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Overview of Donald Trump’s Presidency

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Donald Trump is the current and 45th president of the United States. Trump is a Republican who won the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. Donald Trump was known before getting anything political as a businessman and television personality. Once into politics and winning the presidential election he was done some not so good things. However not everything was bad, he did do good things to our economy. In this essay, I am going to explain the good and bad, Donald Trump has done during his presidential term.

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Donald Trump has done good things within his years of presidency. One of those things is that he was able to save about 19 people from foreign captivity, 16 of those people were American. Trump was able to release more captives in two years than Obama could. Trump did this without releasing terrorist leaders or sending any money to rogue regimes. He was also able to have manufacturing jobs grow rapidly, the fastest it has ever been in about 23 years. This made the unemployment rate go down to the lowest it has ever been for America. Especially those who did not graduate with a highschool diploma. Not only was Trump able to improve the unemployment rate in America but he was able to communicate with both political parties. He communicated with both political parties about common issues that need resolution in our country. Those common issues are things such as criminal justice reform, opioid abuse, and sex trafficking, things that need to decrease in our country. Additionally, he created a law called the “Right To Try” which gives people in their final stages of life access to experimental medication. Donald Trump has also made the oil producing better, good enough that it passes both Saudi Arabia and Russia. For a record, Trump has confirmed about 85 judges within his first two years. Two of them were Supreme court justices, 30 appellate court judges, and 53 district judges. He has also helped the United States by being able to pull them out of an Iranian nuclear deal that was happening. Finally, Trump was able to propose a tax cut and federal regulations cut that he was able to execute.

Trump has done not such great things while in presidency either. “ About a year ago, right after he decided to make a deal to have his wall built, he made a comment about third world countries.” His comment was that third world countries are “shithole countries”, making a lot of people very upset. His deal that he was proposing during the time was giving not only legal status, but citizenship for roughly about 1.8 million young illegal immigrants in the United States. Trump kept putting himself in situations that many people in the United States are not thrilled about at all. For example, he had a policy on separating migrant children from their families at the border, which should be unacceptable since these are children that we are talking about. Separating children from their parents is not morally at all. The only thing understandable in that situation is not wanting illegal immigrants passing the border without any documentation to be in America. In regards to military situation that Trump tackled, he pulled out American troops from Syria. Trump claims he would defeat the terrorist group ISIS, but state not defeated still. Not a single member of his national security team agrees with his decision towards withdrawing those troops from Syria. Donald Trump has done things that people believe it is an embarrassment to the United States as a country and to himself as well. For example, when he met with Russia president, Vladimir Putin, Putin wanted to assassinate a important dissident that belonged on British soil using chemical weapons that are actually banned. Trump believes that in that situation, Putin is right to do that. Siding with those type of actions is not what people wanted to hear, especially coming from the president of the United States. Trump has done other things that can affect his votes in the future election. He drove away suburban voters and the GOP to lose control of the House. If he wants those votes for reelection, he needs to have suburban Republican voters back in the GOP. On his twitter account, he has many offensive tweets that look really bad since he is president. It reminds everyone who do not like Trump on why they do not because of his comments about things. Such as when he was running as presidential candidate, he said on national television that “Mexicans or illegal immigrants come to America only to bring in violence such as killers, rapist, and etc.” Those things to say are a really big deal which created a lot of protest about him. Especially people who are immigrants, many came to have a better life. Trump supporters have also made very racial slurs against many different race, which makes many people hate Trump and the people who support everything about him.

During his presidency, Trump has had the longest government shutdown in American history. The government shutdown was for Trump to get his deal on building the wall he wants. It was a big deal when he was running for president. The government shutdown lasted about 34 days, and within those days, he was trying to get approval for his funding on the wall. Trump did not get he wanted, but made a compromised on a deal that was being given to him. That is when the government shutdown ended. The deal was assembled by senior members of both political parties, which included 1.375 billion dollars for the funding a new fence along the Mexico border. Which is far from what Trump originally asked for, which he originally asked for about 18 to 13 billion dollars. It was said recently that around 2020, Trump would asked for roughly 8.6 billion dollars more for the funding of his wall. The wall Trump wants to build, he first claimed that he would make Mexico pay for everything. As of now, it is costing America. Trump supporters are happy with Trump idea on building a wall on the Mexico border. Those who are anti- Trump, not so much. They do not understand why another wall needs to be built when there already is one.

In conclusion, Trump has done things that are somewhat benefiting our country, but has also said or done things to embarrass our country. Donald Trump still has this year, 2019 and 2020 to finish his term as president of the United States. A lot of time for more good or bad things to happen within those years. Many things has already happened during his presidency. Overall, things have changed either for good or bad, but like what people say “He still our president whether he like him or not.”

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