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Design of Enterprise Network

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Executive Summary

   Pacific Trucking Inc has contracted us for a design solution for their strains on existing network resources. Moreover, management has asked for Fleet Maintenance and Dispatch to be networked and interconnected into the corporate backbone. 

Our solution to this problem will be to design a new enterprise network for ever Pacific Trucking Inc. so we’ll probably get rid of the network and try to install the new hardwares in order to do this, we will be  using the latest advances in technology we will use a Star topology, access points, as well as switches to interconnect Fleet Maintenance and Dispatch into the corporate backbone while increasing network speed and reliability.currently there is 15 user in the  fleet Maintenance room, and it is using lans as way to connect to the workgroup for the router. . We will use fiber optic cables, wireless access points, and switches to achieve maximum connectivity & performance, and upgraded network design. 

Due to the large scale nature of this project new hardware will be required such as three port core switches, four 48-port workgroup switches, and two 24 port switches all of which are fully managed, as well as three wireless access points. We will be connecting switches together with fiber optics.

Printers, computers, and access points will be connected with cat-6 ethernet cables as well as any additional nodes

The total budget for all the hardware used in our network design sums up to somewhere around $10,805.53 which it includes $6,245.53 for all the necessary hardware and a total of  $4,560 for the labor and the overhead which also included.

Key Assumptions

Our goal is to examine the current network infrastructure of  Pacific Trucking Inc., and create the best possible network solution to ensure a strong connection between the dispatch and fleet maintenance with the corporation while creating a better infrastructure for Pacific Trucking.  With Pacific Trucking, we know that their network will be busy since they are involved in many industries.  There is no information about the specific growth rate of the company, but we do know they are growing rapidly.  To help alleviate the networking issues, we propose these specifications.

  • The future network design will have to be upgradeable, so that as the business grows, the network will be able to accommodate new developments in the business.  Some examples would be hiring new employees, having to expand certain aspects of the business, or introducing new technology that can be used for the business.
  • Reliable speed that can be maintained and shared throughout the entire LAN while retaining current usage results.  As new technology is introduced, we would want a speed that is consistent and reliable while slowly improving the speed as time goes on.  The speed will need to be consistent throughout the network so that there will be no hiccups as many employees may be on the network at once.
  • Scalability is needed; as the company continues to grow there will need to be additional access points and connections available to them.
  • Backwards compatibility with current servers and systems.

 Because we are assuming that the Pacific Trucking Inc., is going to continually grow, there will be a need for new and faster technology.  We are also assuming that the company is still using old technology and the new technology we bring into the system will need to be backwards compatible.  If the new technology was not backwards compatible it would cause critical problems, and could potentially be the reason for losing important data.  The following is a list of key assumptions we concluded about the company.

  • A server room will be built in the data processing room so that all the servers will be in one place and the maintenance will become simplified.
  • All servers will be moved to the server room so that there will be no unauthorized access and will keep them secure.
  • Mail server and web server will be sharing a room with the server room.

Large Corridor

20 Feet Wide

Small Corridor

10 Feet Wide

Security Room

30 Feet Wide

Information System

50 Feet

Intrastate Operations Room

50 Feet

Agent Operations

50 Feet

Human Resources

50 Feet

Mail Room

30 Feet Wide

Data Processing

60 Feet Wide

Accounts Payable

60 Feet Wide

Accounts Receivable

60 Feet Wide


60 Feet Wide

Presidents Room

60 Feet Wide

Meeting Room/Conference Room

62 Feet

Server Room/Data Processing

60 Feet

Storage Room

50 Feet

Dinner Room

50 Feet

Fleet Maintenance

50 Feet


50 Feet

Project scope

The current infrastructure at Pacific Trucking is suitable for kind of between small and medium sized business, it means it’s not big at all which one serves a combination of various older and scarcely antiquated 3 things: networking systems, hardware and software. In the business, I think we should find more option for expansion your company. In business, when the company wants to grow or find a way to bring the company up, what they need to do is expand the market to increase the demand for network traffic and volume. We believe that if there is a major restructuring of the network architecture, it is important to help bring Pacific Trucking into the future of the business. New methods or new implementations that will help businesses increase productivity, as well as the ability to expand their workforce. Although our proposed choice could be a big investment in infrastructure, before we invested in this, we thought and believed that this was a great investment. The convenient solution in the long run of business. And our last thing about the solution would be to provide, improve performance and as well work better beyond our client’s expectations.

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         Our scope of work is primarily directed at the architectural goals of the network as well as the main goal of replacing the backbone of an Ethernet network, an outdated network with a new optical fiber. This new fiber-optic network will support the general purpose of high-power connectivity between departments and buildings. As well as providing enough bandwidth to be able to access the LAN, Internet, VOIP and databases for all current users over CAT6 Ethernet while still allowing growth. The phones are now the phones developed later very modern. But before developing it into something like that, the old phone system was not so well developed. Given the ancient telephone system based on the POTS model (Plain Old Telephone Service), this model will be replaced by a centrally managed Voice Over IP solution and distributed over the same backbone network. As from an administrative point of view, we have broken down our solution in such a way that both remote management and troubleshooting simplifies the approach and maintains network and downtime to an absolute minimum. Management with our solution is not only faster but also provides more granular control over many aspects.

         Our proposal for Pacific Trucking will initially require a heavy, large-scale investment. However, choosing to implement our proposal will put Pacific Trucking at the forefront of logistics and information systems technology. Also, this solution may be viewed by some external entities as an overprovision of resources or a solution that could be considered too large or complex for a business of this size. Based on our analysis, we at Pegasus Consulting can assure you that this investment is in the best of Pacific Trucking at its employees. Our solution will improve the company’s day to day operations and will allow for long-term growth of the business.

Network Logical Design




Network Physical Design

Wifi Coverage




Network Design Support and Justification

Server Room:

    A server room will be build inside the Data Processing office and will be equipped with a server rack and dedicated air conditioning. The Server Room will include the router that connects to our ISP, three core switches, and all the company’s servers as well as databases.

Fiber Optic Cabling:

 To ensure high volume capacity,  we will install the OM3 fiber optic indoor system for a maximum distance more than 900 feet, and can delivery a maximum transfer rate of 10Gbs. We choose the Fiber optic because it is very reliable with data transmission and is not affected by the environmental factors affecting the copper cables. It is also not affected by electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI), impedance problems, and so on. Fiber optics are also more secure because it does not radiate signals and extremely difficult to tap.

 The longest distance that we need to cover is 400 feet, which is the distance from the Server Room to the conversion workgroup inside the lobby near the Interstate Operations department. We decided to run fiber optics underground for the secondary

building because it will make it more secure.

Cat-6 Cabling:

 We use Cat-6 ethernet cables to connect our switch to printers, servers, wireless access points, and other nodes. We use CAT-6 because it allow the  data transfers up to 10Gb/s, and more available bandwidth than CAT-5. CAT-6 is also backward compatible with CAT-5/5e and CAT-3, which is an advantage in case there are any existing parts on the network infrastructure that will need to stay on while it is being upgraded. We will use 28,000 feet of CAT-6 cabling to connect all of the employees, access points, printers, and other wired devices to be added to the network. The left over cable will use for future growth of company.


 To allow for wireless and mobile device internet connection, the building is equipped four 48-port workgroup switches, two 24-port workgroup switches and three managed switches. Paying more for these switches is a good investment in the long run because there is a reduction in management labor. It also makes it easier to locate which switch is malfunctioning, and managed switches provide strong security allowing the use of SNMP set commands to remotely reconfigure switches.

Three managed switches allow for redundancy, which avoids having a single point failure. We use a total of four 48-port workgroup switches to allow for expandability and connectivity for all employees and wireless access points. In addition, we have two workgroups 24 port switches for extra coverage with any additional devices where ports are nearly used up. Each switch relates to OM3 fiber optic cabling from the server room to allow for the fastest speeds. The switches will connect to the hosts, printers, and wireless access points via cat-6 cables.

Access Point:

We have added three enterprise long range wi-fi access points, two to cover the main building, and one to cover the secondary building. Our design allows for new access points to be added to maximize coverage for mobile devices to provide convenience of the existing and potential customers and for flexible and interactive meetings. More and more technology is being released that uses wifi specifically and we wanted to make sure Pacific Trucking Inc. is able to use these new products e.g. wireless label printers, tablets and package scanners.

For our access points, we are implementing the 802.11i security standard (WPA2) and the WPS feature which can introduce security threats will be disabled. These access points also support 2×2 MIMO for 5 GHz band and up to 450 Mbps, and 3×3 MIMO for the 2.4 GHz band.

Traffic Demand Analysis:

 Our new network infrastructure will allow for much faster speeds. Operating under the assumption that Pacific Trucking employees use the internet at a typical rate 1gbit Ethernet connection will be sufficient for any company needs. Understanding that we have a 1Gbit line separated into each of our 10 departments should not presently exceed 10% of the new capacity, as we are upgrading from a previously 10BaseT network. While initially this may seem excessive, the goal is to build a network infrastructure that not just supports the current needs of the company but also built for the future ever-increasing network demands. This is a common occurrence of large upfront costs will allow for the addition of new employees and departments as the business volume continues to increase and to support long term business gain.

Network Projected Implementation Budget







D-Link 52-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch including 4 SFP ports




CISCO SG112-24 Compact 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch




D-Link DGS-1210-10 10-port Gigabit Web Smart Switch Including 2 Gigabit SFP Ports




Cisco SG300-10SFP 10-port Gigabit Managed SFP Switch




CISCO 890 Series C892FSP-K9 892FSP Gigabit Ethernet security router with SFP 2




Ubiquiti UAP-Pro-US, Indoor Dual Band Wireless N750 Access Point




Tripp Lite 45U 4-Post Open Frame Rack Cabinet Square Holes 1000lb Capacity




500FT Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Multimode 62.5/125 Duplex 500 ft




10Gtek for Cisco 1000Base-SX Connector




10G Gigabit Fiber Optic Cables with LC to LC Multimode OM3 Duplex 50/125 OFNP




Cable Matters (100-Pack) Cat 6 RJ45 Modular Plugs for Stranded UTP Cable




Maxmoral 100-Pack CAT5E CAT6 RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable Strain Relief Boots – Blue




BYTECC C6E-1000B 1000 ft. Cat 6 Blue Bulk Cable




Cable Matters 50-Pack Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack




Tripp Lite Quad Outlet RJ45 Universal Keystone Faceplate / Wall Plate






Job Description




Contractor (Temp)




System Administrator




Network Technician A




Network Technician B




Network Technician C






Overall Total:







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