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Lutz's Cognitive Learning Process

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The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Care and Nutrition leads the research pack. They are proud to say that name after the Leicestershire town where Pedigree UK has its headquarters. It is the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Those of the researches into dog’s nutritional requirements are sponsored by WALTHAM . This could lead to academics and pet experts. The experts in Pedigree product development and nutrition work closely with the scientists and researchers at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. Pedigree food for dogs is works with WALTHAM to develop and produce recipes with exceptional nutritional value.

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Pedigree is a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to helping dogs find loving homes. Pedigree brand believes that every dog deserves a loving home. They also believe that every dog deserves leading nutrition. It is identified through the review on research studies on the requirements of dogs of different breeds, size and life stages. Based on the researches from WALTHAM Centre for Pet Centre for Pet Nutrition, it identified the four universal needs for dogs which are skin and coat, oral care, digestion and immunity.

Besides that, there are many types of products are included in the dry product line which includes eight different product options. The products are PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition, PEDIGREE PUPPY Complete Nutrition, PEDIGREE SMALL BREED Nutrition, PEDIGREE LARGE BREED Nutrition, PEDIGREE Health Longevity, PEDIGREE Healthy Weight, PEDIGREE Healthy Joints and PEDIGREE Wholesome Nutrition with Chicken, Rice & Vegetables.


The effective communication between producers and consumers is one of the real main objectives of advertising. First of all, creation of demand is one of the objectives for Pedigree advertisement. In order to induce new customers and maintain their old customers to purchase Pedigree product, advertisement of Pedigree inform them its qualities and create a favorable climate for maintaining of improving sales. This will also increases the market receptiveness of the Pedigree’s products.

Furthermore, Pedigree advertisement that played in the television such as 8TV, ASTRO and etc channels is to remind the public. This is a continuous process of persuading the perspective customers with results in purchase of good. It is also can reminds the public about the existence of the Pedigree products in the market. The Pedigree advertisement shown the advantages for consumer purchase Pedigree products for their dogs.

Besides that, short and simple information about Pedigree products is shown in the advertisement. This information is given to prospective buyers in respect of particular product or service through the advertisement. In this competitive market, Pedigree advertisements can help to build up Pedigree brand image and brand loyalty. This is where they can differentiate with the competitors.

Pedigree aired this advertisement on television is to deliver the five signs of good health of Pedigree products to the audience of television. Each of every signs of good health is being point out in the advertisement.

Product Features

Pedigree product features are well explained in the advertisement. The name of the advertisement is called Pedigree 5 signs of good health TVC. The dog that Pedigree used to advertise in the commercial is called olive. It is look like a healthy dog breed.

From the Pedigree advertisement can see that Olive become a healthy dog after six weeks of consumed Pedigree products. This Pedigree advertisement shown that dog deserves a healthy change like Olive. There are four universal needs of dogs which are skin and coat, oral care, digestion and immunity. This is one of the Pedigree product features is to let people know and attract dog owner to purchase Pedigree products that can change their dogs health.

The Pedigree first sign of good health is stronger teeth. Olive has a clean gums and teeth after consuming Pedigree for six weeks. The number one health issue for pet dogs today is gum disease. Stronger muscle is the second sign of good health. In the advertisement, this can see that Olive run better with the protein provided in the Pedigree product.

Furthermore, after feeding Olive with Pedigree products for six weeks, it produces quality of firm stool which can be seen in the advertisement. This is known that Olive has a good dietary system which contains of fiber. Olive has a healthy skin and smooth coat after consuming Pedigree. It is shown in the advertisement where the little girl can lay on Olive as her pillow.

The fifth sign of Pedigree good health is cheerful and active. From the advertisement can see that Olive enjoys and have a great time playing with the little girl. The scene is at the playground with little girl holding a ball in her hand. Besides from the Pedigree five signs of good health, it also encourage people participate the campaign with shown “register from 1 May – 15 July 2012” and sign up on the Pedigree Malaysia Facebook in the advertisement.

Appeal and Proposition

The advertising appeals that used by Pedigree for their advertisement is feature appeal. This appeal is categorized as one of the information or rational appeals. Pedigree advertisement mainly showed the benefits of feeding dogs with Pedigree products and how good the product is. This advertisement tends to show the five most basic advantages for dogs after consuming Pedigree for 6 weeks. Pedigree can gained more customers confident by releasing this advertisement on television. It is quite an informative advertisement after viewing it compare to others. Pedigree advertisement also might persuade a dog owner to change his or her brands of food for their dog.


The unique of Pedigree advertisement is make a change for dog’s health life. Dog owner always need to find a right food for their dogs in term of type, life stage, size and specific need. There are also sub category that under all this terms. Pedigree brand dry dog food has been improved based on the four most basic and important needs for dogs such as digestibility, skin and coat, oral care and immunity. Pedigree develops recipes with exceptional nutritional value based on the WALTHAM research as the basis for its recent dog food reformulation.

Besides that, with the leading nutrition in the Pedigree products help dogs have a healthy digestion. This is shown in the advertisement that Olive has a firm stools after feeding with Pedigree Products for six weeks later. In the overall health and well-being of the dog, diet digestibility plays a large role in it. Dog need a proper digestion of the diet to live a healthy and enriched its life. This also impacts the quality and amount of stool that is produced by the dog.

Dog’s most metabolically active organ is their skin and coat. It is because it serves as an outward sign of the overall health status of the dog. In the advertisement, we can see that Olive skin change to a very smooth fur after six weeks later. The skin and coat play a much larger role in canine health. This is because it requires many nutrients and heavily participates in the dog’s metabolism.

Pedigree products that shown in the advertisement make the dog owner feel like switching their dog’s food to pedigree brand. This can be proved in the advertisement that Olive becomes active dog after feeding with Pedigree products. There are interactive guides for the process or changing by just following the simple steps. Dog owner cannot change a dog’s diet too quickly because this could make the dog’s tummy unhappy and can cause the dog suffer from stomachache and diarrhea. This is also a reason why it might take a week for the transition period.

Furthermore, Pedigree advertisement is different from competitors. It is because seldom can see food for dog advertisement in television except Pedigree. Pedigree advertisement showed in ASTRO channels for two different language versions based on the channels itself which are Chinese and English. In this Pedigree advertisement showed all the special of the brand and how the dog change after six weeks if it consume Pedigree products.

Pedigree advertisement seems to be unique in a way that seldom television audiences get to watch Pedigree competitor’s commercial in any of the channels. This brings a great advantage to Pedigree after they showed their advertisement in television. Pedigree have a great product image of food for dog in the audience mindset because the frequent brand they heard and watched before, the more likely they will purchase for their dog as well.


One of the benefits of Pedigree advertisement is that dogs become healthier and stronger after feeding with Pedigree products. In the Pedigree advertisement, we can see that Olive turn to have a stronger muscle and bigger in size after six weeks. This can convince the dog owner to purchase Pedigree after they watched the advertisement.

In addition, with the 5 changes on Olive that we can see from the Pedigree advertisement can conclude that it is a good transform on dog after six weeks of feeding. In this transformation period and at the end can provide dog owner better lifestyle on their dog. Dog owner no need to have extra take care of their dog after the six weeks.

From the Pedigree advertisement, we can see that Pedigree product can help the dog owner save cost. This is because they just need to purchase specialized Pedigree product for their dogs based on their dog’s need rather than few products combining. There is a disadvantage of mixing the food for dogs can cause their dietary problem and at the time Pedigree can help the dog owner save money for sending the dogs to vet.

Moreover, in the end of the advertisement shown “sign up now” on the Pedigree Malaysia Facebook, this is because Pedigree is giving 100 deserving dogs six weeks’ worth of Pedigree products for them to attain the Pedigree 5 signs of good health. There is time limitation for this contest which is in between 1 May to 15 July 2012.

In a shorter time of six weeks, a dog can transform itself to a healthy body and lifestyle. This is one of the benefits of Pedigree products that shown in the advertisement. The shorter time it took can be an advantage of winning from the competitors.


The potency for Pedigree Advertisement is that it is a product that every dog owner need for their dogs. It is effective enough of this advertisement where it can influence the dog owner switch their food for dog brands after watching it. This also can remind the dog owner that they can change their dog health care after six weeks consuming Pedigree products. With the 5 signs of good health shown in the advertisement, it is attractive to describe how good the product is. By watching the Pedigree advertisement, it might attract the audience to change the brands of food for dog to Pedigree.

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Lutz’s Cognitive Learning Process

There are four steps in the Lutz’s cognitive leaning process. The first phase of the process is ad exposure. The Pedigree advertisement is being exposed through the television channels such as 8TV, ASTRO and etc channels. This advertisement usually played on the peak hour time. It is means that during night time around 8pm to 11pm this hours in between. This is also the time most audience is on for their television time.

In the cognitive responses phase, Pedigree advertisement is based on the product or message thoughts. It is because from the advertisement we can see that Pedigree trying to deliver informative message to the audience about the five signs of good health after feeding dogs with Pedigree products. The message is been deliver in a success way which include of a sample success dog called olive and a little girl.

Next, it is the attitudes phase. This is mean what kind of attitudes that dog owner who watched the Pedigree advertisement going to possess. It is either they continue with the brand they feeding their dog now or change to Pedigree by purchasing it. Pedigree also can influence the new dog owner to try on their products with the advertisement.

Lastly, the purchase intent phase is that dog owner will purchase the product if they think that Pedigree might suitable for their dog after watching the advertisement shown in the television and some information research done in internet. They will walk into any outlets of selling Pedigree products for product checking that suitable for their dog and make a purchase on it.

Target Audience / Segmentation

There are two different language version of Pedigree advertisement which is English and Chinese. The English version of Pedigree advertisement is being aired on television in 8TV channel. It is showed around 8pm to 11pm from April 2012. This Pedigree advertisement is being played on this time is because most of audience will on their television watching news and drama at this hour after their dinner. Pedigree decided to advertise in 8TV channel is because most of the 8TV audience is Chinese and Pedigree is a food for dog where only Chinese and Indian who will adopt a dog in their house or garden.

The target audience of this Pedigree advertisement is primarily focus on those Chinese dog owner or dog lover. It is because most of the dog owner is Chinese or Indian. Malay is not allowed to adopt dog as their pet and they hate dog as well. At this hour advertisement played on the television channel, most of the dog owner or audiences will have their relaxing time after a busy day.

The secondary target audience of Pedigree advertisement is that audience who wish to have a dog. By watching this advertisement, they will know which brand of food going to buy for their dog in future. This can build a good brand image of Pedigree in the future customer mindset. Pedigree advertisement targeted on this two group of audiences, it is because they are more likely to have interest on Pedigree advertisement and probably will have a deeper research on the information and decide to purchase Pedigree brands of product or other.

Pedigree can segment their market based on demographic segmentation. It can be segment based on the race. There are three races in our country which are Chinese, Malay and Indian. From the Pedigree advertisement, we can see that the Chinese little girl does not afraid of the dog – Olive and playing around with it. This is because Pedigree brands is selling food for dog and most of Chinese like to adopt dog as their pet in the house. Some of Chinese even treat dog like their children. This is the segment that Pedigree is targeted. Besides that, Pedigree also can segment based on the group of age. There are few categories group of age such as young kids and teens, adults and senior citizen. In the advertisement, Pedigree used a little girl in it maybe because they want deliver that even a little girl is not afraid of dogs. Pedigree can target on the adults because in the busy city life, most of dog owner like to adopt a dog as their partner in the house.

Moreover, Pedigree can segment based on psychographic segmentation that focus on the lifestyle. From the advertisement, we can see that the little girl playing around with Olive in a big garden where Olive chasing the little girl with a ball on her ball. This can showed that at some stage lifestyle of people who can afford to adopt a medium size dog like Olive. Those dog owners mostly are stay at land house where there have place for their dog in the garden or car park area.

Behavioral segmentation can be segment for this Pedigree advertisement. Dog owner who want a change on their dog’s health will put more attention on Pedigree products. From the Pedigree advertisement, it can see that the heath changes on Olive after six weeks of feeding it with Pedigree products. Audience also can participate with the contest on Pedigree five signs of good health for their dogs. This can help them discover the benefits and advantages of having Pedigree products for their dog.


Pedigree is really a good food for dog with the leading nutrition and recipes that based on the research from The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. From the advertisement, we can see that Pedigree use a little girl as the ambassador in the commercial. Olive is the dog that Pedigree used it as the main role in the advertisement. This Pedigree advertisement is a twenty second commercial that aired on television.

Pedigree product is being showed together with Olive consuming the dry food in the pots at the first second of the television commercial. At the first scene of this advertisement, little girl said thanks to Pedigree because it change Olive’s health. The Pedigree five signs of good health had change Olive in six week. From the Pedigree advertisement, found that the little girl is happy for the Olive changes by hugging it.

There are five main inferences that get from this Pedigree advertisement. First of all, it is the stronger teeth of Olive. In the advertisement, we can see that the little girl pull up Olive’s mouth to show its teeth and tongue for the title of it. This can be proved that Pedigree can change dog’s teeth after consuming its product after six weeks. Oral care for a dog is very important because they have different needs on the tooth development. Dog need to have a good oral hygiene program to maintain their good oral health with few components which include daily tooth brushing, routine dental exams and cleanings, as well as specially designed foods and chews. Olive have this oral health concern from the owner makes it healthier teeth after six weeks.

The second inference that gets from Pedigree advertisement is that stronger muscle. In the advertisement, we can see that Olive can run very fast in the garden. The immune system of Olive is very important for dogs help to keep it healthy. Although it is an incredibly complex system with the comprised of several types of cells that works together to fight off. Dogs must supplement their diet with appropriate of antioxidant levels that is include in the Pedigree products to strengthened the dog’s natural defenses. With the television commercial of Pedigree, it delivered that dogs can have a better immune system like Olive with the nutrition that provided in the packets of Pedigree products after feeding the dogs with that.

Furthermore, the firm stools of a dog are very important. From the advertisement, we can see that the little girl is look surprised on the stools that process out by Olive. It is because Pedigree has changes Olive health after six weeks of consuming. The stools that shown in the advertisement are being censored replace by animation for the good sake of the audiences. The proper digestion system of a dog only can process out a firm stools. Pedigree products with the four most basic and important needs in it can help the changes in every dogs. The improved nutrient digestibility leads to an increase in the amount of nutrients available for use by the dog. The firm stools of Olive that shown in the advertisement is a sign that the dog is properly digesting and absorbing nutrients that including water from the gastrointestinal tract.

Next, it is the healthy skin and coat. In the Pedigree advertisement, we can see that little girl is lying on Olive’s body and showing the skin and coat of it. Little girl touch Olive’s skin by delivering the message of dog’s skin and coat will become very smooth like Olive after feeding them with Pedigree products. The change of health status of every dog can be observed first in the skin and coat. Skin and coat of the dogs provide some of function such as protection, immunity, thermoregulation, hydration and nutrient storage. The nutrients in the Pedigree products can increase the skin and coat health of dogs and at the mean time maintaining barrier function, participating in healthy cell turnover and producing a shinier coat. This can be observed through the Pedigree advertisement of the Olive’s skin and coat. It is shiny and warm of coat.

The fifth sign of good health of dog is become cheerful and active after feeding with Pedigree products. From the advertisement, we can see Olive is happy and healthy now. The changes make on Olive also happen at the same time to the dog owner. Little girl can enjoy playing with active Olive where she has a partner to play with when she is bored. The four important basic needs in the Pedigree products have make dog’s big difference in their lifestyle.

Other than that, Pedigree advertisement also gives inference to audience that there is contest running by Pedigree. Pedigree released few examples of successful transform after six weeks to healthy dog pictures with their name on the bottom of the picture. The date of the registration for the contest named 5 signs of good health is shown in the advertisement to remind the audience when it is start and end. Pedigree Malaysia Facebook is where the audience supposed to register for their dogs. This also encourage audience to purchase Pedigree products for their dog for as an experience of changes. The music background that played in the whole twenty second of the advertisement is the theme song of Pedigree. Lastly, Pedigree brand logo is shown throughout the whole 20 second of advertisement.


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