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Effect of Globalisation on Media and Diversity

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  • Cahanoo Krishna



Globalization encourages the production of culturally diverse media. Discuss.

Executive Summary

This essay is aimed to seek and to find out whether globalization of the media tends to undermine culturally diversity or does it encourages or benefits it. Existing and present point of view around the relationship/connection between media globalization and diverse cultures are to be examined, considered and evaluated. A study of the diverse purposes performed by global media and surrounded by the perspective of different economies, technological and cultural aspects ( from a cultural perspective ), was done in order to observe to what extent and changes of diverse ways globalization along with media could impact on different cultures.

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Generally media could influence an essential and active role in upsetting a country’s culture. Whether the globalization of media weakens a country’s national culture or not, it is also to determine by how potential and active a specific country’s national culture is. Amongst the positive side, economic and technological globalization of media do not only refreshes the already existing media strong points, but they also allocate contribution to newer media groups to develop and to mature. At some specific point this essay uses the case of Mauritius and the international facts to demonstrate the cultural homogenization with global media. The national and regional media groups in Mauritius, such as channels from the Mauritius Broadcast Corporation (MBC) like “Bhojpuri Channel and Sen Creole” develop quickly. Also all the radio stations helps to contribute towards a culture preservance. Thanks to cultural factors, the MBC and Local Radio stations have an edge over foreign competitors and play a very important role in the preservation of our Mauritian cultural identity. (Gov.mu, 2014)

Globalization Media in cultural diversity

Globalization can be defined as a concrete happening which is caused concurrently by the means of new technologies. It refers to a fast rising and the progress of complex interconnections amongst societies, cultures, organizations globally. The objective of this essay is to consider and to evaluate whether the new circumstances shaped by globalization in the media business imply a risk for the cultural diversity. Most agree that the trend towards becoming international or as one appears to be irreversible, and it is a progression that is inevitable to affect all of us in one way or another. (Sohail, 2014)

Globalisation could never occur or exist without the help of media and communication. The media itself performs as a contributor which integrates and connect different cultures & nations present around the globe. According to Marshall McLuhan, he describes globalisation as an inter-relations amongst different nations whose purpose is to highlight the ‘electronic media and technology which increasingly integrates the world’, and so those happenings in a certain country can be experienced here and now by other individuals which would make the world more integrated. (McLullan, n.d.) Therefore persons from around the globe are imposed by the cultural colonisation which occur in regards to the actual media and which greatly influences the community and individuals. The combination of diverse cultures from different countries therefore can be integrated, mixed and characterised into different notable forms of media illustration which can practice the media globalisation and multiculturalism. (‘Media Globalisation’, n.d.)

Through the distribution of the Internet, this has provided the media with additional channel to interrelate itself with the world and is considered to be the most valuable, all-inclusive channels of communication used through the globe. The media globalisation has prominently prolonged the implication of communication throughout numerous media channels such as social networking sites like ‘Twitter, Facebook, blogs and YouTube’ which have developed into a leading platform, populaces from around the world and numerous diverse cultures use these communication networks even though it was at first initiated from the Western community, but still creates positive effects on the less developed countries. (UK Essays, 2014)

The media uprising has transformed the whole sphere into a world-wide village. Considering the Satellites TV networks are one of the great tools which contributed to media and the public acknowledge it with love. In Mauritius Satellite TV like ‘Canal Sat, MBC TNT, Orange MYT and DSTV’ are in an increasing reputation and popularity day by day and have taken over traditional forms of entertainment. According to Giandev Moteea, numerous channels form the ‘MCB TNT and Orange MYT’ are bringing up-to-date technical and scientific information at no cost which almost all houses do have them according to statistics. On a simply touch of turning on our television, we can be conscious of the most recent changes around the world instantly. We can watch programmes like the upcoming ‘2014 World Cup, scientific robots at Mars and marvels of engineering in the field of medicine and technology’. This latest verge of technology have delivered us the opportunities to move from a standing stage of lack of knowledge to a modern era of uprising and judgement. Right now we are living in a speedily and constantly changing world, change is around and within us.

(Moteea, 2014)

The Impact of new technologies

According to Teresa M, traditional media as we know will most unlikely continue to have the utmost dominance in the spreading and distribution of cultural ethics. The digitalisation of the media unlocks further angles for the supply of contents which will show a surge in the cultural mixture along the media. However, there is a tendency towards the implantation of pay media which could mean that access to the contents is restricted for a great part of the society, who do not have sufficient resources. This tendency must be counteracted especially by the public ownership media. The convergence and digitalisation of media compromise of new potentials for the increase of cultural diversity, such as the public straight access to subjects, further opportunity for the distribution of subjects and contents. Internet is an exclusively suitable intermediate for the spreading and communication of cultural contents. The Internet can ease the existence in society of cultural associations and other groups of similar nature, which will help to develop stimulating cultural accomplishments. (Teresa, 2001)

According to So hail Butt, the whole planet has changed and turned into a global community due to the media. The extensive power of media have spread in almost every society and cultural aspects all over the globe. Currently with the development within the field of science and technology, we are internationally interconnected with communication from other countries. The internet has surely brought countries and nations closer, it has functioned to help in the development of the world into global village. (Sohail, 2014)


The global media mainly the term globalisation concept, permits the different cultures to present a distinct expression to promote and to encourage their awareness and also to provide the general community with proper understanding and awareness of their stories and characteristics. It also permits for the communication of their applicable explanations and observations on diverse issues that are at utmost importance through the preserving of culture and understanding acquirement of the diverse cultural ways, thus this allow them to hold and keep their mixture rather than extinguishing some of the cultures, as others have predicted. (Etec.ctlt.ubc.ca, 2012) The mass media though globalisation contributes in the uplifting and re-establishing of the different cultural preservation of countries. We see that somehow with the help of technology, it can be used to promote and preserve cultural language, customs and the culture itself. Technology like the internet and social networks also allows for self-representation and conservation of subjective and combined distinctiveness by providing independence and authorisation. Globalisation and the media along with technology have been providing opportunities to redefine shared and combined distinctiveness along with categorising a place for any distinctive cultures present.

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Globalisation along with the media is here to help the community, governmental and economic systems, combined with a common goal in mind, will no doubt in the present and the future help and enable the evolving authorisation among diverse cultural aspects and peoples throughout the world. Through globalisation and the media, this provide a beneficial impact on person’s, societies or groups advancing to promote and help in the cultural aspects in an international or locally. Globalisation have also complexes the method of education in numerous times over but while doing so, it has help to generate numerous farfetched occasions and opportunities for states and countries to break free with the old-fashioned and traditional ways of cultivating and now work in the direction of producing awareness and understanding in different communities across the globe. Thanks to the media, any individual is perceived as a person who can perform locally but yet reason internationally. To my point of view media is encouraged to preserve and maintain the cultural mixture through the assistance of globalisation. (Etec.ctlt.ubc.ca, 2012)


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