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Proposal for Reality Show

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  • Melody gear

Logline: Thirty simple Australians battle for a chance to get a recording deal with one of the world’s leading music production houses, Sony music.


Genre: reality

Target audience: teens/adults/family

Thirty adults are picked from the entire country through auditions. The adults are picked based on their competition to sing and perform to a live audience. Three professional musicians from different genres proceed over the auditions. All Australian citizens are given a fair to chance to participate in the study. The auditions take place for a period of three months countrywide.

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The initial number of contestants is one thousand two hundred. These people qualified for the first auditions. They are further subjected to more auditions to reduce the number of participants to six hundred contents. The process continuous until the number of participants is down to thirty participants. The process of auditioning is long enough to allow the audience to identify themselves with the participant before the main auditioning starts.

The final participants are trained for a period of three weeks before the competition is now aired on Australian broadcasting corporation. The training helps the participants of the competition who will be the characters in the reality show to know how to act in public. The public is involved in the process of selecting the contestants that remain in the house.

The thirty contestants are then put in a house that will be their home for the next couple of months. They are provided with all requirements that they will need during the reality show. The thirty contestants are trained on weekdays on various music aspects that help them to compete during the weekends. All the contestants perform a music that is chosen by their musical directors. They perform the song on Saturdays to a live audience. The best performers on Saturdays go back to the house while the poor performers are put on probation.

The contestants that are put on probation are expected to perform the following week on Saturday. Four contestants are put on probation simultaneously. They are given a second chance to perform and impress the judges. After their performance, one of the contestants on probation loses their position and is evicted from the house.

The fellow contestants have the privilege of saving one of the contestants that are put on probation. The judges save one contestant and the public saves one more contestant. The contestant left out is evicted from the house.

The show will air two times in a week for a period forty-five minutes each. The reality show will be hosted by a famous celebrity and will be cohosted by another celebrity of the opposite sex. This aspect is expected to attract the attention of both sexes unlike the programs that are only watched by one of the sexes.The show will attract teenagers, adults and the whole family at large. The audience will have the option of choosing which participant remains in the competition .the audience will decide who will eventually win the competition.

To: Australian television network

From: media commentator

Date: 27 February 2014

Subject: Program pitch proposal


Television industry is a very significant industry to the economy and to the public(Allen & Hill, 2004). For instance, candidates for public office use money to create and air television commercials, which in turn build name recognition, promote their issues, and attack their opponents. Television advertising in this environment influences the agenda-setting, learning and voting phases of election campaigns. The commercials of other products such as detergents, household equipment and institutions among other products and services normally utilize the same strategies.The television industry is today an instrument for imposing ideologies on the population it serves. Television influences behaviour through the symbols and messages they broadcast. A single thirty-minuteprogram can take months to produce, starting with research into the target audience and what excites or attracts their attention. Every image and every word is carefully chosen to achieve the best representation of the product and the get the viewer’s interest(Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2000).

Television programsare the art and science of impact. Program producers always aim at ensuring that their target audience do not critically think about their programs. They want the message to slip in underneath the radar of critical judgment to achieve the greatest results (Jacka & Dolin, 2007). Therefore, advertisers will always make use of emotional messages and images. They also take advantage of the brain’s unconscious processing.Scriptwriters have learnt that there are highly effective techniques they can use with great skill to motivate the audience to alter the way they feel about the programs being aired. If they are successful, the audience will without being aware that they have been influenced, change the way they behave. This process is blind but the manipulators of the process are not. The most effective television programs create an emotional state.

Television programs geared towards specific target audience is often visual, interactive, employs catchy slogans, uses celebrities to pitch the products, and is simple yet effective in its language(Holmes & Jermyn, 2004). Televised viewing disclosures are supposedly designed to supply consumers with important information for decision-making. Television has the power to persuade since it has features that appeal to our senses. This appeal comes from sound, movement, vision and colour thereby attracting the eye. Television also has a psychological, sociological and visual impact on the young.Due to the above reasons, television industry is a very significant section of the Australian system. It allows the manufactures of goods to display their products to the public. Television industry lubricates productivity by ensuring that buyers meet sellers. In addition, television viewing maintains the culture of a society through the airing of cultural programs. The cultural programs contain values that are embraced by the people in the society.The television network in Australia currently comprises of programs that have huge followings by one of the sexes. The programs have either a huge male following or a huge male following. The resulting outcome is that none of the programs has a huge following from the entire Australian population. The industry has therefore no much influence on the citizens of the country.

Problem statement

The Australian television network is facing increased competition from online digital sources. Technology allows people to stream television networks that are offered in other countries(Skeggs & Wood, 2012). Aussies are constantly embracing television programs that are produced in Hollywood. For instance, several online webpage traffic watchers in 2014 indicated that the most watched television program was game of thrones. The program is an epic television program that is developed in Hollywood in the United States.The most watched comedy was reported to be modern family, a program that is also a Hollywood production.

The television industry in Australia therefore needs to introduce a new program in their major television network(Turner, 2005). This practice will enable the television network to get more viewers and overcome the international competition.The television network has the advantage of having local actors that they can use in their production. The audience will identify themselves with the local actors.However, the television network will need to come up with an interesting program that will embraced by the entire Aussies population.

Reality show choice

There has been an increasing interest in reality television shows globally. The genre has the ability of attracting a huge audience. The audience is emotionally attached to the characters of their choice that are in the reality shows(Deaville, 2011).The most interesting fact about reality television shows is the fact that nobody knows the final winner. Both the audience and the producers of the show do not know who is going to be the final winner of the competition. This is because the audience through a valid online voting scheme that is vetted by top statistical organizations determines the final winners(Murray & Ouellette, 2004).

Furthermore, the contestants are exposed to a range of circumstances to find out how they handle different issues that may arise(Kraidy & Sender, 2011). The subsequent interesting fact that sets reality shows above other genres in television programs is the love relationships that are developed by the contestants while they are in the house. The audience is intensively attracted to such relationships and therefore increases their viewing of the program(In Slade, In Narro, & In Buchanan, 2014).

After the production of the show, people will watch the program for different reasons. True fans of music will watch melody gear because they have a passion of music and hence want to see a good competition between the contesters(Kopp & Dawson, 2013). A section of the audience will be attracted to the drama that takes place in the house. For instance, several competitors may develop a serious competition between them and the audience will be attracted to the actions that these contestants will take while they are in the house.

Competitive Edge of Melody Gear

Since the online streaming requires the services of an internet service producer, the internet service providers in Australia should come up with policies where streaming melody gear will be charged at a very cheaper rate that will allow the people to stream the show at a cheaper rate than the international content. The Australian television network should also approach a programming developer that will come up with an application that will enable the people to stream from their internet enabled devices and not just the conventional desktop computers. The Australian television network should use the following concepts to get a competitive edge against the international online digital streaming content.

Currently, the audience can only give their feedback via computers. However, majority of the customers use internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets often than they use computers. There is hence need to develop a mobile application that will enable the audience to watch melody gear from their Internet enabled devices. The proposed mobile application will provide real time processing services. These services will enable several audiences to interact with the system at the same time and get all their feedbacks on claims quickly (Raasch, 2012). The system will employ distributed processing capabilities. These capabilities will make customers interact with the system in such a way that they will think the system is on their computer. They will not be aware that the system is distributed a concept that means other audiences are also accessing the system

The new mobile application will require the Australian television network to adjust its website design. This is mainly because the mobile application requires that the website being accessed be responsive so that the customers can get all the programs on the website. Failure to adjust the process would increase the chances of failure of the new program proposed Cochran. (2006). A good responsive design allows the television network to gauge and change centered on the device it is seen from without creating separate sites. Content focused site is the second aspect that will be considered during design of the mobile application. There is a strong positive connection between a superior focus on content and the upsurge use of receptive websites. The site will provide a good web experience for customers.

The third trend is increasing custom typography. The typography has been a trend over the past years. It places emphasis of type in mobile web design. Fourthly, a simple flat design should be used. The design tends to use fewer colors and avoids textures, gradients, and shadows. As the web becomes responsive companies should opt for simple designs with flat design elements. Single page scrolling sites is the fifth trend. This trend allows visitors to find everything that they are looking for in the same page. The sixth trend is video usage. The Australian television network should increase the broadband internet speeds and use novel web technologies like HTML5 video. These two practices will increase online video usage. The audience will have the option to send and view television episodes to their friends that do not have internet access.

A larger layout, photography, video material, and designs will be available on the mobile application. This trend will help the Australian utilize screen real estate on large screens and escalate usability on lesser displays. The final trend is scalable vector graphics and other vector images. The company needs images that are large enough to look good on large displays. This aspect should however not increase the load times for visitors accessing the site on a mobile device. Vector images however do not provide scalability of photographs. Future designs of vector images are expected to allow the vector images to provide for scalability of photographs (McWherter, 2012).

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The websites act as a platform for the television network to meet the audience directly. Therefore, the mobile application has to provide a favorable platform for the feedback to take place. A good web design of Australian television network will attract more audience and therefore increase the revenue of the business (Fling, 2009). The fact that the audience can give their feedback and get prompt responses from the website will increase customer satisfaction. The customers will find the process to be convenient and timesaving and will, therefore, choose to watch the program through the mobile application developed and interact with other viewers on the contents of the show.

The mobile application would enable faster transfer of information between the audience and the television network. Customers would make their claims, and they would be able to get feedback quicker than the current system. The processes that will be available on the mobile application are not limited. Customers would be able to access all the services with huge convenience that would translate to a higher customer satisfaction level.

After adjusting the Australiantelevision network website, the mobile application would now have higher chances of success and hence melody gear will be accessible easily. The mobile application process would follow the stages of system development. All the current inefficiencies will be identified. This process can be achieved by interviewing the audience (Neighbor, Ramsay, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, & ABC-TV (Australia), 2002). The new system requirements are defined. The proposed system is then configured to incorporate all the specified requirements. The system is then developed and tested in pilot phases. The pilot phases are significant since it allows the television network to return to the previous system in the event of failure of the new structure. Once the mobile application is up and running, it should be maintained regularly and exhaustively evaluated (McLean-Conner, 2006).


The program will attract teenagers, adults and the whole family. The program will be aired at eight in the evening. It will be a rated parental guidance and therefore can be viewed by the whole family(Ouellette, 2013). This aspect will enable the program to attract a huge audience. However, the program would also be aired late in the night at eleven. The content aired at the time would include the love relationships and other adult themes. This move will be to attract the adults while maintaining the standards of television viewing. Majority of the children are often sound asleep at the time and would therefore not have access to this adult version of the program.


Reality television requires a lot partnership with several stakeholders to guarantee success. The Australian television network will therefore need to come with favorable policies while developing the program to ensure its success. The reality show also costs more than other genres hence a sufficient amount of funds and time would be required. Adjusting the website to allow users to stream efficiently from smartphones is time consuming.


The simultaneous adoption of the program pitch and the adjustment of the Australian television network will guarantee the success of melody gear. The program would win back the audience from the international content. The Australiannetwork should collaborate with IINET to reduce the internet charges required in streaming melody gear and other local content. IINET is one of the leading internet providers in Australia. The partnership between the two organizations will reduce the charges that Aussies will incur while streaming melody gear. This trend will increase the viewers for the program and hence the network would achieve its intended purpose of winning back the audience from online digital streaming competitors.


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