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Animals are Entitled To Basic Legal Rights: Discussion

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There are people who agree with animals having rights and there are also people who don’t. However I am one of those people who believe that animals are entitled to basic legal rights. No matter how big or how small they are, they all deserve equal rights. Many animals are used for being tested on like body products and cosmetics. Animals should be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Animals should not be used in a laboratory for unnecessary experiments, they deserve to be a part of their wildlife in their natural habitat. Animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by human beings. It is time that we take an act and end animal cruelty!

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There is failure within human beings improving the way they treat their animals. There are enough animals being mistreated by their owner, the last thing we need is “scientist” or “biologists” hunting down these animals to use them for their experimental use. We need to provide basic care for these animals even wild animals, the more we kill the more we hunt down the less we will have throughout the years, we just need to leave these animals alone and let them be. They are defenseless once a hunter gets near them, they react with defense or fear because they’re scared, its kill or be killed, and their mind set isn’t like us human beings especially animals out in the wild. Even though it has been proven that gorillas are very much similar to us. Jeremy Rifkin was able to prove that a 300 pound gorilla was able to learn of 1000 English words and able to do and understand sign language. This should be more than enough proof that these animals have more than just killing in their mind. If an animal is taken by biologist when young and they teach them as they grow they will be able to do fascinating never seen before activities.

It is addressed that animals such as wildlife, marine life and farm animals are to be excluded from anit-cruelty. Most of these animals are used by veterinarians to practice medicine or research on these poor animals. When they experiment on marine life and see no pain or tears come out of them doesn’t mean they don’t feel it, I’m sure these animals feel pain and needles just like we do when we go to the doctors. It is now said that a citizen is now able to file a civil suit against a person who is abusing an animals for their personal wants. Other than scientist treating these animals unfair there are people out here who hoarder animals! Just imagine how unfair and cruel that is! Someone so selfish to keep all these animals but not take care of them? This is unfair for any animal who is kept by a hoarder they didn’t ask for that punishment. There should be a more sever laws towards people who do this to animals. There are requirements and standards for care and treatment for animals.

Other than the statements I have proven to you, the main thing that this country needs to end is testing products on animals! I am very against this I do not find it fair or useful for these animals to be treated this way. It is proven that when a product goes wrong the animal stays damaged and gets put back in the cage it goes and on to the next animal until they get the product right! We need to find a way to get scientist to stop testing on these animals. As the author Jeremy Rifkin shared with us, these animals are not put on this earth to be captured and tested on, they deserve to be out in the wild and be killed by getting eaten not by experiments going wrong. I understand that there are people out there who hunt and eat animals but that is a different story from people like biologists collecting a whole load of animals and sticking needles in them to see the end results. There are over 1500 hundred animals living in a laboratory waiting to be tested on. I don’t understand how these people don’t find it unfair, no animal deserves to live their whole life locked in a cage or whatever these scientist choose to put them in. I’m sure that novel writers share with us only what they want us to know but, don’t share what really happens behind the walls of a laboratory. These animals deserve justice! Not from an article, but from us, the government, everyone.

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Many people think that they can feel free to treat animals however they want, but they can’t, animals feel pain, fear, pleasure, and love. Haven’t you noticed when a dog gets attached to its owner they love being around them, and they flinch when you raise your hands towards them? They feel just like we do and people fail to realize that, just because animals can’t talk or cry like humans do, doesn’t mean they don’t feel any pain. Animal cruelty is horrible, in any situation whether if it’s the owner treating them bad, or them being practiced on with cosmetics, it does not matter the situation, animals do not deserve to be treated badly, it is very unfair and cruel, and they are defenseless! We can use tools or guns to hurt them but what do they have? Just a sharp pair of teeth that’ll do the trick when you frighten them and they attack. Majority of us citizens grew up wearing leather, and eating meat, that’s a whole different era from animals being tested on. These are animals that get cooked or get skinned once they are already dead, scientists study on living creatures! They feel the pain once a needle gets in them, they feel the pain once a product goes wrong and they’re burning from the inside out. Meat markets are okay to me but what these scientists are doing inside a lab to these animals is not okay they are living creatures who deserve justice!

We need more people like Jeremy Rifkin and Victoria Braithwaite in this world, we need more people like them to get the word out and encourage people to make habits like this stop! We need to come together as a whole and end this once and for all, reading their articles really made me see the bigger picture and realize that animals are not placed here for us to experiment on or to torture. They are here the same reason we are here, to live, to live to give and receive, as much as people doubt it, fishes in the oceans eat up the bad things and they’re use to it because that is what they do. The more wildlife animals we kill the less we will have for our future generation to see, I do not want any children having to see what a tiger looks like through a picture just because we failed to keep them to continue to off-spring. Thousands of years ago, People would hunt and kill willy mammoth’s and now in this time “2017” we will only know what they look like through a picture because people form back them killed them for their own use. I want animals to live and give us more animals to see, not to be killed or be studied on, enough animals suffer each day the last thing we need are these scientists taking our animals away from us. We need to make a change and actually think if this is fair for our animals. More people need to be influenced on this idea, if animals can’t stand up for themselves, then why don’t we take a stand for them!


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