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Effect of Politics on Economy and Healthcare

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Affairs and Effects Politics Have in America

Politics have been in making positive and negative affairs and effects in America for years to come. Politics have access to something called power and politics is about who gets what, when, why, and how and makes big impacts on America. Power can mean a lot of different things, but in this situation power means getting someone to do something that the person being told or forced to do doesn’t really want to do. Politics has an effect on different subjects, such as war, economics, and healthcare. One example that politics has an effect on is economics.

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Politics and economics are two units that go hand and hand with each other. A question that was being asked on Tejvan Pettinger’s website page is “Why can’t politics and economics be seen in isolation?” One answer to this question can be the fact that the economy doesn’t have to be with or agree to what politics say or do. Economics is interested in making an impact for the economy while politics like to make impacts with power through major sources like the government, or the elections and political parties. Also, a reason why politics and the economy is so strong is because the economy is a big part in politics, although, politics and economics have different thoughts and beliefs. Pettinger’s quotes, which is also a few answers to the question, “Why can’t politics and economics be seen in isolation?” is being stated: “Economics is concerned with studying and influencing the economy. Politics is the theory and practice of influencing people through the exercise of power, e.g. governments, elections and political parties” (Pettinger). Pettinger also states: “In theory, economics could be non-political. An ideal economist should ignore any political bias or prejudice to give neutral unbiased information and recommendations on how to improve the economic performance of a country. Elected politicians could then weigh up this economic information and decide” (Pettinger). “In practise, there is a strong relationship between economics and politics because the performance of the economy is one of the key political battlegrounds. Many economic issues are inherently political because they lend themselves to different opinions” (Pettinger). The political economy is a big part of politics in economics with the topic of sovereign debt along with global finance and electrical cycles. Stephen B. Kaplan, written an article from George Washington University informs on what the political economy is expecting out of politicians on what they should and shouldn’t do. For example, in the first sentence of his article Stephen B. Kaplan quotes by stating: “Political economy theory expects politicians to use budget deficits to engineer and electric-timed boom, known as the political business cycle” (Kaplan 605)

Economics is indeed, popular in America and politics do have a necessary, arguably effect on, but economics is not just a “one brand” thing. In other words, economics is not just a single object, economics can branch out into many different topics, especially dealing with politics and the American government. There is all sides of economics and types of economics but one example of economics is the supply side economics. Another question that was being asked on Pettinger’s website, which is on the supply side economics topic is “What are the benefits of supply side economics, mainly for the working class, which also means the middle class of citizens that live in America?” What is really being wanted to know by this question is the pros and cons of the supply side economics, which also means what can and also can’t help? Pettinger answered and said, “Supply side policies encompasses a range of different policies that seek to reduce tax rates and government intervention in the economy. In the US, supply side economics became synonymous with the Laffer Curve theory and the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980s. It is also referred to as ‘trickle down economics’” (Pettinger). The tax reduction means that the tax rates is going down for the middle-class citizens of America.

Although, that is not the only thing that supply-side economics is about. Pettinger tells about supply-side economics on his website and said, “On the other hand, economists may have a preference to promoting greater equality in society and be more willing to encourage government intervention to pursue that end. If you set different economists to report on the desirability of income tax cuts for the rich, their policy proposals are likely to reflect their political preferences. You can always find some evidence to support the benefits of tax cuts, you can always find some evidence to support the benefits of higher tax” (Pettinger) Pettinger is stating that, yes, economists may prefer for spreading equality in our society and to encourage government intervention, but if we set different economists reporting on the awfulness of income tax for the wealthy and fortunate, their policy proposals are more than likely going to reflect on their political preferences.

Another thing that politics have affairs and effects on that is dealt with in America daily is not just economics, but the healthcare that has become a big deal in America. Healthcare is a huge need that is well necessary for our society and citizens of America. Although, not everyone in America can afford any type of healthcare under any circumstances due to financial issues. Godfrey Hodgson talks about in a website about America politics and health care and states: “The health care crisis is upon us. In response to soaring costs, a jumbled patchwork of insurance programs, and critical problems in delivering medical care, some kind of national health insurance has seemed in recent years to be an idea whose time has finally come in America” (Hodgson). “For those not protected by insurance–and often for those who are partially protected–illness means financial disaster” (Hodgson).

As a summarization to Hodgson’s quotes about the healthcare in America, Hodgson is trying to get across to Americans in our society that healthcare is upon us and healthcare is well needed. Also, informing that it is necessary and reasonable to describe that people of America can’t live without the usage of healthcare. Along with that, citizens of America that is not covered by any insurance, or citizens of America which those who do have any type of insurance and by all means is somewhat covered, still will not be capable to financially afford to be ill or sick due to the fact that the price of healthcare being a complex, financial situation. Which then leads to a solution called the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obamacare.

Obamacare is known for being a problem in America since former President, Barack Obama invented the health insurance. Obamacare was invented for citizens of America that had lack of healthcare insurance and was well in need.  Daniel Beland talks about the affordable healthcare which is Obamacare and states: “Although the Affordable Care Act is a highly complex piece of legislation featuring many regulatory and intergovernmental provisions meant to address lack of health insurance coverage affecting a variety of different groups, Medicare and Social Security are much more focused programs offering benefits primarily to the elderly. Both Medicare and Social Security originated as part of larger pieces of legislation that included other key provisions” (Beland).

As a summarization of Daniel Beland’s quotes that was used to describe the Affordable Care Act which is also known as Obamacare, is describing how Obamacare is popular and how highly known the Affordable Care Act is and how popular this type of insurance is. Although, Medicare and Social Security are programs that are having more attention payed to, which is more popular than Obamacare and those two insurances are mostly beneficial for citizens that are elderly, retired, on disability and so on.

Although, Beland talks about Obamacare, the Medicare, and Social Security, the question about Obamacare is, “Is Obamacare worth using?” “What is the pros and cons of Obamacare?” Obamacare is most definitely useful to those who have lack of healthcare insurance. Although, all people hear or talk about Obamacare is most of the time in a negative perspective. Kimberly Arnadeo informs the pros and cons of Obamacare and the benefits and disadvantages of this healthcare system. “Obamacare has a lot of benefits that most people don’t know about” (Arnadeo). “That’s because negative messages about Obamacare outnumbered positive messages fifteen to one” (Arnadeo) This defines a very significant reason on why Donald Trump decided to do away with Obamacare and find a better solution because of all the negative that was being spoken about Obamacare. “Even three years after it was approved, 54 percent of Americans opposed the Act. It led to Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace it” (Arnadeo).

One of the reasons why Americans would choose Obamacare is because Obamacare is supposed to lower all healthcare cost. Which would also benefit Americans that have a lack of healthcare insurance. “The biggest benefit of the ACA is that it lowers overall healthcare costs” (Arnadeo). “It does this by providing insurance for millions and making preventive care free” (Arnadeo). Also, another beneficial reason for Americans that decide to use Obamacare as their healthcare insurance is that children can use their parent’s healthcare insurance until they reach the mid-20s ages. That would give the parent’s children plenty of time to use their parent’s healthcare insurance until it is time for them to be financially eligible to provide their own healthcare. “Children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans up to age 26. As of 2012, more than three million previously uninsured young people were added” (Arnadeo).

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These two examples that are beneficial to Americans that have a lack of healthcare insurance are two fantastic examples of why Americans that struggle to have insurance can have Obamacare as their insurance. It would be affordable, not just for the parents, but the children can use this insurance to buy a window to be financially eligible to provide their own healthcare insurance when needed. It seems as if Obamacare is nothing but well. There are reasons why over half of the Americans in the United States decided to go against Obamacare, or the ACA. Before the ACA was invented, families could deduct 7.5 percent of income, which was medical expenses. Obamacare increased the percentage by 2.5 percent when it was invented, which also means that the income increased to 10 percent, and led to a downfall of the ACA. “Starting in 2013, families could only deduct  medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of income” (Arnadeo). “Before, they could deduct expenses that exceeded 7.5 percent of income” (Arnadeo). Another downfall on the ACA or Obamacare is that the ACA would tax citizens that did not use or couldn’t have insurance.  “The ACA taxed those who didn’t purchase insurance. Many could avoid the tax through an ever-expanding list of exemptions” (Arnadeo).

Healthcare insurance and economics can possibly be two of the biggest effects politics have on America. Then again healthcare insurance and economics are not the only two things that politics have effects and affairs on. Another topic that politics have affairs and effects on in America is war. War is commonly used through politics in America. Although, North Atlantic democracies seem to have such a difficult time accomplishing political ends through military forces. One reason why war happens is because two different units or opponents seem to disagree or don’t get along with their forces or powers. “Political conflict often turns into war simply because the opponents disagree as to their relative power” (Bassford). “The resort to naked force is the only way to determine the truth” (Bassford).

Kupert Smith informs about how the North Atlantic uses force through countries that America has visited and have seemed to fail and then turn into a political outcome. “Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and its allies have used force in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and the former Yugoslavia, in each case enjoying a massive material advantage over the enemy” (Smith). “Every time, however, the military advantage has failed to produce a decisive political outcome” (Smith). War and politics have a relationship and go hand and hand. Christopher Bassford describes war and the relationship between politics and war. “War is a social phenomenon. Its logic is not the logic of art, nor that of science or engineering, but rather the logic of social transactions” (Bassford). As being informed in the beginning of the first page, politics is all about power and as being described in Bassford’s article. “The two different terms we have used, policy and politics, both concern power” (Bassford).

Another example of war in politics is about war in politics after the horrifying incident of 9/11. People in our society may not think that politics that involve war may not have made a big change of impact, but Tom Rockmore informs on how politics and war have changed since 9/11 and how politics and war have become more intense. Although politics can be comprehended in all different types of forms, not forgetting that humans in nature are being born into what politics are currently being socialized, in which, in other words, humans in nature learn from politics. Rockmore quotes in the first page of his first paragraph by stating: “’Politics’ can be understood in different ways, including the fact that human beings are born into and determined by the social context into which they are socialized, within which they learn to speak, whose ideas and ideals they take on, and so on” (Rockmore 74). Since 9/11, the American government, politics, and our military infinstructure, have played an important, huge role in war and have visited many countries including Afghanistan and Iraq. “In the U.S., political considerations have recently played an important role after 9/11 in authorizing two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the GWT” (Rockmore 74).

In conclusion, politics have always been involved or been a part of economics, war, and healthcare insurance. These three topics have been three of the biggest issues politics deal with daily and knowing a good chance that nothing is going to change. Most recently, politics have dealt with healthcare insurance more than war or economics because of Barack Obama was our former President of the United States and Obama himself invented the “Obamacare Healthcare Plan”, or which is also known as “Affordable Care Act” because when Obama was in office, he felt as if it was necessary to invest in a health insurance for Americans that have a lack of insurance to receive a chance to provide health insurance for themselves so Americans can live without knowing that Americans in society will never have to worry about finding health insurance.

All three of these topics should have given great examples on why American citizens in society should pay attention to politics more and how politics have an effect for America whether it is on a positive or negative standpoint. Added to that, Americans in society that have complaints about the politics and economics that economics does not have to agree or play the same role as politics or in a political form and that economics is meant to influence the economy and politics is meant to influence through power using the government, elections, and political parties as their tool.


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