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Music Defines The 1920s Media Essay

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The jazz age of the 1920’s was a significant time period. The 1920’s was the time period of freedom, self expression, rebellion, having fun and disobeying the rules. The people of this decade found many ways to express themselves either through fashion, gangs, or just having fun, but the thing I found that had the most effect on the people was the music. Like jazz and blues people found music as their way of self expression during the 1920’s and still through the present day of today.

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The music that impacted the 1920’s swing age was jazz, blues and ragtime. Jazz was the style of music that everyone loved, jazz was the type of music you could not help but to move your feet to, grab a partner and get on the dance floor. Because jazz was a very different style of music many parents did not want their children listening to that type of music. Jazz was considered to be an evil influence because of it’s “off beat rhythms and strange melodies” jazz was blamed for everything from drunkenness and deafness to an increase in unwed mothers.

Unlike all the bad critism going around about jazz music, many people enjoyed that style of music and its artist who plays them such as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Duke Ellington and Kid Ory. These people influenced the jazz age bringing their own creativity into playing jazz and blues music.

Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest of all jazz musicians. Armstrong defines the music with his” technical abilities, quick inventive musical mind” he also played with originality and passion in his music which inspired listeners and musicians. Probably his most significant contribution was that he single-handedly turned jazz from an ensemble to a soloist’s music. He became the model for virtually all jazz musicians of his time.

King Oliver was also an important figure in the musical world because He was particularly noted for his playing style and his pioneering the use of mutes. Also Oliver was a notable composer, he wrote many tunes still played regularly, He was the mentor and teacher of Louis Armstrong. His influence was such that Armstrong claimed, “if it had not been for Joe Oliver, jazz would not be what it is today”

Duke Ellington brought levels of style and sophistication to jazz. He was a gifted pianist whose musical talents induced him to spread these artistic skills to different genres such as blues, gospel and film scores.

Kid Ory was also one of the greatest new trombonist who defined the” tailgate” style tooting his horn to play rhymmic bass lines in the front line behind the trumpet and clarinet, his style and charismatic ways were loved by millions everywhere.

The musical form blues is a classical tuned, played and listened by many people. Blues is the type of music that is combined with a little jazz, rock n roll and R&B. Blues it the music you play when you want to hear a song filled with deep soul and feelings. The blues style makes you raise your hands, waves them around and makes you snap your fingers.

Other styles of music are ragtime. Ragtime oringated from an African heritage. Ragtime is usually considered to be melodic counter pointed style, in which it had no particular meaning in its lyrics, but it was a very well put together to create a very generic and loved tone. It was also placed in the same category as some dances made from its music being creative, vibrant and enthusiastic.

Music defines the 1920’s. This decade witnessed the boom of jazz and dance styles. The wild rhythms of jazz of the jazz music brought dozens of new steps to the dance floor all over America. Many dances were created because of jazz, such as the Charleston, the lindy hop, black bottom, the shimmy, Texas Tommy, bunny hop, the turkey trot and also the glide and tango. Theses rhythmic steps were danced all over the dance floor and enjoyed by many people.

Music is a studied topic all over the world. Today jazz is played, studied and taught in schools and institutions and classes all over the globe. Because music and art is an esstiential part of the “human experience” a basic understanding of its superiority is necessary to be learned. Learning the music deepens its connection to its listeners, because if the people learn and understand the musical styles they are listening to and get the basic understanding of its origin they will be more pronounced to love it.

The jazz age influenced the new generation to become more unique and different and to become more creative and original with the styles of music they enjoy playing. Like hip-hop, rock and roll and heavy metal. The youth expresses their feelings in many different styles of artistic talents, such as art, dance, music, movies and plays. Because the jazz age and all its wonderful artists the future generations are able to look up to these great people and make music that defines them as a individual, make a unique track that is nothing but original and have there own self expression. If it was not for the jazz age of the 1920’s, creativity would have never been born.

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