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Comparing Politics In The Us And Saudi Arabia Politics Essay

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A political system is the system of the government and usually the government works to develop their political system. In most countries, the political system has some weaknesses and strengths points because nothing can be perfect also; it has some similarities and differences between countries to other country. Countries’ success depends on the political system because the political system is significant to development the country. United States is one of greatest countries on the earth because it has superior political system. Although Saudi Arabia does not compare with success of United States, they are attempting to be more achievement in the world. The political systems of United States and Saudi Arabia have some similarities and differences.

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United states and Saudi Arabia have a competent authority to discuses and give the rules for the country. In United States, the Congress has the power to formulate the rule. The Congress decides the rule to be appropriate for the government and they decide to improve their country to be more powerful and successful. For instance, after the war between United States and Vietnam, the Congress decided to stop the conscription because it did not help the country. The Congress put the rules appropriate for society because United States is multicultural and multi-religions country. The religion sometime against some rules but the Congress decides to be away of problems. In Saudi Arabia, Majles Alshora has the right to make the rules. Majles Alshora decides the rules suitable with Islamic religion. For example, Saudi Arabia has capital punishment because it is part of Islamic religion also, everything is close at the pray times accept hospitals and clinics so it is close five times a day. Majles Alshora makes the rules suitable for society but it has to be compatible with Islamic religion. For instance, they have free education and they give students wages to encourage them to study because the knowledge is part of Islamic religion. In conclusion, the rules in United States and Saudi Arabia have the same way to decide it.

The foreign relations of United States and Saudi Arabia are similar to each other because, they have diplomatic relations with most countries. United States has diplomatic relations with most countries and it has problems with some countries in the Middle East so, United States has perfect relations with most countries with the exception of Middle East. For instance, it has great relation with United Kingdom, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, United States is fighting the terrorism especially in the Middle East so, United States has some war in the Middle East. For instance, it has war with Iraq because they said Iraq was terrorist country also, it has war in Afghanistan because they are fighting Al-Qaida and many countries help them to end the terrorist in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has diplomatic relations with most countries also; it has problems with some countries in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has a political relation with most European, Asian, African and American countries so; they have political relation with most countries because Saudi Arabia has petrol and every country needs the petrol because it is the main energy source in the world. However, Saudi Arabia has some problems with some countries in the Middle East such as Iran and Israel because, Iran helps the terrorist people in Saudi Arabia and there is a religion problem with Israel. In conclusion, United States and Saudi Arabia have the same foreign relations because the political relations with most countries accept in the Middle East.

In spite of these similarities, these two Countries have some differences.

The leadership in United States and Saudi Arabia has huge differences because United States has presidential system and Saudi Arabia has a monarchy system. The president of United States is the chief of States and government and has the highest political official by influence and recognition the United States. People have the right to vote for their president in United States because this is United States’ policy. Every four years the citizen vote for president. The president should lead the country for four years or eight years. For instance, the citizen in United States voted for George W. Bush before he leaded the country for four years and, when his four years has finished, the citizen voted for him again however, he cannot be president of United States because he was president for eight years. But on the other hand, Saudi Arabia has totally different leadership system because Saudi Arabia has monarchy system. Saudi Arabia has royal family and the king has to be from the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The first king of Saudi Arabia was king Abdul-Aziz bin Abdurrahman because he was the Saudi Arabia’s founder. Before he died, he established his son Saud to be the king Of Saudi Arabia. The king leads the country until he dies and the royal family chooses one to lead the country. For instance, King Fahad bin Abdul-Aziz had been the king of Saudi Arabia for twenty three years until he died after that the royal family had chosen his brother Abdulla to be king and he is the king of Saudi Arabia until now. In short, There are quite differences between Unites States and Saudi Arabia in the leadership because, the system in United States is presidential and kingdom in Saudi Arabia.

The other different between the political system of United States and Saudi Arabia is the economy. United States and Saudi Arabia have the larger economy in the world but they have differences in the economic system. United States has a capitalist mixed economy so; United States’ economy depends on industrial. United States has many of largest company in many things in the world such as vehicles’ manufacturing, computer companies and aircrafts factories. However, The companies have been dropping since the last global financial crises that affected most countries and companies. For instance, General Motors is one of greatest companies and it is American’s company also the government supports it but it affected by the last global financial crises. United States encourages the population to have their own business to increase the United States economy because economic of the country depends on the public business. But on the other hand, Saudi Arabia has an Islamic economy system so the Islamic economy system is what written in the Quran and also Saudi Arabia’s economy depends on petrol. The economy of Saudi Arabia is one of the greatest countries because of the petrol moreover Petrol is abundantly in Saudi Arabia. Although the last global financial crises had affected most countries, Saudi Arabia had made outrageous profit because the price of oil had reached into the highest level. Saudi Arabia exports the petrol to many countries on the world because it exports more than eight millions barrel per a day. In conclusion, some countries have differences in economic system and United States and Saudi Arabia are one of these countries.

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The political system of United States and Saudi Arabia: different, yet alike. Although the two countries differ in many parts such as diverse in the economic system and command system adopted various between them. In addition, the difference assist to have some similarities because there are no countries has entirely different. However, there are some similarities between United States and Saudi Arabia in many parts at the political system for example the two countries has the same foreign relation specially in the Middle East and the most important resemblance is the competent authority to establish the rules.


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