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Goals and Strategies for Talent Acquisition

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Executive Summary

Talent acquisition is ever increasing process to keep organization functional with profit/growth and Keeping them within the organization for as long as possible.

Table of Contents


Talent Acquisition


Organizational Behavior



Next Steps


Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition is defined as the process of attracting, acquiring, and retaining candidates whose skills, experiences, and personalities suit the needs of an organization. Talent Acquisition has become more global and structured over time.

Goals of the Talent Acquisition

  • Figuring out the technical and “soft” skill of the employees.
  • Finding out the correct people.
  • Bringing them up to speed
  • Keeping the employees within the organization for as long as possible.

  Talent acquisition has four key steps: workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, and retention.

Every company must follow a four-step workforce planning process:

  • Supply Analysis – Does your organization have the supply internally to meet its demand?
  • Demand Analysis – What are your organization’s current and future workforce requirements?
  • Gap Analysis – What is holding your organization back? What is the gap between your current state and your future state?
  • Solution Analysis – How you address your gaps in current and future staffing needs?





Complacency and lack of vision has no place in the modern work place. Staying ahead of the pack requires careful planning and structures must be in place to accurately measure the performance and the growth of a modern business. Businesses must carefully measure employee performance and provide employees with proven advice on how to be a more productive and effective as a worker. Even in its most basic form performance management is about significantly more than simply providing an annual review for each employee.

Managers and trainers must work close together with that employee to identify personal strengths and weaknesses in their work ethics to help them to get more things done. Measuring performance is critical for all organizations, as well as for the team members within the organization, and those results can provide people with a sense of achievement which is one of the best forms of motivation available today.

5        Things that need to be in every performance management program:

  • Ownership and Consistency
  • Feedback and Plan Goals and Set Expectations
  • Documentation
  • Accountability and Provide Ongoing Career Development Opportunities

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of the way people interact within groups. Normally this study is applied to create more efficient business organizations. The main idea of the study of organizational behavior is that a scientific approach can be applied to the management of workers.

There are 4 types of Organizational behavior.

Organizational Behavior Models

  • Autocratic Model: It refers to the owners and manager’s power to dictate and form decisions while making employees obey their orders.
  • Custodial Model: It starts with the Managers began to think the security of the employees is imperative- it could be either social as well economic security.
  • Supportive Model: This is the most important model of the organizational behavior. Supportive model emphasis on motivated and aspiring leader in the work place.
  • Collegial Model: It defined as the structure of an organization is developed in a way that there is no boss nor subordinates, but all are colleagues who must work as a team.
  • System Model: The most emerging model of the today’s corporate area is the system model. This model emerged from the rigorous research to attain the higher level of meaning at work.



Talent Acquisition process is not complete  without performance management and organizational behavior in a work place.  Without hiring   process performance management and organizational behavior is not possible. So, Talent acquisition is the key for every organization. It starts with hiring. Onboarding process. After you hiring process done the company should set up a clear expectation for the next steps. They should clearly mention the duties and the job responsibilities. For the performance management the manager should review performance weekly/quarterly/Monthly/Yearly. Organizational behavior also plays a vital role in work place. It would be possible if the managers and coaches are Train on the talent acquisition, management and development processes and platforms of the organization uses.  They should maintain Strategic alignment  for the success of any department. It is possible regular communication with executives and defining success metrics for each function that are aligned with the way the business is measuring success. Employer brand, Starting From recruitment to hiring to onboarding to training, employees should encounter a strong brand at every stage of their time with the company. Positive organizational culture is attracted by the Employer branding and attract good talent of the employee.

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Build Your Employer Brand: 62% percent of professionals across 26 countries ranked employer brand as the deciding factor when applying for a job. Discover your unique identity/brand. Design your online and other content around this identity. Create a fan base of employees. Measure and track key performance indicators. Expand the use of remote employees but have a plan to manage them. When employed applicants should sign an agreement to stay with one employer for a period of two years or longer before they will move to any other companies. Failing to comply with that agreement they should repay for the cost of training. All Candidates will research the brand value of a company well before they engage or apply for a job, and the majority of this research comprises reviewing social media content posted by employees themselves. So, Brand contract plays a vital role in an organization.

Next Steps

Expectation set: If company mission is not clear, set it is up by consulting Executive. Hiring and Firing process should be transparent with goals in mind. Improve the training process, just like Nestle did. Their training is taken at managerial level and it is also here where it is determined which course a candidate will attend. Not just anyone is approved but rather there is a screening process and training attendees come from a wide range of cultural and geographical backgrounds. It is not unheard off that a single training class can have attendees from as many as 20 different countries.




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