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Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS Differences

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Windows 10, Linux and Mac OS


The greatest operating system in the world are Windows 10, Mac OS and Linux. Here is the

information about every one of them and their differences. First on the list is Windows 10.

This operating system which appears to be the treasure of the Microsoft Corporation has been

acknowledged for a long time by the user everywhere in the world.

As we all

know, Windows OS is currently being used by over 80 to 90 percent of all computers both

desktops and laptops. Although other Operating Systems are coming up, Windows still remains

the most favorite among home users and companies. Windows seems to be the easiest operating

system to use for those who are less computer-savvy. Over the years Windows has progressed

into an Operating System that’s converted feature-rich and super huge especially with Windows

with Windows 10. Windows are usually known for its user-friendliness, a large combination of

software and broad hardware support. It is, however, a closed source and well recognized for

some of the largest computer problems including malware, viruses, spyware, gradual

performance corruption and BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). This indicates that as long as a user

doesn’t want to see their system go crazy, they are required to install maintenance as well as a

security software. The great part is that you can operate lots of games, programs, and devices on

Windows OS.

On an entirely different side, Mac OS X is another operating system that should be considered

with. It combines a very appealing interface with many programs that integrate tightly within the

system. There are also a handful of programs that run just in Mac OS X that have got very well

reviews. Mac OS X is based on Darwin and is therefore perfectly titled as a Unix operating

system. It’s built differently than Windows, applications made for Windows won’t run under

Mac OS X except the application is created cross-platform to make it work over different

operating systems. It doesn’t receive Windows viruses because of its design (Unix), which is

safer than Windows. It also supports many peripherals connected to it, giving ease of use with

cameras, printers, etc. In this sea of benefits, it has, especially over Windows, there are two large

restrictions that keep it from being a final contender:

Both due to hardware support in particular areas and usage limitations in its license, Mac OS X

can only be worked on systems made by Apple, such as the Mac mini, iMac, etc. This suggests

that if you want to operate Mac OS X without hacking it and then running it illegally, you will

have to purchase an Apple computer, which is more expensive than the traditional PCs and may

break your bank. Also, Mac OS X is, like Windows, largely closed-source.

Last but not limited we have Linux in our comparison. Linux is the universal expression that is

used for the large collection of Linux distributions, where all distros utilize the Linux kernel.

Linux has an extensive number of advantages that can benefit everyone, no matter what they use

their computer for. One of the most significant points is that Linux is open-source. This indicates

that anyone in the entire world can look into the source code of Linux and any other components

of the distribution and find any bugs, security holes, or any additional problems inside the source

code, and either repair it themselves or address their findings to someone who can fix the

problem. Open source, which is usually characterized by the GNU GPL (GNU General Public

License), which lets you design, modify, and redistribute any software freely that is applying the

GNU GPL, is very helpful in that everything is free, both price-wise and freedom to do anything

you need with the program. This can help people and companies with a short or even non-

existent budget to build a healthy system and network. Second, Linux is listed as Unix-like, so

you get the excellent flexibility and power of Unix. However, it includes no Unix code but is a

Unix-like copy created of open-source code. Third, there are also many excellent applications

that operate on Linux, such as OpenOffice.org, Pidgin, and GIMP. In fact, Pidgin and GIMP

were first created for Linux and were finally ported to other operating systems like Windows

because of their reputation. Linux also has a great hardware assistance, and unique

features/programs, such as GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and Compiz. Applications that run for

Windows and Mac OS X are common likely also ported to Linux, and some Windows-only

applications even work in Linux without any changes through the utility of Windows

Compatibility Layer programs, such as the famous WINE program. Finally, Linux is also a fairly

universal language and can have a plenty of several languages connected and active. Linux is

also most recommended when used in servers, which is works the famous LAMP application

stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), as well as several other server applications and services.

Overall, every operating system has its own perks. After doing my own considerations and

balancing my own opinions of each, Linux appears to me like the best operating system of



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The best operating system are Windows 10, MAC OX, and linux and there are use in all over the world


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