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Social Networking our Young Generation Essay

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Social networking sites are web-based services, with a large online community. Websites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter provide social networking services which bring people together all over the world by allowing them to get to know each other in an online environment. This interaction is likely to include families, friendship and romantic and group relation. With the help of networking, it can help people make friends and to search to find some personal relationship and families can stay in touch more easily. Nowadays, huge number of people connects to networking sites and it also increases the number of relationship. The websites combine many internet features into one: personal profile, blogs, places for photos and videos, the latest news about music groups, user groups, and more. People use social networking sites to developing business contacts and maintaining contact with them. Websites like LinkedIn can be convenient place for professionals to meet and talk about business. Developing business contacts on the internet is most of the time easier and faster than offline.

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The aim of the study is explain the Importance of participating in internet groups and interactive with others and one-on-one from the individual self concept and social relationship. This research also tell how the knowledge is to be explored and social action is to be taken which shall be carried out in the field so this research aims at understanding transformation reconstructing and striving for an understanding of the whole. So approach which suites my question is qualitative research and the primary aim of this investigation is to study the people interaction on internet as we all know the now days people have been curious about how the powerful new information and communication media known as internet interaction is going on in the society.


Promote your business using social networking sites.

Effects of social networking websites on the young generation.

Safety sites of young generation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social networking sites.

Literature review

Internet is first and foremost communication technology with the potential to change people social interaction. Internet adoption in homes has grown rapidly since the early 1990’s. For Example by 2003 63% of American had used the internet. In 1990s, Information technology experts expected the internet to be consigned to the trash heap of history. Internet has become an essential part of our lives; many websites have facility ways for people to keep in touch in the form of social networking.

Social networking sites are the way for interact with new people and to make connections as well as share photos, videos, and activities with each other (Red Sox Nation”, Northern California”).. In the past 5 years, such sites have rocketed and millions of people use networking sites. According to Amanda Lenhart and Mary Madden indicates that 55% of online teenagers have created a personal profile online, and 55% have used networking sites like MySpace and Face book. A social networking site includes both the exchange of information among individuals and group online. Expression also represents a view perspective, reflection, or quality of the individual or groups.

Social networking is more focussed on individual relations and goals than is city and community involvement and networking with specific others whom one either knows initially or eventually comes to know. This interaction is likely to include families, friendship and romantic and group relationship. Video-sharing site is an also place where humans can make connection with one another. YouTube also allows a user to add another user as his or her friend. Expressions refer to the material that is created by individual or groups to reflect their views, interests or talents.

Mainly internet based on social networking sites to build the personal and relationship and give the meaning to people’s lives. This sites help to people allow creating social relationship and it also used to find new friends in new locate. There are many ways the internet can be used for social relationship as follows are:-

Online chatting

Online dating

Finding life partners

Online friendship

Many more

Online chatting

By using online chatting on internet many friends and relatives have come closer and to know very well to each other. Calling is very expensive and people can’t afford to call. With the help of networking sites, people can connect to their relatives and get to talk each other very easily and they can see each other and chat through internet.

Online dating

Social networking websites are a great way of meeting people new people all over the world. Now days, people are meeting and dating on the internet. People can chat to somebody anytime, anyplace and anywhere. They are having huge relationship with others, so they will ask they will not go out with them because they are dating to someone.

Finding Life partners

Social sites focus on many different aspects of life, which makes it easier to find and make connections with other people who share common goals and interests, including love. By using traditional forms of marriage creation mainly of arranged marriages, internet has slowly being modified to the arrange marriage because it can serve the strength of tradition especially when modern condition of technologies seen to in decide tradition.

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Friendship Circle

By using these sites instant messaging it allows cheap chatting between people and among group of friend or family. It also offers a good way of communicating with friends nearby or far away, without worrying about time or cost. This activity leads to vast expression of contact and interactivity many people enjoy ready for outcomes relationship. I just like keeping up to chat with somebody and it makes me feel very great to know somebody and to make new connection.

So in this research the evidence strongly suggest that the internet has already been used to powerful enhance the social relationship. The importance is social and is creating both individual level and collective level social capital. Networking sites also used for developing business contacts and to make connections with them. Websites like LINKEDIN can be suitable place for professionals to meet and talk about business. Developing business on the internet is the most of the time easier and faster than offline. Social networking sites are also promoting a business to a wider audience and global marketing .Nowadays, the majority of business at least one kind of online presence. All the above reason involve that the easy and rewarding interaction with other people, as well as the personal or professional gain that people obtain from joining social networking sites. These sites succeed at making everyone part of global society.

In our research, social networking sites can effects on the young generations. As a result, social networking websites have extensive attraction for youngsters with the number of users growing daily. In 2007, Pew Internet and American life Project report that 55% of online teens have a personal profile (facebook, twitter, orkut) on this kind of website. Today, youngsters attract these sites just because of this websites combine many features into one like personal profile, blogs, videos and photos sharing, and many more. Along with these benefits come some risks. As conclude that there are number of cases for harassment or sexual advances. Most of these sites are open to all, especially MySpace or face book which means that teenagers could be exposed our personal information and our identity to someone. Cyber-bulling and harassment are more often commit by other youngsters and mostly tend to happen most to older girls and either gender who have a strong online presence. There so many several forms like posting threatening messages, publishing private messages, e-mails or text messages, posting embarrassment photos and many more. Another risk is identifying theft, which means somebody can enter your personal profile they can know about everything like, your name, birthdates and your location. So today, it’s very rare for harassment to all over the world but it can still be a cause of emotional distress for youngsters. As a result, most social networking sites have privacy controls in place, but youngsters hardly ever use them. If you can do active monitoring of profiles and behaviours catches some hackers, but not all of them. Here some tips of safety sites for young generation as well as child also when they created our profile it make sure they understand not to post personal information like home address, birthdates, email address, mobile number etc because this information is private to them and not for sharing. And also explain that what gets put on the internet can live forever its means if you remove your picture later it may have been copied by someone else and misuse of your picture also. The main safety tips are that you should use for password for your profile and make sure their password cannot be easily guessed.

Survey results show that percentage for adults with profile on social networking sites September 2009 data. In this graph shows that adults in all age group favour for face book by a wide margin, with older adults preferring it slightly more. In 73% of all adults 18 and older have use face book as well as adults 30 and older has 75% and young adults 18-29 has 71% who use social networking sites have a face book account.

C:UsersHarmeet SinghDesktopuntitled.png

In contrast, 48% of all adult social network users have a MySpace account. Young generation is much more using MySpace with 66% but only 36% of the 30 and older bracket. In other rates for professional networking sites LinkedIn are the reverse of MySpace. 14% of all adults 18 social networking sites users have LinkedIn account, which breaks down to 7% of adult 18-29 and 19% of adults 30 and older. In conclude that the highest percentage of internet users have use face book in social networking sites the second sites used is MySpace and other LinkedIn sites.


Advantages of social networking sites

The most common advantages of social networking sites, it is the good way for communicate with new people and to make connections as well as share photos, videos ,blogs, services and activities with each other. It’s also build the personal relationship and give the meaning to people’s lives. Social networking sites are also promoting a business to a wider audience and global marketing. By joining different communities, now people can easily know about the latest news related to that community. And the best parts of this that advice is free u don’t need to pay any euro. Experts and your friends always ready to give you advice and share information with you. Here some most common positive things that has to make social networking really popular among people and spread smiles.

Disadvantages of social networking sites

There are some major disadvantages of networking sites that Security is the topmost matter of social networking sites which we used more. There are some people who always search for fake identity, which means somebody can enter your personal profile they can know about everything like, your name, birth date, email address and your location. So today, it’s very rare for harassment to all over the world. It is always advisable to don’t provide your entire identity information online otherwise it makes our life spoil.

Methods of Research:

Philosophy of research

There are many different types of research philosophies used by researchers like positivism, realism, interpretive, objectivism, subjectivism, pragmatism, functionalist, interpretive, radical humanist and radical structuralism. There are two types of realism direct and critical and the meaning of direct is “what you see is what you get”. Critical realism is the real world images of things and theory suggests data which specify technique at back observables. It means before data collection selection the selection of theory is must and then collection of data according to requirement (Saunders et al, 2007).

Types of Research

There are two main type of research approaches qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative research, by definition deals with quantity and relationships between attributes; it involves the collection and analysis of highly structured data in the positivist tradition (Bowling 1997) .This method of research is appropriate in situations in which there is pre-existing knowledge which will permit the use of standardized data collection methods like survey, questionnaires.(Bowling 1997).

Qualitative is an empirical research in which data is in text form rather than in number form. Qualitative method as opposed to quantitative used to collect and analyze the information in as many shapes, mostly non numeric. Main focus of this technique is to explore as feasible in detail, idea is to attain deepness instead of breadth (Blaxter ET at, 2007).

I will use qualitative method of research here. The strength of this approach is the capability to study people in the field. Qualitative research describes words rather than numbers, the equality of social phenomena through observation. I am using in depth interviews and questionnaire and discussion group at the same time for collecting my research data.


The methodology shall be illustrative qualitative using a case study methodology. This method offers an opportunity to study a particular subject and this can be used to express theories. Case study is a strategy for doing research method which involves an empirical investigation of a specific occurrence within its real life context using multiple source of indication.


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