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Chosen Future Occupation: Information Security Analysts

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Wordcount: 1777 words Published: 18th May 2020

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 How many users have experience visiting a website that had many pop-ups that interrupted your research? Then a few minutes later you receive a phone call from someone saying that your computer is affected and have to pay them to fix it. This is a result of cyber-attacks to your personal computer, this is a crime that goes unnoticeable. To protect businesses and governments they created their own line of security which is Information Security Analysts aka cybersecurity. In this week’s course, I researched an occupation I would like to pursue. From why I chose this occupation, to how it will align with my degree and describing the things I learned.

About My Chosen Future Occupation

  The occupation, that most appealed to me was the Information Security Analyst. Which to many it is also known as cybersecurity. Choosing a career as a security analyst seems very exciting since there will always be a challenge. Also, I am a big fan of movies that have to deal with hackers and white-hats like the movie Hackers. Due to the frequent cyber-attacks occurring and attacking personal lives, businesses, and governments. It’s expected for this line of work to be very high in demand now and the future. From many companies from banks and financial institutions who are needing to increase security for the implementation of cloud storage. The future of technology is moving from local storage to cloud storage, making it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, it is projected to increase the growth by 56 percent with the adoption of cloud services. The other occupations I did consider mentioned working with security analysts and helping prevent cyber-attacks. So this position made my choice easier with the fact that this position makes more than a Network Administrator. The median annual wage for information security analysts was $98,350 in May 2018. (“Information Security Analysts: Occupational Outlook Handbook:”, 2019) As cybersecurity threats are constant, it will create a demand for this occupation in today’s society.

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The great thing is that I am going for a technical management degree which I can use in any direction of technology. For an Information Security Analyst, the type of degree that is required is a computer-related field. Once I have my degree I will pursue getting a certificate with training to advance as a Security Analyst. Also continuing education from conferences, on-the-job training, online workshops, professional organizations, or keeping up with the latest trends in the news or on the Web. (Atkinson, 2019, p. 325) The great thing is that right now I am in the field of Information Technology. I have configured network switches and setting up security from web filters and antivirus. Also familiar with viruses, ransomware, and what steps needed to be taken to solve this issue. I know there is much more to learn and the constant shift of technology. With hard work and continuing my education, I am sure to succeed in this line of work.

 That’s not always the case, sometimes life throws a wrench into your plans. First-hand experience in the line of cybersecurity could not be as expected. With the continuation of my education, I could feel overwhelmed or discouraged when I face a challenge. “Cybersecurity is still a game of cat-and-mouse”, with the defense trying to catch up with the offense with, up until this point, little success to show for its efforts. (Huang, Siegel, Madnick, 2018, p.70:2) The competition atmosphere and weekly deadlines create a stressful environment. The path will not only reflect a negative outcome but a positive one. I could pick up on the techniques and learn to overcome the challenges. Thinking of positive things like the pay rate and changes in traveling to consult for other companies. Also, knowing I will be helping society fight against cybercrimes.

Cybercrime is an underground business that first started in 1973 manipulating Union Dime Saving Bank accounts. Reading about this in the article about Systematically Understanding the Cyber Attack Business shined a new light on the cyber threats. How there are many ways cybercriminals are attacking businesses and governments for personal investment. Also the mention of how good the security gets the cybercriminals are getting better as well. Making it difficult to study cybercriminals. So there is the creation of the framework to outline the attacks so it doesn’t always become a constant pursuit of near captures. By exploiting their own vulnerability and creating patches to decreases the chances of intruders. This article provides many ways cybercriminals can attack, affect, and steal information. So educating to join the cybersecurity workforce will increase the defenses for businesses and governments.


The career for me is an Information Security Analyst to help fight against the cyber activity. After I graduate I will further my studies to get a certificate in all fields related to cybersecurity creating more opportunities for acceptance to government jobs. I will mostly apply these learned skills at my current place of work to better enhance the security there and get some experience. While searching for an opening to work for the military as a civilian. I am excited about what my future holds and the occupation I am pursuing.


  • Huang, K., Siegel, M., & Madnick, S. (2018). Systematically Understanding the Cyber Attack Business. ACM Computing Surveys, 51(4), 1-36. doi:10.1145/3199674
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Occupation 1

Occupation 2

Occupation 3

Occupation Title

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Computer and Information System Manager

Information Security Analysts

Type of Degree Required for Occupation

Bachelor’s Degree related to computer or information science

Bachelor’s Degree related to computer or information science

Bachelor’s Degree in computer-related field

Salary Trends

Median Annual Wage was 82,050 in May 2018. 50 percent will earn more and others will make more than that the lowest 10 percent earned less than 50,990 and the highest 10 percent earned more than 130,720. 

The median annual wage was 142,530 in May 2018. Lowest 10 percent earned less than 85,380, and the highest 10 percent earned more than 208,000.

Median annual wage was 98,350 in May 2018. The lowest 10 percent earned less than 56,750, and the highest 10 percent earned more than 156,580.

Working Conditions

Mostly employed by firms, education, hospitals and governments. They work in a variety of settings.  Also work with other IT professionals similar into field. Work is full time and may need to work overtime to make sure the network is operating around the clock.

Mostly work full time, and may need to work more than 40 hours a week to come up with solutions.

Most work full time, sometimes be on call outside of normal business hours in case of an emergency. Working more than 40 hrs a week

Employment Outlook

Employment grow 6 percent from 2016 – 2026. Demand for IT workers is high and continue to grow as firms invest in newer, faster and mobile technology. Increasing in cloud computing could raise the productivity of network administrators, slowing their growth across many industries. Network design and services is projected to grow 20 percent. Small and medium sized businesses without dedicated IT department will increase in demand. Keeping up with the latest technology and cloud computing.

Employment growth by 12 percent. Will grow with firms increasingly expand their operations to digital platforms and will implement these goals. Growth will result in bolster cybersecurity and implement more robust security policies as cyber threats increase. increase in popularity of cloud computing may result in time outsourcing services from in-house IT departments to cloud-computing companies in firms and education.

Demand is expected to be very high. Cyberattacks have grown in frequency, and analysts will be needed to come up. Innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or creating problems for computer networks. Banks and financial institutions, will need to increase their information security capabilities in the face of growing cybersecurity threats. Healthcare industries expands its use of electronic medical records, ensuring patients privacy and protecting personal data are becoming important. Analysts are likely to be needed to create the safeguards that will satisfy patients concerns. Projected to grow 56 percent in services. Increasing adoption of cloud services by small and medium businesses and rise in cybersecurity threats will create demand.

Preferred Occupation


Article APA Citation

Huang, K., Siegel, M., & Madnick, S. (2018). Systematically Understanding the Cyber Attack Business. ACM Computing Surveys, 51(4), 1-36. doi:10.1145/3199674


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