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How to Plan an Essay

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Writing the Draft

Building Confidence

The most important thing, when one starts writing the first draft is to start it with the confidence that it is not a difficult task. In order to start writing the good opening of the paper should not be an issue because these drafts have to be revised later and one can develop a better opening of paper. Writing the first draft of a paper, one should think that no grammar, perfect words or the structure of the writing matters and should only concentrate on presenting ideas only. It is important for writer to remember that the first draft that one writes is only for himself and nobody is going to read it, therefore, they should remain confident and should focus on the fact that the main purpose of the writing is to jot down the ideas.

Drafting on Computer

After doing the first draft on the computer, one should turn the computer off and again organize the thoughts and ideas on the paper and should think about the possible changes that they can make in the paper. After this task is finished, the writer should edit the first draft in accordance with it, but, should save all the revisions separately, to see later and to get encouragement that how far they have come and improved his writing skill. Multiple drafts should be saved with the name (like assignment 1 version 1, assignment 1 version 2 etc.) so that it becomes easier in future to access them easily and it is also important to highlight the changes that a writer has made in each draft. It becomes a reference for the future ad can assist the writer in improving it, although, before restarting the work, the last revised draft should be read, so that the writer gets the understanding that now which improvements their needs.

Writing Rough Draft

Before you start writing a rough draft, choose a quiet place where you have all the necessary equipment and material, this can help you in increasing your concentration. The writing seems easier, when we start with the easiest section and become successful in completing it because it can give the confidence that we have the ability to do this task efficiently. A good writing is one that engages maximum number of people and this can be done by using simple words and direct style. Imagining that we are talking to the reader can help the writer to write effectively and while giving instructions, one should visualize them performing in accordance with the instructions, this can help the writer to write instructions more clearly. It is important to keep on writing, until one section is complete because it helps in developing coherence and continuity in the section. Later the finished should be revised to make any possible changes.

Keeping your Audience in Mind

Writing from the reader’s perspective, keeping in mind the type of audience and using language in accordance with it, the level of understanding of the audience, diversity of audience and perspective of the audience are then important factors. We will discuss one by one, the factors that can help in writing a catering with the audience in an effective manner.

  1. Writing From the Audience’s Point of View

No matter what the audience is, everyone wants to read the writing from his own perspective. When we write for a targeted audience; whether our colleagues, boss or the international community, we should keep in mind that we are choosing the point of view in accordance with it. If we are writing something for our boss, then we should keep in mind that we are explaining the problem and providing the information to the boss from his perspective. This thing can increase the affectivity of the writing and will assist in registering our point. It is important to know about the background of the reader because this can help to get the idea that which style can help in convincing the reader or providing the information to the reader in an efficient manner. If we have to write a report about a technical; part in manufacturing process and know about the level of expertise of the reader, we can use technical language in accordance with it.

  1. Accommodating Multiple Audiences

When we write from multiple audiences, everyone has different background and this factor makes it difficult to adjust the writing in accordance with it. Since, audience with multiple background demands that all the people should be kept in mind and the level of the readers should be considered. For example, while writing instruction manual, one should write from the starters’ perspective because there are lot of people out there who might be using that particular equipment for the first time. Moreover, the diagrams can help the reader to grasp the point more easily and can make the writing reader friendly.

  1. Writing for international Audience

While writing for the wide audience, one should keep in mind that there should not be culture bias and the style of the writing used is acceptable by lost of the people i.e. the writing style should not represent a specific region. Making the language simple and common can help the audience to relate with it and grasp the concept easily. Since there are different dialects of English in different region, then the writer should make his expression as common as possible.

  1. Persuading Your Audience

If the writer has to persuade a targeted audience like management of the company; regarding flexibility in office hours, increasing bonuses for the staff; then one should enlist the advantages of taking that step and should mention the effects that it should have on the morale of the staff moreover, if the targeted audience is different than it is important to start the writing by initially explaining the benefits regarding the topic under discussion and later, writer should give examples from different fields and lastly the reference of the rules of the business. In precaution process, the mentioning of the rules of the business should be done in most soft manner because mentioning it in direct manner puts negative impression on audience. The ethics requires that the cons of the side that you have chosen should also be mentioned because the reader may not get any difficulty in ignorance and if all the process fails the blame might not fall on you.

  1. Establish Your Role and Voice as the Writer

While writing, one should decide which role they have to take in order to be read and followed in a better way. It against depends on the type of the audience. The friendly writing style is always effective, but, a task is very critical and has to be done in time then the writer should explain the importance of the task and at the end should take an authoritative tone and order hat it needs o be completed in time. Sometimes, it is more effective if the subject of the writing adopts the authoritative tone and tells about the sensitivity of the situation. In normal circumstance, there is always audience which never reads a document, but, still wants to get that task done; in that situation it is important to give a title that can explain that hoe reading that document can help the audience.

Development Strategies

The strategies that are used to develop the ideas and the concept at the work place include:

  1. Explaining a Process

Process of explaining deal with the idea of explaining to the reader working of an equipment, how a event or process took place or how to perform it. All these types demand a lot of concentration of the writer because, when explained in a proper sequence they can make it easier for reader to understand. While explaining the process, understanding the level of the audience is imortant. In the opening of the writing t is better to tell the importance of the process and then give the summary. Later when it is explained in detailed, it should be told how it is relevant or associated to a larger process. For example, if one explains the process of developing air brake system to the worker, then it should e done in detail and it should be mentioned that how much important it is for the working of the truck and how it will ensure safety in driving. This tells the reader about the sensitivity of the task and they try to do their job in a better way.

  1. Describing Information

Describing the information means telling about the features and the appearance of the concepts and the objects that are to be used during the process. But, the description of the information varies from one field to another. In engineering terms it is important to give the specifications of the equipment in the technical term, to marketing professional it is important to tell about the significance and the usability of the product for the customers, most important features of a good description o that it is always clear and specific and covers all the issues in details. The length of the description may depend on the complexity of the process, but, no matter what the length of the writing is information should be described in a manner that it is understandable to the audience and is complete in all terms. In complex concepts, it is better explain stepwise.

  1. Defining Terms and Concepts

Process of defining the terms is critical because it can give the actual concept of the term to the people related to your field and that of the other fields. Formal definition of the term, that has technical terms in it, can help the people of the related field to understand it more accurately, for example, torque is the cross product of distance vector and force vector. Informal definition that has both technical and simple forms makes it understandable to the people related to other fields for example torque is the cross product of distance vector (distance from knob to hinges) and force vector (force applied to open the door), whereas, extended definition comprises of multiple sentences to explain multiple concepts of the definition. For example torque is the cross product of distance vector and force vector. It means that if the knob is at the greater distance from the pivot (hinges), then greater torque will be produced and it will be easier to open the door. If the definite are assisted with figure, the written material become easier to understand.

  1. Explaining Cause and Effect

It assists in providing information about why a thing happens and what consequences does it have. For example when we do not maintain our vehicle (cause) accidents might happen (effect) and due to these accidents we can have to bear the loss of finance or the life. it is better to provide evidence of your statement and that evidence should be relevant to the audience, has the power to persuade and can be explained by giving demonstrations.

Writing an Opening

The opening of the draft is really important to get the attention of the reader. The first sentence should be written in a way that it immediately attract reader to itself. Like on topic accidents due to drunk driving an effective sentence could be, do you know that 10,000 people lost their lives, his year in United States, due to drunk driving. The opening of the writing should have three features in it. Firstly, it should introduce the title effectively, secondly, should give some information about the writing and thirdly should focus the attention of the reader.

Writing a Closing

The closing of the paper or a draft should consider and should mention all the main points of the paper. No new concept should be introduced in the closing paragraph because it may confuse the reader. It is better to give information like email address at the end of the paper so that the reader may contact you if needed. It gives the impression that writer is responsible.


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