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Study Of Different Advertising Campaigns

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Advertising intends to promote the sales of a product or service and also to inform the masses about the highlights of the product or the service features. It is an efficient means of communicating to the world, the value of the product or the service. Advertising utilizes different media to reach out to the masses and uses different types of appeals to connect to the customers across the globe. The various types of advertising appeals harness different means of highlighting the features of a product and drawing the attention of the masses towards it.

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An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame. The critical part of making an advertising campaign is determining a champion theme as it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and other forms of marketing communications that will be used. The campaign theme is the central message that will be communicated in the promotional activities. The campaign themes are usually developed with the intention of being used for a substantial period but many of them are short lived due to factors such as being ineffective or market conditions and/or competition in the marketplace and marketing mix.

Advertising Appeal

An advertising appeal refers to the approach used to attract the attention of consumers and/or to influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause. It’s something that moves people, speaks to their wants or need, and excites their interest. Often it is the underlying content of the advertisement; think of it as a “movie script”. Advertising appeal is the method used to draw the attention of consumers and to influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause. These are the central idea of an ad which has been used to catch the attraction of customer by heart. The theme of a commercial strikes a person in depth and forces him/her to act in the desired manner. Don’t confuse this with executional framework that will be another topic.

There are two major types of appeals. They are:



Emotional Appeal

This relates to the customers’ social and/or psychological needs for purchasing a product or service. This appeal is so effective because many consumers’ motives for purchase decisions are emotional. Many advertisers believe an emotional appeal to work better at selling brands that do not differ markedly from competing brands. Within the emotional appeal, there are two subsets – the personal and the social. These are made up of:


Safety, Security, Fear, Love, Affection, Humor, Happiness, Joy, Nostalgia, Sentiment, Excitement, Arousal/stimulation, Sorrow/grief, Pride, Achievement/accomplishment, Self-esteem, Actualization, Pleasure, Ambition, Comfort


Recognition, Status, Respect, Involvement, Embarrassment, Affiliation/belonging, Rejection, Acceptance, Approval

So, a little more detail on some of the important Personal Appeals…

Fear Appeal

1. Increases viewer interest in the ad and the persuasiveness of the ad.

2. Used with health and beauty products, idea marketing, insurance.

3. Most experts believe that a moderate level of fear is most effective.

Humor Appeal

1. Used in 30% of all advertisements.

2. Excellent at capturing attention.

3. Score high in recall tests.

4. Should be related directly to customer benefit. Or else, the joke can overpower the message.

Rational Appeals

Focus on the consumer’s practical, functional, or utilitarian need for the product or service and emphasize features of a product or service and/or benefits or reasons for owning or using a particular brand

Print media is well-suited for rational appeals.

Used by business-to-business advertisers.

Well-suited for complex and high involvement products.

Consumer purchase decisions are often made on the basis of both emotional and rational motives, and attention must be given to both elements in developing effective advertising.

Consumer behavior in banks

Consumer behaviour is very complex phenomenon, which is considered primarily in marketing decisions. It has been rightly said “Understand, you do not understand, you will not understand, you cannot understand all your customers but still you have to do your best to understand them.”

In consumer behavour this is very difficult to make a uniform theory that may suggest that a particular individual or group will behave in a particular manner. Consumer behavior is dynamic and to be studied regularly. Increasing awareness, living standards and urbanization has led to increase in the changing preferences and the same has forced the marketers to change their product features, packaging styles, distribution channels and so on. There is a famous saying the “Success has a simple formula-Do your best and people must like it”. Similarly, for marketers the advice is- offer the best and customers must like it’. Identical products always have their life cycle the product life cycle suggests that there is a level of maturity of the product and after that no more consumers can be attracted for that. The case is very same with preferences of consumers that they always like some innovative and different products to use. The study of consumer behavior is compulsory to know about likes and dislikes of consumers from time to time so that the products and services can be offered accordingly. Customers have their own unique needs, demands and preferences in a particular segment. Marketers have to study customers in particular segment. Really interesting it is, the study of consumer behavior can make it possible that after observing and examining the behavior of consumer a marketer can present his product in such a way that the product can capture the market. However it was very difficult to sell that product earlier. Consumer behavior indeed gives every possible answer to the complex questions concerned with consumer’s buying reasons.

The following diagramme will tell about the all marketing decisions taken in services industry or banking services. These all are essential decisions which are concerned are essential ingredients of services marketing mix. The analysis has been done in the context of banking services.

When customer is treated as the king of the market, the study of consumer behaviour becomes more important for marketing decisions. There is no doubt that the behaviour is the base of marketing decisions.

Banks are defined as the “Organizations, which accepts deposits from public and give loans from the general public.” In the present time they are over and above this definition. Banks are providing innovative services with innovates styles. ATMs, Credit cards and Internet banking have changed the quality of delivery of services of banks. Banking services are growing with many new additions such as money transfers, Bankassurance, NRI services and so on. Promotion of service has been a challenging task. Banking services being of a sophisticated nature should be promoted carefully, clearly and innovatively.

Mass Media Advertising: Most Preferred mode for marketing of Banking Services

Mass media advertising includes TV commercials and advertising in national level newspapers which have a wide coverage. Advertising in these has made maximum people aware about the offerings of the banks and established most of the bank names as big brands. In a recent survey ICICI Bank has been considered as the most popular banks in private sector. The use of umbrella branding works well in promotion of banking services. Different types of advertisement campaigns have been seen in form of TV commercials and as print ad in newspapers. Print ads mainly focus on corporate image advertising of banks as well as a new offering of the bank such as increase in interest rate on deposits or decrease in the interest rates in loans and so on. TV commercials mainly focused on corporate advertising, where banking service is promoted as a whole rather than a particular product of banks.

Themes and appeals used in TV commercials of banking:

Advertising appeal is the method used to draw the attention of consumers and to influence their feelings toward the product, service, or cause. There are hundreds of different appeals that can be used as the foundation for advertising messages. These are the central idea of an ad which has been used to catch the attraction of customer by heart. The theme of a commercial strikes a person in depth and forces him/her to act in the desired manner. Generally advertising appeals are broken into two categories: rational appeals and emotional appeals.

Appeals in Banking Services Advertising

Name of Bank

Broad Category

Marketing Approach

Theme/Punch Line

Union Bank of India

Emotional Appeal

Security and Future benefit

Because your dreams are not only yours.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Emotional Appeal


In years a player comes who change the way the game is played.



Customization of Service Offering

Not two people are the same



Comprehensiveness of Services offering

Banking for All

State Bank of India


Supporting the customers

With you all the way

Personal Selling is being very much popular and effective for private banks in India. It is concerned with face to face meeting with the customer and making the presentation of the service offering to the prospect and making the person customer of the bank. This process has its own advantages and disadvantages. Banks may have some complex service offer which may include so many charges and facilities of different types. The biggest advantage of personal selling in banking services is that the salesperson can make the prospect well understood about the product. Further customers may prefer it because they need not to go anywhere the sales person comes to them. But there is certain limitation also people usually do not give their time to meet and talk on issue. It also does not become cost effective if the sales are not closed in a handsome number. Banks are going to be societal now and taking care of environment the plantation Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank is the examples of the same. Consumers are always emotional about the Brands doing social and national services. Banks wants to win the faith of the customers and also wants to come out from their typical financial image. Societal marketing really helps to attain this objective.

Different Advertisement Campaigns by different Banks

UNION BANK OF INDIA (Emotional Appeal)

The ad starts as a little girl comes crying in her brother’s room.

Her brother asks what happened and she says her tooth broke.

He wipes her tears and consoles her.

He takes the tooth and says “Issko hum mitti mein boyenge aur ek bada sone ka daant niklega” and she gets amazed.

She picks up a broken tooth in her school’s playground and keeps it.

She starts collecting teeth from dentures, skeletons in the school’s lab or wherever she can find them.

Next shot, her brother sees her digging a hole in the garden.

He asks her what she’s doing and she says “Mai sone ke daant uga rahi hoon”.

He asks why and she replies,”Kyunki aapki racing car ke liye paise ban jaayenge”.

The ad ends with the VO: Kyunki aapke sapne sirf aapke nahi, isliye Union Bank of India.

About this advertisement campaign: In this advertisement campaign, the bank used emotional appeal. The ad does hold a certain emotional appeal to the consumer as well as inherent motivation for the average bank employee since it is an ad that is straightforward, carries no extra baggage and the message does get across. The concept is fairly good, where the kid tries to help out the young guy in fulfilling his dream of developing a racing car and the bank tries to convey that it will help its customers in the same vein because “Aapke sapne sirf aapke nahi hain!”.


RBS launched its first brand multimedia advertising campaign featuring its new global ambassador and India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. The RBS Sachin Tendulkar campaign has been developed with an aim to launch RBS in India.

Sachin’s qualities like drive, determination and focus both on and off the field make him the perfect embodiment of the RBS ‘Make it happen’ philosophy. These are the same qualities which bring success in the field of banking and are the vital link between Tendulkar and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

The advertising presents Sachin looking ‘ready for business’ as it not only underlines his stature and professionalism, but also ties in well with the RBS brand. Sachin is usually shown in a sporting context and the decision to show him as businesslike, in a suit, was taken to emphasise the different approach that RBS stand for. Sachin’s appearance in this new business setting reflects the arrival of a seasoned global player, RBS, in India. Bringing alive this connect between RBS and Sachin is the campaign theme line ‘every now and again, a player appears on the scene who changes the way the game is played’.”

As an RBS ambassador Sachin will help raise awareness of the RBS brand across the Asia Pacific region as the face of RBS through a series of corporate advertising campaigns. So the aim of the campaign is to establish the brand name of RBS in India

For its ad campaign, RBS is taking a 360-degree approach targeting the electronic, print, and online media.

In this advertisement RBS used rational appeal, as they are saying their bank will do work as the Sachin is doing and its appearance will come as the reputation of its Brand ambassador.


SBI campaign, the bank has now moved into the second phase of campaign rationally explaing why SBI is better than other banks.

The bank has taken the positioning of Pure Banking emphasizing that SBI does what it does best: Pure banking. The bank has now took the tagline” Pure Banking , Nothing else” takes a dig at new generation banks that spent lot of time doing non banking financial services.

A new Tvc is also running which shows a young guy getting impressed by the services offered by SBI which is his old parent’s bank. The recent print and tvc is aimed at shedding the “old public sector bank” image of SBI and make it more relevant to the young customers. The bank is now running a mix of Rational, Humor and emotional advertisement to promote the bank.


This bank launched campaign in the style of Rangoli, an Indian art form using colored powders on open floors.

The ads, carrying the strap line ‘Understanding culture is our business’, attempt emphasize that HSBC can help customers do business in India.

So HSBC used both rational and emotional appeals in their advertisement.


We see two boys getting ready to play football after school.

They start playing and one of them hits the ball towards the bushes.

He goes to look for the ball and finds an elephant standing in front of him.

The elephant kicks the ball towards him and he rushes back with the ball.

Next day the boys get ready to play football and see two elephants waiting for them.

The younger elephant comes towards the boy and takes the ball from him.

The elephant and the boys start playing together.

A message appears on the screen:Chhote.Bade.Sabke Liye.

The ad ends with the Logo: IDBI Bank.Banking for all.

This story illustrates IDBI’s new role as a bank not just for the conglomerates but for the smaller players as well. The disarming nature of the commercial serves the cause of presenting IDBI as a friendly and far more accessible entity.

‘Chote, bade, sab ke liye’ is the all inclusive strategy appointed by the brand. The genesis of this idea comes from the fact that although the mighty IDBI has been in the consumer banking segment for the last four years, it is still known as the bank for large corporate. This shift of perception is important in order to attract SMEs (small and medium enterprises) as well as the average savings bank customer.”

So in this advertisement the bank use the rational appeal for its advertisement.

Tips on Bank Advertising Campaign

A bank should define the main purpose and goal of the commercial to tailor this according to the needs and wants of consumers, thus giving them a sense of security when it comes to their finances.

Just like any business, banks should also use an advertising campaign that will reach consumers and convince them to make financial transactions such as credit loan, business loan, and savings account.

However, financial companies should know that the marketing campaign for them is a little bit different compared to traditional strategies use by most businesses.

These are some of the helpful tips on bank advertising campaign in order to reach people and turn them into customers:

Before engaging to advertising, a bank should know the current situation of the market

By reviewing the current market, a financial company can tailor its advertising campaign that would make this appealing to more people. For example, high optimism among businesses means that commercials about credit loans would be very effective to consumers.

Define the brand

This can be done by identifying the target-market. For example, a bank which focuses on commercial loans should define itself as a brand that caters to entrepreneurs and business-minded customers.

The advertising campaign should be emotionally appealing

With the bombardment of commercials, businesses are finding it hard to catch the attention of the already desensitized consumers. With this consideration, it is important that banks create an advertising campaign that would emotionally appeal to their consumers, and ideally, it should be a positive emotion such as happiness, sense of security, and belongingness.

Define the whole purpose of the advertising campaign

When creating ads, it is important for banks to define the purpose and goal of the campaign. By doing this, they can tailor the content of the ad and identify the media which can be used to reach their target-market.

The message should tell what are the benefits bank consumers can get

The best way to catch the attention of consumers is to use a commercial telling them the advantages and benefits they can enjoy in a certain product or service. For example, banks can show their low interest rates and high credit loans in the commercial to get the attention of people.

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Sales promotional has become popular due to the popularity of the usage of debit and credit cards. The offers are also given to the customers for registering and transacting with internet banking. For example recently HDFC bank has come with the offer where a flip book light is free on opening an account and a DVD of famous movie on shopping with Debit Card. Further there are lots of other schemes also giving discount and other gifts on different types of purchase on debit and credit card of the bank. However the sales promotion has its nature that it is always for a particular time being. The purpose of sales promotion is to enhance the sales in particular time duration. The sales promotion offers are redesigned frequently for effective promotion in sales. Consumers feel happy when they get something extra then the regular utility. Sales promotion offers really attract customers.

Some foreign banks like Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Samba, they do some big advertising campaigns especially during the cricket tournaments. These banks have already taken over the operations – RBS for ABN Ambro, Samba from Crescent bank. However, the Barclay Bank has to start from scratch. RBS has sponsored a 20-20 cricket tournament shortly after its emergence in India.

In present time the most popular tool for promotion of banking services has become Internet Marketing of services. E-Advertising is being very much popular. In city areas of India, people use internet so frequently. Studies tell that they use internet mostly for checking their mails, finding results and educations and research purposes. The e-advertising of banking services not only promote the services by giving offers but it also interacts with the person and a potential customer can purchase the product with the help of this. However internet advertising in pop ups irritates the internet users but advertisements done on home page of any website such as email service provider is useful and customers get knowledge about the new banking services and promotions. When they see something in front of their eyes they can remember it much.

According to marketing experts, no matter how impressive and great an advertising campaign is, the success of a company will still depend on its product or service. For example, a bank that promises low interest rate in its ad campaign but has hidden charges to its loan will only end up losing customers.

In brief of the study, this can be concluded that consumer behavior is the base of all marketing activities and promotional strategies are also the part of marketing so they are also designed by considering all the aspects of consumer’s behavior.


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