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Social Media And Gender

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As the social media and the related activities are rapidly developing, the number of involved women users are more than the number of men now. Due to this fact, there are many possible changes that could be experienced within the future media. Advertising and media Companies have been said to use the same and outdate forms of ideology to understand their audiences. However, it becomes more and more challenging to keep using these outdate patterns.

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Due to the increasing trend of social media usage by women, social media such as newspapers, movies, magazines, social networking sites, would have a huge impact on the shaping of social patterns.(Thompson 2011) It is necessary to analyze some of the quotes that are related to the social media and the aspect of gender when viewing the issue of social media and how the gender influences media. It is also necessary to analyze the aspect of women taking charge of the media, the increasing popularity of social media, and the relationship between age, gender, and the social media. (Thompson 2011) In order to complete analyzing the influences between social media activities and the aspect of gender, it is helpful to not only consider the number of the social media users and the length of the time they spent on social media but also compare the modern social media with the previous media.

As mentioned before, social media communication patterns has been shaping the ideology of audiences and also been shaped by the gender of users. Many media communication methods have very deep connection to the aspect of gender in different cultures. (Donald A. MacKenzie 1985) A reliable research study which is completed by Claude S. Fisher indicates that the telephone has for long had some gendered forms of connections, people widely held belief that females talk more as compared to men. Therefore, most of people believe the employers of telephone industry would prefer to choose women as their operators in this industry. What is more, the research study also indicates that young women were closely related to the trivial and extensive phone usage for pure social purposes. The research further indicates that, the usage of women and influence on computer development has actually been trivialized while there some of computers are designed to be masculine. (Fisher 1994) However, this research study does not explain for the large number of women who use the social networking sites through these masculine computers.

In our previous review for these relates research studies, we believe the research studies which evaluate the aspect of gender group that dominated the social media and we also analyzed the factors behind that domination. There is another research study by the TIME group which evaluates the factors behind the fact that Pinterest belongs to women and Google belongs to men. This research study indicates that around 83% of the users of Pinterest were actually women, and approximate two-thirds of Google+ users are men.(Wagstaff 2012) This research study raises a question on whether this fact means the female users dominated the social media and male users have less impact on the media. (Dines 2002) According to the results of the this research study, the reason behind this surprising fact is that google+ has less female friendly form of content than Pinterest, and its functions are more focus on academic using purpose instead of social networking.

Consider another research study conducted in the year 2006. The research study indicated that, there was a historic and also a contemporary form of evidence, which indicated current fears on online safety of the young girls, had historical antecedents, such as media tools that included phones. The research also indicated that, in many cases, the historic reactions eventually resulted into some form of restrictions for the usage of technology towards protection of girls from harm and the threat that could harm their innocence. The research study, however, did not indicate the level into which the same media platform was used to protect the vulnerable boy child from effects of threats, harm, predators, criminals, and molestation over the social media or any other technological platform.

Men and women usually use the social networking services in different ways, purposes, and with different frequencies. Many of research studies have indicated that, a specific gender group tends to use the social networks more than others with different purpose. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the target users better and make the development of efforts toward the diversity group of gender users with various purposes. As been mentioned in the article The Social Media Gender Gap, been compared with male users most of female users usually make more purchasing decisions and spend longer time on the on-line shopping. “Women seem to be more likely to tell their friends about their purchases”. (Hoffman 2008) Due to this fact the female users is the major group where the advertisers could get more benefits from. A majority of these researchers still indicate that although both users group of gender use social media frequently, women still “the ones that hold down the fort.” (Hoffman 2008)

A majority of experts indicate that the internet is certainly going to look pink in the future. This means that, the entire future of the social media and its relative activities are going to be all about gender-based. In the other words, the future social media will be women oriented. Some of these experts in the web development field encouraged the upcoming web developers to take women as their main target if these web developer have the desire to get more benefits from their upcoming business.

It is very interesting to notice that different gender members always act differently when they are using online services to do their activities in their daily life, which are part of the social media tools such as on-line shopping, blogging, posting and sharing pictures etc. According to this fact, the Website could be considered as an extremely important and essential form of social medium. Hence, a successful Website design is actually all about how to succeeds to be fit into the diversity social groups and dynamic social ideology. Although men were traditionally viewed as the earlier main target of the technological development, women have became the group which stands at the forefront of the social media related activities.

Another study thirteen million people and were trying to find out the actual way in which a majority of them were using the social media. As the results indicates that members of both gender were participants in the field of social media, it was very clear that women have the larger number of members than the male gender so far. As a result of the same, “the next wave of innovative ideas that are linked to the social media is likely to target a greater number of women than that of men” (Hoffman 2008). This will widen the gender gap of social media. The research study also indicates that young women are more likely to be active on the social sites such as My Space, Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster which are very significant forms to connect to and interact with these social media sites, which is more than young men. It is very obvious that men who are above age thirty years old and men who are married usually do not have time for social media, and most of those men who are under age thirty show they are not willing to do so after they attain that age. With the exception of the LinkedIn users who have to friend everyone on the social sites for business and job hunting purpose, these men are never willing to hang out the social networking sites. However, in contrast to the same age and married women, joining the social networks one after another. In fact, the fastest growing division, is identified as the age groups between thirty five and fifty, especially the users on My Space. (Hoffman 2008)

The future researchers could evaluate the new form of gender difference that exist, and the reasons of why these forms of difference exist. According to the Rapleaf study, it is very clear that young men usually spend more of their time on computers and have plenty of free time. However, there are many competitions for drawing attentions from them, especially from the online games like Legend and first person action games. It is evident that, a majority of these men who like playing such online or computer games, usually tend to play other casual games like gambling. Although most of gambling games are banned by these social networks, the majority men would tend to seek for substitution game which allow them to play and bet at same time. This is a factor that makes young men keep off the interaction with the social media. In contrast to the same age group, women group are actually a big supporters of the casual games, as well as the social media networks. Another fact is that, a majority of these young women actually spend massive times when they making efforts towards decorating their profiles on the social network sites’ pages.

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This study points out that although young men have the desire to participant in these games, they naturally tend to prohibit themselves to spend too much time on the games and feel they have the responsibility to going out and have social life in the real life. These “nautically self-discipline ” come from their social ideology which has the potential to shape their lifestyle and behaviors. It is also worth noting that, whenever these men get married, they attach significantly less value to these social networking sites, while women still continue using these sites as a part of their daily life where they could share their moment of life with others. It can be concluded as “men actually tend to view things in a more transactional manner as compared to women.” (Hoffman 2008) That is the reason why a majority of married men dominated some of sites like linkeldln and google+ which are two of transactional forms of social media network sites.

Men usually can only be attracted to media sites that assist them in either gathering more intelligence, making introductions, or do some gambling. It is expected that men want to keep on gravitating to the transactional sites including those that enable them gain the interaction with the world of sports, news, as well; as financial information. However, their disadvantage are some of those that are not attracting much efforts of expertise from the website developers, hence they are declining in terms of content, and then keeping men away from the media sites. As the result, the gap which is based on the transactional aspect tends to be wider gradually. Meanwhile, this would make female gender users to be in the forefront of using, and managing the social sites.

Women’s behavior within the media suites is less transactional while it is more of relationship driven. Relationship building over the media network has been linked to certain a given category of the gender parity. Married women spend so much time over the media making new friends, sharing pictures with friends and relatives, communicating to their former friends, as well as treating their social network profiles as the home page for their entire families.

We might experience massive jobs and hire of women to the social media world. Considering the significant importance that women serve to the social media industry, then it is absolutely amazing to see how a few female executives who exist in the companies and the different venture capital firms tend to dominate in term of performance.

Since the social media have been identified to be too much into tune with the women, a majority of the male audiences will have to be increasingly seen as significantly less valuable as compared to the female ones. It is widely known that women normally spend more and also make more of purchasing decisions as compared to men. Women are also likely to tell their friends about the purchases, hence advertisers will always get some double benefits form the female consumers. The media, as well as a wide range of the adverting forms that are part of the social media, are becoming increasingly motivated to hire women to be in charge of the management processes in these firms due to their potential influence.

Due to the various research studies that indicate that women are the most vibrant members in the usage of tools of mass media, there is a possibility that the very next wave of innovation is likely to target more women as compared to men. This should be done because of the fact that the gender gap that already exist on the social network and increasingly within all the social media is continuously widening. It is, however, advisable to have it in mind that male adoption is also growing as well. It won’t keep pace with expanding engagement amongst the female users. It is notable that since a majority of women use the media network in socializing, a single dollar spent marketing towards acquiring any female user happens to go a lot further as compared on a male user.


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