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Power, Politics and Leadership in the Organization

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PMC 140Project Leadership

Political Leadership in the Organization


The Outline of the Topic is based on the Power, Politics and Leadership in the Organization.

Design – The Questionnaires are as follows

Why Politics is important in the workplace how much do we play with it to achieve the reputation or position in your organization?

What is meant by power in the organization, how it helps to achieve the leadership qualities?

What will be the impacts on Leadership Qualities and Leaders especially in their personalitybyplaying politics and having power in the organization?

Keywords– Leadership qualities, behaviour, politics in workplace.

value -The findings of this paper contribute to the understanding of the relationships between leadership, performance, and politics in the workplace and in the public sector in particular.

According to the survey from past several Years and according to my belief the word “Politics” in the organization is creating the hoax to its original term. Power, Politics and Leadership are the three important factors in the workplace that leads to the success in shortcut manner. We will discuss these three factors which has change the scenario of Organizations and leadership qualities.

Politics in the organization

Organizational Politics involves intentional acts of the influence to enhance or protect the self-interest of the individuals or the groups. It is an unpreventable and basic reality. Workplace politics is a very human phenomenon that tends to arise in organizations with at least one degree of separation between authoritative decisions.

Politics need not be nasty some of it can be safe, like perhaps a director is having a good understanding with another director over which team has better performance. This isn’t a direct goal laid out by the senior management, but ultimately it can be concluded that a little internal competition between departments would overall improve quality.

Corporate politics naturally have something to do with people attempting to move ahead their careers. This sometimes goes against the welfare of the company as a whole, against principles of fairness, and is generally speaking something you usually don’t want to be a part of. Sometimes there are overly ambitious but poorly performing managers. They focus on making everyone else look bad at all costs possible to secure their employment and promotions, which bleeds into daily operation. For instance if two game developers are working on the same product from different teams, and if there is a problem, they will engage in long irrelevant work rather than constructive work.

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Sometimes there will be slight attempts at challenging teams. For example, let’s say you are taking over a code base from someone and they intentionally leave out some vital details during the facts transfer. Alternatively they can choose to control on the data, they look in disposable, and hint that you cannot do the job that they used to do. Ultimately, if you do nothing about it, these kinds of people will excavate trenches around you and make you look bad before senior management. Perception is everything in this kind of a nature of politics, and sadly sometimes you have to play this game to survive. Yes some people play the game just for themselves and are dishonest in what they do. These people are the people who get praise for what others did and who will stab you in the back. The best way to keep the bad people from succeeding though is to play the political game yourself. People can’t take unmerited praise for what management already knows you did. But if you have good information and want them adopted by the association, if you want to get promoted to the next level, if you want to defend yourself and your status, you need to play the game. Technical people hate this, but it is true. No one can manage to pay for not to be part of the political game at work. It makes you more helpful. (what-does-politics-mean-in-a-corporate-environment, 2012)

Impact of Power in the Organization and Achievements in the Leadership Qualities.

Let me draw your attention to the interesting thing that Have you ever notice that the Senior Management probably knows more about what’s going on at work than you?

Power in the workplace can be a delicate thing. Every day, we need to get the people around us to do things. There are many legal things we need others to do: the report you’re waiting on from another department or delegating work to those under you in the organization. But the line that defines getting work done from reinforcing your own position is a misty one at best. That’s why you want to be familiar with the various types of power that you’re given in theworkplace. Of course, the game of power is a tantalizing one and we can’t cover every kind of authority.

You have three main sources of power: role power, expert power and relationship power. Let’s break down each and give examples of when to use them.

Role Power– Role power is theauthority that is given based on the element you play at work. Role power is the most direct kind of power; for example, Managers has power over the staff who report to him. While this is the most understandable example, role power doesn’t always flow instantly down. You may have extra role power in a specific context, such as leading up a project that gives you success in your work and input from people higher up the food chain than you.These roles are of people whose jobs, in reality end up being much more important than they initially seem on documents. If you’re in one of these types of roles, you may have control over valuable projects or information.

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The obvious way to gain more role power is toget promoted, but there are things you can do to improve in the role you have. Look at the work that makes up your day-to-day job. You can ask to suggest something else that could be done in this area, even if it’s just creating an excel spreadsheet that looks at some data in a different way. If it’s necessary to the company, you want to be part of it.

Expert power-Expert power is the power that comes from yourskills and information. A lot of the weight you carry at work comes from the quality of your results and the knowledge you bring to the table. Why is it that out of the whole sales team, people in your office pay more respect to the top salesman. Because whatever he’s doing, it’s working. He’s creating results, and that makes people respect his view and listen when he speaks.

Think about the experts at your work. You don’t know the process, but the knowledge and the results speak for themselves. Bottom line: You pay your respect the people at work who are good at what they do. The good news is that you’re continuously increasing your expert power as you continue your workingcareer. All things being equal, we apt to view those who’ve been doing something for longer as having more smart. Then again, we also look down on those who’ve done the same thing for years but are stuck in their ways and struggling. Stay dynamic: Learn new skills, learn more about your business and keep bringing new ideas and new results to the table.

Relationship power-Relationship power is the authority you have on others based on your relationship with them. Relationship power is anything in your relationship with others that makes them want to do things for you. Of the three kinds of power, relationship power is the easiest to use, as everyone has a craving to get along at work and for things to go smoothly. Even if you don’t want to be friends with the people you work with, you still want to get along and get through your days as smoothly as possibly.Relationshipsare the lubricant that keeps the wheels turning smoothly. It’s not just about friendship either: Favours done and returned, or even quick replies with needed information when people ask for it can go a long way toward increasing your social power.

Being generally helpful and nice is a huge start. You don’t need to be an easy target but be relaxed and help others move company projects forward. When one of your co workers does a good job, give them credit for it. Do the occasional favour as long as youwantto do it and aren’t being walked on. Everyone has problems, and the day may come when you need to call in that favour. If you have extra time in the morning, bring the crew in some coffee and doughnuts one day. Don’t forget, actions speak louder than words and your reputation leads you forward. It doesn’t need to be a big signal, but a little set down here and there can build up to a healthy bank balance in your social-circle account.

Poweris one of the oldest and most elusive games, and there is still no definitive guide to the stuff. Just because power can never be mastered doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making it work for you. Start today to carve out some power for yourself. By paying attention to your role, expert and relationship power, you can begin to control your leadership. (the-three-types-of-power-at-work.html)


Impacts on Leadership Qualities and their Personality byplaying politics and having power in the organization

According to the Power and Politics I want you to pull your attention on the Impacts on Leadership Qualities and the change in their Personality by playing Bad politics in the workplace. Let me take the illustrative example of how some Boss goes mad through the office.

If your boss is not impressed with you, there’s a good chance that your colleagues are feeling it, too and reacting to the negative energy in turn. Anew study suggests that bullying bosses affect not just the victim of their anxiety, but the victim’s co workers as well, making life miserable for an entire group of colleagues. This phenomenon, second hand bullying, may also have an unintentional impact on the company as well, since it can seriously affect employee’s self-esteem and opinion of the company as a whole. The phenomenon known as abusive direction is one of the more dysfunctional types of leadership, they point out, but it’s one that’s gaining more notice as a very real problem in the workplace.

Office bullying is defined as subordinates perceptions of the amount to which supervisors engage in the constant display of aggressive verbal and nonverbal behaviours, excluding physical contact. And this type of psychological bullying often goes on much longer than physical abuse, since it’s less understandable but can be more dangerous, leaving long-lasting scars. But as mentioned, abusive supervision doesn’t just affect the person at whom it’s directed it can affect an entire office. Its occurrence can extend to others second hand, as they hear about it or witness it occurring in co workers and friends. And if it spreads to other people, it may be likely to affect employees overall perception of the company they work for and, in true domino effect, this can affect the efficiency of the company itself. In other words, it’s not something to be taken calmly from a social or a business perspective.

To these ends, the authors wanted to measure the effects of rude supervision and explicit abusive supervision on employees’ frustration, the likelihood of co worker abuse, which is how supportive employees perceive their company to be. Top management needs further education regarding the potential impacts of sensational abuse supervision on employees to prevent and mitigate the effects of such abuse. They next hope to look at the effects of both types of abusive management on people in other lines of work, and within specific companies.

According to the survey and research in the industry and exploring the real life examples of Victims who have suffered a lot in politics in the workplace, I believe that Politics is Good at its certain level to raise you in the terms of Leaders, it’s quality and behaviour, but it’s bad also as when you mess with it in wrong manner. It can bring a person from Rags to Riches or viceversa.So we should often play Politics in the workplace. (Walton, 2013)


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