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Discussing the Philosophy of Religion

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The word Philosophy is derived from the Greek term connoting love of wisdom through logical or intellectual modes. The study of Philosophy is apprehensive with issues of definitive worth: questions regarding truth, legitimacy, attraction, integrity, righteousness, and sense. This is not to mention that each conducts of such subjects is as fine as every other. Several are affluent, helpful, and evocative; some are infertile, extraordinary, and dull. These are matters we cannot solve. However in our dilemma as soul-holders, I believe these are questions we cannot stay away from.

The major sub-disciplines of philosophy include Ethics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Aesthetics, and philosophy of science, philosophy of law, philosophy of language, Political Philosophy, and Religion.

In this paper, we will discuss the Philosophy of Religion; its disputes, philosophical theories depending on it, morality, and omniscience of God, atheism, man’s free will, and evil reconciliation.

Philosophy of Religion

According to Alston, it is a division in philosophy defines the issues regarding religion, as well as the natural world and reality of God and spirits, the inspection of religious and holy familiarities, and the connection between science and religion.

Many philosophers, psychoanalysts, theologians, etc have proposed different definitions of Religion. However, the best in my opinion is of the psychoanalyst William James; he described religion as the mind-set, attitude, behavior, and practices of person men in their isolation; such as they concern themselves to situate in link to whatever they might deem as the celestial or divine.

Existence of God

Does God exist or not..? This is the question, which all individuals ask at least once in their lives. But there is no middle floor for this. Any effort to stay unbiased regarding God’s being is generally identical to agnosticism. Proof for the existence of God might not be necessary for the devoted ones. But on contrary, it is a necessity for the individuals who tend to go on with “logic”, or may not believe in any such thing as “divine” or “spirited”.

According to Oliver J. Thatcher, the existence of God cannot be exhibited; God’s reality is a chapter of faith, and so as to objects of faith are not illustrious, for the reason that the office of revelation is to verify, however faith relates to fads that are not to be demonstrated.

Arguments for the Existence of God

We can explore several arguments of numerous unusual types for the existence of God. People have considered that an efficient balanced argument for God’s presence is a significant initial pace in opening the intellect to the prospect of religious conviction – in understanding some of the obstructions and wreckage that abstains individuals from pleasing the thought of divine exposure gravely.

Amongst the major twenty types of Arguments for the Existence of God, the strongest I perceive is “Argument from Religious Knowledge.”

Argument for the Existence of God from Religious Knowledge

An unlike kind of experience reclines in the incredible heart core of many individuals’ religious faith. Some types of experiences are sensed deliberately; one realizing its fundamental significance in life or existence. However, another kind stays induced in innermost essence of person’s disposition.

However, at this time there is definitely a quarrel pertaining to God’s being; made with the information connected with this sort knowledge. It’s not at all a quarrel which actions by one’s own practical knowledge in your own affirmation of which God is out there. Noticeably, most people likely don’t have a desire for this kind of controversy. Alternatively, this kind of controversy actions with an additional course: through the widespread fact connected with religious practical knowledge towards the pronouncement of which merely a divine fact can effectively describe the idea. It can be complicated to affirm this argument conclusively. However it could rather be infer in following steps.

Many individuals belonging various ages as well as regarding various countries state to get acquired an experience on the spiritual.

It is beyond the belief that lots of persons happen to be so completely unsuitable about the distinctiveness in addition to information of their personal contingency.

Hence, there’s a “divine” actuality which a lot of individuals from dissimilar periods and traditions have noticed.

Now again, the question arises that does God – the Ultimate Creator and Beneficial of the whole galaxy – really exists or it’s just a perception? A lot of people recognize their familiarity of divination in this approach; they are jointed with or linked over ceaseless and irresistible awareness and love, which fills them with itself but considerably surpass their aptitude to accept, or in such way, as they state. Another question crops up here; Are we able enough to judge them and then believe?

According to Peter Kreeft, there’s a huge amount of these kinds of statements. Sometimes these are true or perhaps definitely not. While analyzing these, we ought to think about;

The actual regularity of these assertions – are they reliable or not and does they relate and justify the reasonable facts we already know?

The type of the people who help make most of these declarations – are these people honest, literate and honorable?

The issues most of these encounters have experienced of their own existence plus the existence regarding some others – have they become more genuine, reasonable and gentle after their religious incident?

It really is extremely hard for a person to lie out early in advance; just how research in to this specific decree regarding claims and assertions along with characters, may have an impact on many individuals. A person is then unable to claim early in advance just how it’s going to have an impact on a person. But it is usually a proof; it has numerous confident individuals; and yes it cannot be ignored. Sometimes in actuality, we all consider, very often, that this verification is usually less encountered as laid off using brilliant modern trademarks.

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Foundations and Emergence of the Universe

Many cultures and religions have tales concerning the emergence and foundation of Universe. According to Brewer (2011), some religions and civilizations believe that universe came into being by hatching from the egg, later laid on the waters and etc. In one more story, the universe is produced from the merger of male and female divine beings. Additionally, the Universe emerged when wrecked matters, such as the carcass of a dead god, blended with other materials or when some universal spirit combined with the nature. Islam however, holds a bit different view about emergence of Universe. It considers God to be the Creator and that it took six ayams (levels or days) to create seven heavens and earth.

Emergence and foundation of Universe is humankind’s earliest and everlasting interest. Long-ago, when this question was heaved, there was no vagueness, since no matter whom the person was or what his course was, barely two possible kinds of answers from which to select – something from nothing, or always existing – existed.

The most interesting theory about the emergence of Universe is the famous Big-Bang Theory. It suggests that 11 to 15 million years ago, all the matter and vitality ended up being concentrated straight into a mass of the atom. At this time, matter, vitality, area and time period would not survive. Subsequently all of a sudden, the universe did start to grow from an incredible bulk and matter, vitality, area and time period came into being. Because earth expanded, matter did start to coalesce straight into propane clouds, after which celestial stars and planets. This theory has been accepted by most scientists.

When all these theories and beliefs are considered, it is impossible to recognize the foundations of the Universe. But when observed in the insight of Philosophy of Religion and different chapters of Bible and Testament are considered, God lays the foundation of Universe. As Hebrews 1:10 mentions; in the beginning, O Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands.

Can one be moral and not believe in God?

Humans need not embrace in virtually any faith or religion to be able to use a sense involving morally right or perhaps not. Meaningful rectitude will be pure, rather than predicated in great trust. Morality is a product or service involving social, definitely not faith based discussion. Sadly, this wrongly diagnosed indisputable fact that humans are not beneficial with out professing any belief from the ‘supreme being’ or perhaps with out belonging to any faith will be one who will be dominating generally in most organizations around the globe. This wrongly diagnosed strategy is basically in charge of deficit of development with people aspects of man lifetime in which made use of exercising moral authority.

One who is ethical but does not have faith in God may suppose, for instance, there is only an imaginative standard at effort in the Universe. They could moreover admit a desire satisfying preference in the person’s intellect a need to be ingredient of some better whole or reason, which is the annex, or side-effect, of our sole self-awareness and comprehension of our ultimate demise. As inhabitants of this universe, we do not require to fit in to any religious conviction so as to possess a sagacity of moral true or mistake. Moral decency is innate and not centered on mystic belief.

Thomas Ash, in his article states that one particular reason why a few theists feel that morality presumes God’s presence will be that will their morals appears to allow their beings apparent function, creating these individuals speculate precisely what function atheists may offer intended for independently.

Reconciliation between God, Evil and Science

Evil is an incredibly actual existence on the globe. It is so since human beings have permitted it to be. God is not powerless against wickedness but has a preparation by which persons could possibly be keeping from the outcome of our private crime. God has done His duty to protect his creatures from their one another’s’ immorality. According to Brooke and Geoffrey, science and religion are not contradicted at all. Religion and science work jointly to bring-up a comprehensive indulgence of the world by reciprocally exemplifying one another. However, science and religion pretense no hazards to each other, except that they do not sustain each other’s responsibility either; they are basically apprehensive with inaccessible situations of matters.

God’s Omniscience and Human Freewill – Rational Argument for Atheism

God is All-Powerful. This means that He has the authority to arbitrate and organize the courses of life and human affairs as he perceives vigorous. If God would like definite things to occur at a specified time he can carry on it regarding those proceedings move in that route. If he wants any person to come into subsistence or carry out any definite task, he can make him perform it, most likely without that person being conscious of any intervention. Hence God can know about future of humans, thus free will turns out to be nothing (Wolterstorff, 1982).

Regarding arguments given by Atheists on the Existence of God, I strongly disagree with them. In order to move from atheism to theism, the person ought to gather more and more evidences. The atheist might be close-minded, lack the ability to see amazement of nature, morally illiterate, or even have never come across any “miracle”.


Presume another person claims to you that all these kinds of ordeals are either the result of injuries to the temporal lobe or even associated with neurotic despotism. Under no circumstances, these tend to accomplish many people verify the truth associated with several divine truth. Just what may possibly be your first impulse be? You might think again more than that will huge certification associated with reports and enquire of by yourself if that could be correct. And you may possibly deduce: “No. Given this multitude change, associated with assertions, along with the quality of living of these people, indicates unbelievably that those who made these claims are therefore completely wrong with regards to these people or even insanity or some brain disorder might cause this kind of outstanding amazing benefit along with magnificence.

So, by considering all these facts and theories, I find this theme more superior that God DOES exist. He is all around us, and it’s His freewill that fashions us and our actions, attitude and behavior.


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