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The Factors That Affect Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

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The affects of global warming are vast and spread across and the dangers are several. This paper aims at understanding the factors that affect global warming. A discussion of human impact on global warming has also been made. This will permit to bring out an evaluation strategy to sustain the current situation and to find a strategy to devise a solution for the problem.

The Problem:

With the growing levels of irresponsible behavior on the part of humans and several other factors, the biggest issue in hand is ‘Global Warming’. The term global warming is used to describe the changes, more specifically the increase in the temperature of the Earth. The issue has been studied over several years and one of the major attributes to the issue is the increase in the greenhouse gases (Houghton, 2009).

A few facts from the National Geographic show that the World is being faced with this issue and Earth has already begun showing a number of signs in terms of the worldwide climate change. A few of these signs include:

According to the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies, there has been an increase in the average temperature and since 1880, the average temperatures have raised by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The level of warming has been noted to be increasing to a great extent. As per the National Geographic website, “The rate of warming is increasing. The 20th century’s last two decades were the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia, according to a number of climate studies. And the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that 11 of the past 12 years are among the dozen warmest since 1850” (National Geographic, 2007).

The Arctic Circle has been faced with the highest changes. The average temperatures in regions like Alaska, Canada and Easter Russia has risen to an extent almost double of the global average. Also, studies have shown that the Arctic ice has been disappearing and the region is expected to have an ice – free summer by 2040 or earlier.

The various glaciers and mountain snow have also been impacted by the global warming and one of the best examples for this is that Montana’s Glacier National park now has only about 27 glaciers when compared to 150 in 1910 (National Geographic, 2007).

Experts have also pointed that an upsurge in extreme climate events like wildfires, heat waves and also strong tropical storms are major contributors to the climate changes.

The world famous Coral Reefs have also been affected because of the high temperatures. The Coral Reefs are highly sensitive to the slightest changes in the water temperature and the increase in temperatures has led to bleaching, and even die – off of this beautiful formation (Houghton, 2009).

Factors Affecting Global Warming:

There have been several factors that affect the global warming. Under normal circumstances the process that is occurs as explained by Environment Canada is that, under normal circumstances, the Earth intercepts radiations from the sun. These radiations are the ones that help derive the climate and the weather of the Earth. What normally happens is that one third of the radiations are reflected back into space, while the rest of it is absorbed by the various forms of life, land, ice and the atmosphere. Furthermore the Earth re radiates several long waves of radiation which are sent out into space. Of these a part of it is absorbed as energy while the rest is left into space. This remission is referred to as ‘Greenhouse Effect’ (Environment Canada, 2010). It is necessary for Earth to be able to maintain a balance between the amounts of radiation that is outgoing versus the amount of solar energy incoming. Any change in this balance can lead to the process of global warming (Singer & Avery, 2007).

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Another factor that has also been explained by the Environment Canada is the changes that have been noted in the Earth’s Orbit. The changes in the orbit leads to changes in the amount of energy received on earth, and there is also a direct impact on the energy that is absorbed and reflected as well. Also another essential factor that affects the global warming is the aerosols. Environment Canada has explained this factor as, “these are fine particles and droplets that are small enough to remain suspended in the atmosphere for considerable periods of time.  They both reflect and absorb incoming solar radiation.  Changing the type and quantity of aerosols in the atmosphere affects the amount of solar energy reflected or absorbed” (Environment Canada, 2010).

Global Warming: Human Impact:

Several studies over the years by numerous scientists across over 130 countries have led to the conclusion that almost all or major part of the global warming is due to humans. The global warming that is caused due to humans is referred to as ‘anthropogenic climate change’. There are several things that humans have done which have led to the situation of global warming. Some of these include factors like industrialization, deforestation, and pollution which have impacted the levels of water vapor, carbon di oxide, methane gas, and also nitrous oxide. This leads the greenhouse gases to be a trapped near the Earth’s surface thereby making the level of heat much higher (Singer & Avery, 2007).

Also, it is seen that humans have poured in higher levels of carbon di oxide into the atmosphere compared to that which can be absorbed by the plants and oceans. It is also essential to note that Carbon di oxide takes as much as 100 years to be absorbed into space, hence with the levels of this gas that is being emitted there are very low chances of stopping global warming immediately (Environment Canada, 2010). Experts have also pointed out that the orbital shifts that have taken place over the past hundred years are normally one which would take at least centuries to occur. This increases the possibility of the heating and cooling of the earth.

Evaluation of Strategies:

In the current period several experts and channels like National Geographic try to explain to the general public the several ways that they can help improve the world and help save the planet. Things like using more eco friendly items, eating organic foods, changing to become vegetarians to help reduce the harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere. The experts also suggest using different types of products to help reduce the emission of harmful elements into the atmosphere and thereby assist in sustaining the earth’s heat at the current level. However irrespective of how much the governments or the experts have tried the conscious efforts to help reduce the emission of harmful elements, yet the rate at which the emission of harmful gases have been present is quite high (Singer & Avery, 2007). The governments and the society together will need to work hand in hand to save the world and to at least be able to retain the world at the current level. In order to be able to develop a plan which might help increase the awareness among all the people in the world a brief sustainability plan has been designed.

Sustainability Plan:

Action Items

Action Steps


Conduct a thorough research of the effects of global warming and how the daily activities affect global warming

Several journals, articles, and websites need to be analyzed and studied. The main causes for global warming can be listed based on this. Furthermore, surveys can be conducted and details of the possible daily activities can be made to bring out the activities that affect and contribute to the global warming.

2 – 3 month

Develop a plan to encourage and raise the awareness among people across the world

A presentation can be made to provide population with a detailed understanding of what causes global warming, the effects of global warming and how each individual can individual can help reduce the contribution of harmful chemicals and harmful gases as well.

1 – 1.5 Month

Distribute and extend the knowledge to all

A copy of the presentation can be sent out to various organizations which will in fact allow the knowledge to be spread across the countries. Distribute a copy of the presentation across the country to as many colleges, universities, movie theatres, industries, manufacturing companies, offices, schools. The movie theatres can play the presentation before every movies and this will help at least reach out to a small set of people worldwide.

3 month

Evaluation of Plan:

The above mentioned plan might sound outrageous and very demanding and expensive; however it will allow the people across the world to be aware of the various problems and issues that are being faced due to being ignorant or simply not aware. Using a presentation to be sent out slowly to all countries and the presentations to be distributed within each country will help in reaching out to a major part of the population. The main benefits of the plan is that it will help build awareness and will also help in changes simple things in the daily routine that can assist with doing the bit to help prevent global warming. Also playing the presentation in schools and colleges and movies will help the younger generation be more aware of what they do and also assist in correcting the mistakes of not only themselves but also those around them.

Required Support:

Global warming is a global issue and it is not one which will affect only a few countries. If we aim at saving out planet, it is essential that a form of unity and commitment is formed within each one of us and a form of unity among countries is also essential. The support of the government is necessary here to help ensure that countries can have cordial and helping nature so that we can also work together to resolve this issue. Similar to how the entire world is ready to take up a new technology and enjoy the benefits, it is necessary that the world works together to build a safer planet (Spencer, 2010). Companies can help by passing the message, governments can help by keeping cordial relations with other countries, so we can help one another in times of difficulties. Most importantly, it is up to each individual on the planet to their bit to help reduce the emission of the gases and prevent global warming. The world is our own, and irrespective of which country we belong, or which religion we belong, we need to understand that ignorance or not taking up responsibility is not an answer here and we all lose if global warming continues to grow as it is currently.


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