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Should Sex And Violence Be Restricted Media Essay

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Wordcount: 1418 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Today many of the television shows that we watch on TV consist of violence and sex “As the novelty of television wears off, the lure of the sexy and the macabre also wears thin.”(Chunovic) Television producers put this in because it attracts the viewer. Sex and violence is in our human DNA, some people are more attracted to violence, while some attracted to sex. But some are attracted to both. When we go to the movies or to pick a TV show to watch we choose on the fact of whether we will enjoy it or not. If there was no sex or violence there would be no action, it wouldn’t be enjoyable then. If you like violence you may want to watch violent TV shows, like wise with sex. Children should not be watching TV like this. They are picking up on all the bad things the actors do during the shows. Then they start to do this too.

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Sex and violence are all in our kids TV shows. This is corrupting the way our children act and think. Children are more violent and sexually active now than the were 10 or so years ago. Children do what they learn on TV. They want to be like their favorite actor or actress “when they grow up”. This is not who we want our children to idol in some cases. Although there are some good shows to watch, there are many bad ones to.

This brings us to our leading computers on children’s TV Nickelodeon and Disney. Nickelodeon and Disney are focused on the same age groups, of 2 years old to late teens or so. This is a very large age gap. Both these channels compete with each other daily. They have shows that are almost the same show, examples would be Nickelodeon compared to Disney, you have I-Carly and Hannah Montana, Sponge bob Square Pants and Phineas and Ferb. These channels also compete in ways of making movies and new shows, if one does it the other does also. But the difference between these two channels is that Nickelodeon has more inappropriate acting. Nickelodeon has some very violent and sexual focus in its shows, which is not appropriate for all age groups. While Disney shows TV shows that are more appropriate for all age groups.

To go farther in comparing these Channels nickelodeon shows Sponge bob square pants, while this show tries to show how to use your imagination it brings it about in a more violent and sexual way. Sponge bob its always braking things or blowing things up. Some times the whole town hates him and chases him with pitch forks and fire. There is also violent language. Kids pick up on what they hear and see. Sponge bobs Sexuality is very questionable, its hard to understand whether he is straight or gay. Sponge bob should be taken off of TV or changed to be more age appropriate.

On the Disney channel there is Phineas and Ferb, which also brings about the use of imagination. But there is no sexual or violence. In this show you have to young boys who are out to find what they are going to do today. They make roller coasters, buildings, and almost any thing you can think of; they have done it. The funny thing is they never get caught, it always disappears before their mom gets home. It also has a hero and arch enemy, which interact in every show which brings a side of action. Any age could watch this show and enjoy it, it’s a very appropriate show; that targets all ages. Both of these TV shows are cartoons.

To look at shows with real people, Nickelodeon has I-Carly and Disney has Hannah Montana, both of these actresses are both ideals to all ages. Both shows are good shows, but I-Carly is a more violent. both share about the same sexuality, since the age group the want to target is teens, but still have younger viewers. On I-Carly they are all ways doing something obstructive, also they use inappropriate language. Hannah Montana has no violence, its just a girl who lives to different lives, a normal one and a superstar one.

Movies that are shone on TV are not always rated in all age groups, they are just more fit for TV. They beep out bad words, blur out the nudity and what ever else needs to be done for to air. These movies give children and teens bad ideas, and cause multitudes of problems. An example of a movie would be mean girls. Which stared Lindsey Lohan. There was a lot of cruel behavior in this movie, girls fighting, inappropriate talking, and the slam book. This movie caused teens to make their own slam books. A slam book is a notebook with girls or boys names in it and under the names are bad things about them. These books have caused depression and some even worse things have happened in some cases. Kids pick up on what they think is cool. It maybe sex and it maybe violence. Although not everyone has seen these shows and the movie there is much violence an sex in schools. Rodney Jay Blackman Professor DePaul College of Law says, “I will admit that depictions of violence

on TV, the movies or on the internet, available to children , particularly

repeated depictions, increases the likelihood of children engaging in acts

of violence .”(Congressional)

By learning and knowing about these violent crimes, it gives kids ideas that they can bring about theses crimes. Even though not everyone watches these shows, people talk about them. They plan on ways they can start to attack each other. in a resent court case a 13 year old girl committed suicide over what some teenagers said and did to her over Myspace, a website were people can talk and comment on what they think and feel bout other people. This is like an online slam book. the girls name was Megan, she was on Myspace talking to a boy and she really started to like him. One day he just started being mean to her telling her mean things. Quoted from the news report, “Megan Meier is a slut. Megan Meier is fat.” Law enforcement would not let out the real quote but they also told, a round these lines, ” She was a bad person and the world would be better without her.” When this was taken to court the charges against all who was involved were dropped, no one was charged or went to jail. When they should have. This is not what we should fear for our children.(MSNBC)

All movies and TV shows have content ratings. “The film rating system established in 1968–a successor to the

old HAYS OFFICE code–classifies motion pictures according to content.

The original ratings set by the Motion Picture Association of America

were G for General (all ages admitted); PG for Parental Guidance (all

ages); R for Restricted (to adults and those accompanied by them); and

X (for those over seventeen). As on-screen sex and violence increased,

the MPAA set two new ratings. A PG-13 rating carries the suggestion

that preteens be accompanied by an adult; an NC-17 rating (for “no

children under seventeen”) was devised to accommodate marginally

pornographic films that formerly would have received X ratings.”(“Rating”) These ratings are well rated if they didn’t only count in movie theaters. At home on TV, the TV doesn’t ask you how old you are. So there is nothing to stop children from watching these shows and movies. Unless you have an updated V-chip. a V-chip is, a device installed in your TV, so you can pick what you don’t want your kids to watch; this way they cant watch bad thing. You have control. When you get a new TV, these days you should invest in a V-chip or get a TV that has this installed. sometimes it comes with your TV network. Quoted from, Rodney Jay Blackman he thinks this also is a good Idea, “….requires that salesmen selling TVs explain to buyers how to use the V-Chip (assuming the TV has one), a labeling statute as to what is unfit for children , or a statute that prohibits depictions of violence in cartoon shows in the morning hours,…”(Congressional) Some producers try to air there shows late at night but kids stay up later these days.

Therefore children should not have access to sex and violence on TV. Children should not be watching stuff like that, its bad for them. We need to take control of what our children watch on TV these days. the TV world is not a safe place any more. Lets take control, and make the television world a better place.

“All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?” (Nicholas Johnson)


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