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Process of Recruitment & Selection

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Executive Summary

The assignment is prepared to explain the process of Recruitment & Selection Which involves identifying and attracting the potential candidates from within and outside the organization and evaluating them for future employment. Today's tight labour in the market is making it more difficult for organizations to find, recruit, and select talented people. The competition for talent is intensifying, as there is a huge talent in the market. This makes it more important for the organizations to effectively select and retain quality candidates. Better recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes. The more effectively organizations recruit and select candidates, the more likely they are to hire and retain satisfied employees. The study is based on the process of Recruitment & Selection of the candidates on the basis of which they will be utilizing their skills for the growth and functions of the organization.


In the current scenario, there is a lot of talent in the market so the process of Recruitment& selection has also been made difficult. For instance, Getting into IIMs is really a tough job or getting into a firm called Golden Gate, really calls for competition. So particular attention is given to core skills required in a selection interview such as planning, avoiding potential distortion, questioning, listening and evaluation. Process of recruitment attracts three stages: Identify & define the recruitment, attract potential applicants and selecting the appropriate people, this also helps in determining the organizational objectives.


The objective of making this report is to examine the overall process of Recruiting & selecting in the interest of the organization. In other words, it is also important to note if the HR plans are implemented or not.

Recruitment & Selection

The process of recruitment & selection deals with the attainment of organizational objectives by selecting the most appropriate candidate. Internet has become the most effective method of recruitment as it saves time and cost of the Recruiters and the Candidates too. In order to achieve the objectives of the organization the HR also follow some practices like Ability Tests, Behavior based interviews and also analyze the candidate's knowledge required for the concerned job. Initially, it involves short listing of those candidates who are eligible for the mentioned profile. Then, the candidate is required to present his ability and knowledge by undertaking some tests which are based to analyze the knowledge of the candidate. Then the candidates are required to take interview on the basis of which the skills of the candidates are evaluated. Then after this stage, HR selects those candidates whom he thinks will prove to be beneficial for the organization.

The role of the human resource function is two-fold:

1. To participate in the decision process by providing information and opinion on each option, including:

  • Redundancy or recruitment costs
  • Consequences on morale
  • Redeployment/outplacement opportunities
  • Availability of skilled staff within the organization
  • Availability of suitable people in the job market
  • Time constraints
  • Development/training needs/schedules
  • Management requirements.

This forms part of the information collated from the organization as a whole

2. To support line managers dealing with the people consequences of implementing the decision. Information already gathered provides the basis for a human resource plan.)

(Human Resource Management, R P Mohanty)

Issues Related to Recruitment & Selection

In order to perform a suitable criteria for selection, there exists different issues as it entails high competition on the technical aspects of different organizations. The recruitment process has been very challenging in today's scenario, since there is lot of competition in the market and to employ the best workforce, the best practices should be adopted, like Reliability, Validity, Costs, Professional Image and Candidate Reaction..

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Validation is a process of establishing a relationship between performance on a selection method and other independently observable measures of the attributes being tested. Costs of employing a candidate is also measured both in quantitative & qualitative terms, like Training costs and employee costs (salary). Apart from this the recruitment process also depends upon factors like the economy situation, the company's performance, its reputation, its market share If the economy is doing well then there would be more hiring in the organizations. Other issues like Gender Bisedness, dominancy by seniors also prevail in the market

The cost and time of following through the selection procedures

Employment processes can be long and costly giving rise to the temptation to take shortcuts. However a rushed employment process can be more time consuming and costly in the long run. The aim is to get the best applicant for the job in open competition.

There should be no short cuts in the selection process, particularly at the short listing stage. All members of the panel should have the opportunity to see all applications and have an opportunity to have input into the short list of applicants.

Conflicts of interest

If a panel member is closely related or in an intimate personal relationship there is a potential conflict of interest which should be declared and a replacement found. When an applicant is known personally to members of the selection panel, or is part of their social or professional network there may be a conflict of interest or the perception that one exists. In this case it is extremely important to be vigilant in following the set procedures.

The selection committee should not receive additional information (e.g. anecdotal material) about an applicant outside the recruitment process. Such information could be based on hearsay or may be influenced by the personal bias of the member who presents the information.

Use of personal characteristics as selection criteria

Problems may arise as a result of requiring that an applicant be ‘assertive’, ‘dynamic’, ‘enthusiastic’ rather than clearly identifying what skills the job requires.


According to Mr SUSAN.R. MEISINGER, There exists four Cs in HR Profession:

Competent, Curious, Courageous and Caring.


An HR Professional must be competent enough to face all the challenges that come in front of him/her and able to work in a competitive environment in the interest of the Organizational objectives.


The HR must be curious to know the information related to candidates which must be in the interest of the organization. It should not be against the interest of the candidate. For example, he should not be asked any question which him feel uncomfortable.


The HR must be courageous enough to employ the best staff vis-à-vis taking into consideration the costs of the organization. Here is a case explained that Nokia Company wishing to hire some Professionals in the company, the HR (Mr. Halstein Moerk) was courageous enough to deal with the costs & benefits of the organization.(nokia.com)


It is a saying that Money is not everything, so the HR should be caring in terms of providing monetary benefits and other amenities like Transporting Facility, fooding etc.


Above all, the process recruitment & selection has all the way become more difficult. Since the organizations want to hire more talented and effective employees and can create a difference in the interest of the organization. The organizations have adopted different methods of recruiting a candidate.

Different kinds of agencies are used to recruit for positions at different levels.

  • Temporary and government agencies are used mainly to recruit non-management candidates.
  • Employment agencies, colleges, and professional organizations are used more often to recruit managerial/professional.
  • Although nearly all (97 percent) the organizations already use behavior-based interviews to some extent when selecting employees, nearly half (49 percent) plan to use them more frequently in the future. This type of structured interview can be used to validly predict future behavior in dimensions (or competencies) critical to job success.
  • Less than 20 percent of organizations currently use testing or assessment methods extensively in their selection process. However, organizations plan to increase their use of applicant testing and assessment in the future. These structured approaches to assess skills, abilities, and knowledge can significantly reduce the candidate pool by eliminating those who fail to meet the minimum job qualifications.

Finally, better recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes. The more effectively organizations recruit and select candidates, the more likely they are to hire and retain satisfied employees. In addition, the effectiveness of an organization's selection system can influence bottom-line business outcomes, such as productivity and financial performance. Hence, investing in the development of a comprehensive and valid selection system is money well spent.


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