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Impact of Technology on Print Media

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Print and electronic media plays an important role in communication effectively as the world has been globalized. The technology used for communication should not be overlooked, because the interchange of information is necessary in current era. Print and electronic media has globalized the world. The news or communication can be done easily from corner to corner just in few seconds.

Technology has impacted the communication in a positive way. In the current world the communication has been distributed between print and electronic media. These two Medias are playing a vital role in communicating between individuals and the society.

News, comment, information and entertainment, are the complex set of newspaper, and the arrangement of these contents differs from paper to paper. Most people choose their daily paper to match their specific tastes, and individual newspapers have developed in different ways to provide for these.

Many changes have taken place over the period, in the newspapers. The newspapers are filled with advertisements and have many pages on carrying different news. Today journalism has become one of the prosperous professions (Oghakpor, 2007). The number of newspapers has risen sharply which has made the communication to its optimum level whilst profits have also boomed. Development of information and communication technology has made the work of newspaper publication easy and less laborious.

Today’s newspapers have lots of investigative stories/reports. This contributes to bringing in light big scandals and scams resulting into fall of a person. Which creates negative influences the society and shows that the technology is not been used for the purpose in the right way, as it has to be used for.

Magazines charm to an expanding range of reading flavours and happiness. They are designed for standardized or special interest groups. Regardless of their design for special groups, they developed as a mass medium because they appeal to large numbers in a national market that cut across social, economic and educational class lines (Oghakpor, 2007).

The magazines can be categorized into two different categories, General interest magazines and special interest magazines. General interest magazines attempt to cater to a wide variety of reading interests. Special interest magazines are mainly focused on one thing. For instance, The Women magazine covers all the things about the women while, Muscles magazine covers all the stuff about building the muscles of either men or women.

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It’s most notable function; however, is correlation that is, interpreting the society by bringing together diverse facts, trends and sequences of events. According to Kipphan 2001, “Magazines in essence, are the great interpreters of what is happening in society.” There are several magazines in the world, which are published internationally as well, so that people can benefit from them. Or people from the foreign countries order the magazines to remain update, although most of the magazines can be viewed online.

According to Hamelink & Linné 1994, magazines have been much more visually innovative than newspapers. Their covers blaze from newsstands and market racks, thus attracting the readers’ attention with colour and allure of advertisements besides their articles. Magazines are published according to the information gathered, i.e. weekly, fortnightly etc.

These are basically news magazines but they include sections on arts, culture, sports, films, business, politics, industry, and environment. There are about 500 such general interest magazines focusing on news and current affairs, having largest readership.

Textbooks, other books, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, folders, periodicals, wall newspapers, publicity and promotional literature also constitute media for mass reading, information and enlightenment, they less extensively used as compared to the newspapers and magazines, are called the best way of effective communication. Books are non-periodical printed publication of at least 49 pages excluding the cover page, published in any country and are made available to public. These are published as weeklies, fortnightlies, quarterlies, annuals or dailies, so magazines do. There are bimonthlies and half year lies also.

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Electronic communication has become almost an essential part of people’s lives. The Internet has been the catalyst for electronic communication, and rarely in human history has anything risen to such prominence in such a short period of time (Hirst & Harrison, 2007). There are now many ways to communicate electronically, with, no doubt, more variety to come in the near future. Currently, Televisions, radios, internet, mobile technologies, ipads, e-books, e-magazines etc. are versatile ways to communication technology.

Over internet, email has had its critics, notably for the brevity of messages and for the rapidity of reply, which often negates clear thought. But all new things will have critics. Writing to someone by conventional email and waiting for a response takes days or weeks. Waiting sometimes just a few minutes for a response by email seemed quite magical in the early days of the internet. Now this is taken for granted. The problem of spam has never been dealt with satisfactorily, but being able to email photographs on the day they were taken to a loved one on the other side of the world makes up for some of the negatives.

Mobile technology has made a tremendous change in terms of communication. In current years the phone contains the features of 3G internet facility which is called the fastest internet on mobile, through which the communication and sharing knowledge becomes easier. Facebook, tweeter, internet browsing, Skype, VoIP technologies can be excessed anywhere without any hurdle. Similarly, Ipads and IPods have also made paradigm change in this global world. It facilitates in the same way as smart phones does, although they are bigger in size.

Newsgroups and chat rooms began as early types of social media. Newsgroups rely on people’s posting messages to a relevant group, and members of that group can then comment instantaneously. In recent years, newsgroups have, to a large extent, been replaced by slick social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Chat rooms still have a dubious reputation on the net, because though they can be great places for friends spread around the globe to meet up, unwelcome visitors will often use them inappropriately. Standalone video conferencing, used for business, has also now been matched by instant-messaging programs.

Social media may be seen by many as even more important than email now. Facebook and MySpace have an email facility and instant messaging, and Twitter has a direct-message and instant reply facility. Instant messaging, which is also available from the likes of Yahoo! and MSN, is becoming increasingly more advanced. Whereas in the early days of Yahoo! Messenger you could save money on a phone call to someone overseas, now you can not only talk but look at a live video image of that person at the same time.

It might be concluded from this that the communication technology have a great impact on the print media and electronic media. Newspapers, magazines, broachers, newsletters, pamphlets have made the vigorous change in communication. All these have to face different audiences and are mainly the most important technological tools to communicate and deliver the message. Despite, the electronic media is massively taking place of print media and globalizing this village. Mobile devices, Ipads, Ipods, Television, radios have made the thing accessible within few seconds.


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