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Water Crisis: Causes, Impact and History

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Fresh water crisis

The damages people made to get the water supplies higher has harmed A lot of people and their population has lowered glaciers continue to shrink worldwide, and conflicts are likely to erupt. Others are with no access to water people refuse to sanitize correctly to better the freshwater crisis less than 1% of the population have access to water. The freshwater crisis in the world today is that people are still without access to water sanitation is very low. To help people we can purifying methods

  • The freshwater crisis in today’s time

The population has changed in many different ways united nations water use has grown more than twice the population. Two thirds of the world’s population is living without water some regions seem relatively flush with fresh water. The water is harder to get than it was twenty years ago it needs work or significant currency to obtain not enough rain is coming in around the places that really needs the water and people are trying to help africans but they can only try so hard without enough water people could pass or suffer.

  • Why fresh water shortage will cause the next global crisis

The consequences are providing to be profound reservoirs and aquifers dry it’s reduced to desert overuse water. Global nature of the crisis in the underlined pumped groundwater farmers rely on it massive loss of ground water. Glaciers continue to shrink worldwide it has increased since the 20th century they have more conflicts to erupt because there dehydrating and it’s causing them to freak out on others without thinking or carrying of the consequences of their actions and wrong ways they have treated everyone they will do anything at this point to get some water in their houses.

  • Causes and effects and solutions to water crisis

Water has been luxury for people living in droughts they have fought with water borne disease but people also take the water they do have for granted.once water becomes polluted it becomes very harmful to humans and animals. It could lead to sickness, infections its polluted dangerous chemicals. People in bigger cities has not complained this reason is because they have more chance of surviving they have a lot more water access than most states these places are around africa and india they get sicker easier than people who have proper drinking water.

  • Causes of water scarcity

Human waste is directly dumped in lakes and rivers without proper cleaning so this is causing a health issue and causing people to get very sick and possible death. The leaks from oil spills and landfill leaks are having a effect on humans not being able to get proper drinking water and sanitizing correctly. They are going hungry the farmers don’t have enough water to feed their crops so their not getting enough money on the farm causing their business to go down. The more water farmers have the less problems their is to face the crops and animals will not face death and be dehydrated.

  • Threats to water supply side and demand- side problems

“One supply-side threat arises from instances in which we are withdrawing freshwater from surface water sources and groundwater aquifers at rates faster than replenishment or recharge”

(T boone pickens). The rates on freshwater crisis have lowered since the 20th century not many humans have much access to water and if they do it’s not very sanitized it’s filled with many diseases and bacteria. The population has lowered in small states than in large this has been an issue and we haven’t found a solution to solve this

  • The population on death and diseases

The cities have lowered with their population in small states. “While nations so far have found more reasons to cooperate than go to war over water, pressures are mounting rapidly with rising population and absolute scarcity levels”(STEVEN SOLOMON). The greater, imminent risk today is failed states, and all the fall-out they will spread.So many families have lost many important family members and knowing that in a few days that will be them lying there begging for forgiveness. To many deaths for something that could be fixed or the people suffering be saved and moved to someone that can help them have a future.

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