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Examples of Social Networking Sites

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Social networking sites are gaining lot of popularity these days with almost all educated youth by using one or another site like this. Has played such a crucial role in overcoming the barriers and cross the seas, and to allow them to communicate on a common platform. Become E ‘popularity and medium-potential for them to remain friends with that list and raise the social circle, at least in terms of knowledge.

The issue of privacy, security and legal issues cropping up in all this time. Through this research seeks to discover the impact of these sites on the personal and professional lives of its users. It’s a very personal question to answer and it is based on the same view is reflected in the research methodology adopted by us


Social network is the structure is made of the social contract (which are usually individuals or organizations) that are connected by one or more of certain types of relations.” (Social Network, 2007). With the rapid growth of the people who use or have access to the Internet, and social networking sites is essential for the Internet community to keep in touch with each other. Social networking sites on the Web to help people stay in touch with old friends and make new friends, and new data or distribution of products, and many other aspects of our daily lives.

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The official site of the first social networking site Classmates.com, which was founded in 1995 (Social Network, 2007). And the subsequent growth of a slow but steady in the number of social networking sites for the vast majority of sites we have today. Why social networking Web sites that work so well because, as they are born, they start small and then grow steadily. Site begins with a small number of people who tell their friends and then on the site, then those friends tell their friends about the site, and soon the site is a huge database of users to connect with friends, acquaintances, or just a bunch of random people. Web sites are designed to “… allow users to create a” profile “and describes herself as for the exchange of messages and the list of users public and private sectors or groups of them linked in one way or another.” (Social Network, 2007).

Are often designed most of the social networking sites to suit a particular type of society, and how the community college as a music or Facebook.com community feedback / reflected by the party MySpace.com. With the rapid growth of social networking sites and use them on a global scale, everything you hear on social networking sites on the Internet does not matter because the sites social networking sites are increasing in popularity and is here to stay.

Examples of social networking sites


Orkut is an Internet social network service run by and named by byGoogle Creator, Google employee Orkut Buyukkokten. Claims may be designed to help Users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. toFacebook similar, Friendsterand MySpace, Orkut goes a step further to allow the establishment of simpleforums easy set-up (called “community”) of users. Since October 2006

Orkut has permitted users to create accounts without an invitation.

The initial target market for Orkut United States, but most users are inBrazil. In fact, in November 2007, 62.9% of traffic comes from Brazil, followed by 19.2% from India. In December 2007, dropped from Google’s Orkut site from the drop-down menu at the international level.


Facebook is another example of the social networking site. Developed by the student It was Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University in 2004, originally Facebook.com TheFacebook.com (Bock, 2007). The purchase of the domain name Facebook.com, in August 2005 for $ 200,000, and the site was originally developed for students of colleges and universities as a way to connect with each other (Bock, 2007). Which includes the majority of the members of the college social networking site on the basis of the Facebook.com is the leading website to download images, which owns several million tourists each day. Since its inception, Facebook.com has now open to anyone with a valid email address and offers options for its members to join the millions of networks of people with similar interests. It is said that 80% of users check Facebook.com account every day, and 93% of users check Facebook.com account at least monthly (Facebook, 2007) Facebook.com generates revenue from advertising because it contains a large number of registered users.


MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user submitted A network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos internationally. E ‘headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America, where she shares an office building directly with the owner, Fox Interactive Media, in turn, the owner of Fox Interactive and MySpace, and so, News Corporation, based in

New York City

According to Alexa Internet, MySpace is currently the world’s sixth most popular site in English and the most popular site in the sixth and in any language, and the third most popular site in the United States, although it has been planning on various weeks. The service gradually gained more popularity than similar websites to achieve nearly 80 percent of visits to social networking sites on the Internet.

The company employs 300 employees and not disclose revenues or profits separately from News Corporation. 100000000 with the account created in August 9, 2006 in theNetherlands and news accounts alleging 8.2006 106 million in September, and attracts site said, a rate of 230,000 new registrations per day. On December 18, 2007, and there are more than 300 million accounts.


hi5 is a social networking site, which throughout2007, was one of the 25 Most visited sites on the Internet. The company was founded in 2002 byRamu Yalamanchi, who is also the current Executive Director. In December 2007, more than 98 Hi5

Million members. In Hi5, users create personal Web site to display information such as age, interests and hometown and upload user pictures where users can post comments. Hi5 also allows the user to create photo albums and the creation of personal music player in your profile. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. When a person gets asked a friend, and that he is unable to accept or reject, or block the user completely. If the user accepts another user as a friend, you will be directly connected to two or degrees. User appears in the person’s friends list and vice versa. Some users choose to make their profiles available to all on the Hi5 to view. Other users exercise the option to make your profile only visible to those people who are in their network. Consists of a network of friends of friends of the user directly (1 degree), and friends of direct friends (class II), and friends of friends of friends directly.

Analysis and interpretation

Popular social networking sites huge, especially among young people. The sample was selected from the majority of students to schools. Analysis of the data tells us that 98% of the students to use at least one of the networking sites.



The distinguishing feature of social networking programs are in sociability. People come together for a common purpose, and the establishment of a body of content through a joint effort. Peer review ensures that there is a clear relationship. Synergies generated in this process ensures that the whole is greater than sum of its parts. Users assess your material against material to other members of the community, and participation in higher cognition, such as analysis and synthesis.


Nature of the programs and social networks makes it ended, and the creation of dynamic content. Since the users themselves are the owners of this content, and they’re excited about the change and add to. Accordingly, the content is in many cases the value of current and unique. Peer review is a basic characteristic of these communities, and the analysis and synthesis of emerging content convincing.

A sense of community

The concept of similarity with others, meeting of minds and a sense of security arising from this interdependence is of great intrinsic value to community members. The following are excerpts from Reuters’ transfer of more than Maslow: Get the value of social networking comes to meet … In reference to a recent report Communispace.



The “Ten years ago (? It was a really long time), we were also in the noise of technology for Web technologies will revolutionize the way we live, and how corporations work – almost everything that the massive amounts invested money in all kinds of ideas based on the Web , and optical fiber in the ground equipment for telecommunications to banking services via the Internet to sell pet food over the Internet using mascot sock puppet. A few years later, the bubble burst. both is the culmination of sales techniques and business models and the market collapsed. of the company (and investment) and point of view, and techniques of the novel the Web is something to avoid what often gets lost in time close to the bubble last that the use of the Internet does not stop, pause or even a lot. has continued to e-commerce, and the noise big driver at the end of 1990, to grow in the actual use even though the ratings company crashed. Similarly, technological innovation and continuous improvement. Today, he returned the noise, and there are a lot of start of commercial operation, and there are new applications such as Internet technology will revolutionize this or that. described a lot of fun and Web 2.0, which refers to the release of the second main of Web technology. “

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In press releases is not a public relations strategy, Linda VandeVrede easy compared to the distribution of social media to ride the land of chaos and the absence of zoning in the state of his hometown in Arizona. “What had been given once in the land of desert and a beautiful way to communities of poor planning and highways, and now in the streets clogged and insufficient capacity to contain,” he says.

While it supports the expression on the Internet for democracy, but it is concerned about the size and poor quality Web content and narcissism and a false sense of achievement to be paid in many cases.

VandeVrede is not only an accurate assessment in the new world of social media. In passing sentence (when you’ll be presented with the person for the award), and warned that time is “Web 2.0 harnesses the stupidity of crowds and wisdom.”


Topcu looking to build a level of integration to sit on Web 2.0 services have been overtaken by subsequent events. In June 2007, Facebook announced the opening of the Institute for outside developers. Applications can now be written in FBML be written that can be implemented in other sites from Facebook. The rest of revenge in the world in October when Google announced the launch of its OpenSocial. OpenSocial is a collaboration between Google and other social networking sites.


Social networking site on the Internet is an online community where people can connect with others with similar interests. Since its inception in 1995, Classmates.com, and slept on the Internet social networking sites are great to include sites such as hi5.com huge day of Facebook.com, and orkut.com. Through these sites can be for companies’ use of social networking sites on the Internet to connect with potential employees, and marketing of new products, and get feedback on existing products and new ideas for products in the future. Although there are many of the asset value of social networking sites, there are also major issues facing these sites, such as the protection of personal data, and the protection of children and the protection of copyrighted material. Even if you have problems, and social networking Web sites is still one of the best inventions in the modern era, because they connect a lot of people.


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