is playing very important role as they have used different approaches to reduce the impact of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS). They have start to consider species management plan I order to recover the species of Estuary from harmful effects.

Fish in the estuary need oxygen to survive so the estuary where there is increased pollution that’s causing lost of marine life , Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) produces oxygen for fish breathing and to reduce the pollution.

The Sans Francisco Bay conservation and development commission (2) prepared a plan to make and implement the policies for the development of Bay and to utilize the maximum benefits from them. The Sans Francisco Bay plan is created and implemented by this commission in 1968.

The important conversation of this plan was related to shore line and coastal areas to utilize it to their maximum potential.

Conservation of fish and other aquatic organism is most importantly depend on the oxygen that is provided to these organisms, fresh water, availability of food for these organisms, sufficient area of breeding and quality of water. If these factors are organized in proper way then it became possible to maintain and improve the biodiversity of plants and animals of Sans Francisco estuary. The Sans Francisco Bay conservation and development commission has taken important steps to restore these components in order to ensure the benefits for the future generation of these fish, and other wild life of estuary. This commission also provides recommendations in Bayland Ecosystem habitat Goal Report about the diversity of habitat o enhance the variety of aquatic plants and animal species. The Baylands Ecosystem habitat Goal Report works to provide the important information about the types, amount, and distribution of wetlands and its habitats that are needed to maintain a healthy eco system.


San Francisco Estuary is of great importance as this is a transition zone between watershed and ocean and economically this system has great importance for that region that’s the reason of restoration of this estuary. Many action plans has made for the development, promotion and maintenance of these Estuary and many more action plans are expected in near future for further development of this ecosystem.


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