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Personality Tests in Recruitment

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Personality Test

Personality test are frequently used to access the potential of the candidate such as conscientiousness experience optimism, stress tolerance, emotional stabilty, extraversion and proactive. These few personality test are very important and are required needs when they want to be successfull in their performance, when they are having interpersonal interaction in team setting.

Pros of personality test

There are many diffrent advantages of personality test. The reason why the organization have this test is that they are able to reduce the business cost and also the outcome by identifying the candidate for hireing, promoting and training. This test are conducted by the administrate via paper and pencil or computerized method. The organization are able to carefully select candidate that are pontential in the interpersonal interaction with the team setting, which enable the company to progress in business. Moreover it is one way to cost effective and does not require skill administrator.

Cons of personality test

Normally personality test question based on behaviour, cognitions and needs, all received only a single score. The scoring system may eliminate the option for alternate interpretation to the answer given. When grouping all the different combination of behaviour and needs, sometime this can lead to misinterpreted.

Another problem is self knowledge aspect of the objective exam can be faked. Since not all question and answer given can match the test maker exactly there are not able to elaborate their answer and it can be quite frustrating and inaccurate. In conclusion, one assessment alone can be used, but it is much better to have a complete assessment program, in order to balance out the advantage and disadvantage for each personality assessment type.

Biographical data

Biographical data is very essential in this era of time and date. Technologies have become an important part of the business, having the knowledge of biographical data such as leadership, knowledge of software, interpersonal skill, tean work skill, knowledge of the job, creativity and many more can help the person to succeed futhur. Biographical data uses question about education, work experience, personality assessments of skill and interest to predit how the candidate can be successful on the job.

Pros of biographical data

Biographical data is also administrated by paper and pencil or computerized method because it can easily enlarge the numbers, moreover it reduce business cost and does not need administation skill. It is also less likely uses to diffrentiate in results by gender and race. Neverless it produce valid infrences of the organization outcome for example turnover and performance. This is one way identifying individuals for hire, promote, or training who needed skills and abilities.

Cons of biographical data.

The disadvantage of biographical data is that the candidate will try to project more positive decision outcome to impress the organisation thus this will be more difficult to understand how they actually are , for example it will be difficult to diffrentiate between the positively manage impression to the fake response. This interview conducted does not necessarly provide enough information for development feed back. For example one is enable to change the past and last not least it is time consuming to develop.

Work sample Test

Work sample test is the the future behavior observed under similar situations. There are three tests which are required to perform on the job.

Pros of work samples

The advantages of work samples, it has high reliability and it has high content of validity because it is a sample of the actual work to perform that particular job. Besides that, work samples has low adverse of impact because these test is viewed favorable by examinees than aptitude or personality tests. The most interesting part in these work sample test is if the applicants wants to fake job proficiency to increase the test score and performance on job, it is difficult. These tests uses equipment which is the same or to the original equipment used for the job.

Cons of work samples

It is costly to administer often only can be administered to one applicant at a time. Although the task and duties can be completed in a short period of time, however the test have less ability to predict performance on the job, when it can take day or week to complete. It will be difficult to measure the aptitude of an applicant, because it is unable to see whether the applicant is able to handle more difficult task when they are encountered with.

Integrity test

Integrity test is used to identify candidates who like to involes in antisocial at work, dishonesty and engage inappropriate behaviour. It is important for the organization to assess the attitude and experience such as candidates honesty, turstworthiness, dependability, reliability and prosocial behaviour. This is usally conducted with direct question regarding previous experiences such as ethnic and integrity also regarding preferences and interest about inferences of future behaviour.

Pros of integrity test

Integrity test is to make the candidates to understand the important of the coperate value. This test are also done via paper and pencil or computerize method, which is easily to large number. The test produce valid inference of organization of outcome, such as inventory shrinkage, difficulties in dealing with supervision, performance and others. Beside that it is not required any administration skill and it is cost effective. Futhurmore it does not relate in result to by gender and race than other types of test. This test also reduce the business cost by identifying individuals who like to absent or engage in other counter productive behavior.

Cons of integrity test

The disadvantage of integrity test is the candidate will try to project more positive decision outcome to impress the organization. In some cases the candidates may have difficulty or disliking to questions which are unrelated or intrusive to the job. This can be slightly difficult for the organization to diffrentiate from fake to actual response.

Cognitive abilities test

Cognitive abilities test is used to see onces abilities by using diffrent question or problems such as the abilities of reading, logic, reasoning and comprehensive mental abilities which leads to success in many diffrence kind of jobs.

Pros in cognitive abilities test.

By using this method the outcome of success of performance has increace and it is use by many organization. This is use especially for more specialized jobs. There are many various way to adminster these test for example by paper and pencil or computerized method. Most of the company use this method because it is cost effective and does not require skill administration. By using cognitive abilities test the company are able to reduce business cost as there are not easily influents by the test taker to impress the manager on fake responce. When ever a company wishes to promote, hire or train a person there are able to make a decision according to their skill and abilities.

Cons in cognitive abilities test.

Cons for cognitive test are that there will always be different answer or result by various person or race. As such it is always time consuming in picking out the right candidates for the job. The organization will have to carefully verify all the result and choose according to specific job, that they wish to assign the person before making the final and right decision.


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