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Advantages and Disadvantages of ICT in the Business World

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Information Technology has rapidly changed the way how people communicate in the last two decades. Just consider the concept of IT communications on the society it is apparent that it has been changed the way how it affects business and social and personal lives. People can communicate now either by telephonic connection to talk or send messages, or over internet link to nearly anywhere in the world. Also order a huge number of items from any place on planet to do the business.

This report will explain advantages and disadvantages of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the business world and social live in society.

Advantages of ICT in Business and Social Life

“The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village.”
- Mc Luhan, M. 1964, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” Published by McGraw-Hill.

Marshall McLuhan speaks about “Global village” in 1960’s and his quote became reality in today’s living.


Speed/time and money can be saved because it is much quicker to send/share information around. Communication is more efficient to contact either business partners or friends and family members all over the world. ICT expands availability for communications. Social network sites and Social media such as Skype allows making video-conference calls with immediate response. Messages can be send to numerous people/companies across distances. Lives have been affected by ICT in most positive way’s bringing families together across the world.

Cost effectiveness

Numerous offers from telecommunication companies and smart phones therefore making far cheaper than in the past. For business ICT saves incredible amount of money on business flights and accommodations. Only few years ago there was no way to send free message through to the phone, but now people uses social network for free communication e.g. Viber, Skype, Facebook. Saving time and money for petrol as people can go shopping from home through online shopping.

Greater availability

Websites are open for communication in every minute of the year. This means that a business can be open anytime anywhere giving a customer the capability to make purchase from different sites and different countries.

Bridging the cultural gap

Greater access to the ICT has helped to build the bridges between different cultures giving them opportunity to exchange views and ideas. Also, educate both sides of communication bridge thereby increasing awareness and reducing prejudice.

Creation of jobs

The best advantage of ICT has been a creation of new and interesting jobs in IT sectors. Computer programmers, web designers etc. have great employment opportunities created through the advancement of technology.


There is new opportunity for further education to improve qualification in so many economic sectors. A degree can be completed online from person’s home. It is possible to hold a job and still do degree.

Disadvantages of ICT in Business and Social Lives

Lack of Security/Privacy

Though IT may have changed and more convenient, it also brought along privacy and security issues. From email hacking, phone signal interception etc. people are worried that personal information may become public knowledge. IT keeps changing almost every day which means that the individuals must be up to date in IT to secure their jobs. There is also risk factors with the systems computer viruses, malware, spam, Trojans etc., attacking.


While IT may have streamlined the business process, it has created job redundancies and subcontracting. Using the computers instead of human resources employers save huge amount of money but employees are losing their jobs as not needed anymore.

Social media

The network pages are open to everyone including teenagers and young children’s which can affect their mental and physical health by watching and playing violent games. They became addicted to the phones, iPod, gaming consoles forgetting about outside activities and communication in the society.

Cyber bulling

It is so easy now bullying and threatening others in social network pages that this has become much easier for internet users all over the world. They don’t realize what the consequences are to those reading/hearing unpleasant comments. In the recent past there have been so many investigation cases regarding cyber bullying with lethal consequences.

“Avoid hurting someone’s feelings by emails or other forms of electronic communication; Respect other people’s online rights; Avoid insulting someone; If someone insults you be calm; Avoid ‘crashing’ discussion groups or fora; Respect the privacy of other people online; Be responsible online.”


Reliance on technology

People don’t bother to read, calculate or write without computers anymore in same time losing abilities of hand writing (why write if can use spell-checker), calculate without calculator even for minor addition, reading books (why read if there so much information in internet).


The abovementioned has explained numerous advantages and disadvantages that are increasing as the technology improves. People must be cautious with how and who they give in the personal information to. The list can be endless. What happens in the future; will advantages outweigh disadvantages? Who will win in this battle, computers or human beings, and how much will be lost in this battle remains to be seen.


Tutor notes


Mc Luhan, M. 1964, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” Published by McGraw-Hill.




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