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Summary of Federalist No 10: James Madison

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Federalist Papers No. 10 created by James Madison explains the strong factual points that hold values within the Constitution in establishing a government that protects the people. Federalist Papers helped in removing the faction in which the benefits economic interests and plans were met for the people within such groups. These groups were problematic because of how they went against the interest of the people and causing harm. Another statement pointed given by Madison is the collective interest of the majority and minority that are united by a cause with common desire and interest. As well as advertising the rights to other citizens and add interest of the community. This paper further gives a reason on the importance of interest groups and political parties in America in forming into what we now know. Including ways further, inform the citizen on how these groups can affect them in their community.

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It can that Madison condernes and wanted to create a system were both the minority and majority inequality. Another point he gives is complaints are all over detected from the citizens, friends, family, religion, public and personal liberty. Where the statement made by Madison is that the government has become unstable, where the public good is forgotten within the conflicts of rival parties. With Madison statement “the measures are often set  not in step with the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, however, are controlled by superior force of an interested and domineering majority.” (93). In which the removal of this liberty was part of Madison’s consideration however the negative of the remove out weight problem of the faction. While the idea of the Federalist No. 10 in helping control the faction is a great idea, this notion was able to work more in the time of its period because the nation as a whole was much smaller. There is great importance to the interest of the public opinion and interest groups and political parties being a large part of the American policies. Where it can be seen that factions cannot be completely abolished where framers chose a method that can control faction by the creation of the respective government given the choice to the people on who is selected to govern. As well as breaking the government into three separate sections to further control the factions.

The two-party system of the Democratic and Republican in place can arguably be called factions because of the different interest they see as beneficial. Within these parties, there are interest groups that go forward and create motion in trying to get what they want to be heard and into law. These intense groups have their own agenda with a wide range of views within the parties and compared to each other. Because of the large categories of both parties, there is a wide range of diversity it creates strong supporting groups. With a wide range of people, there is a less likelihood of a faction group gaing control, by voting and creating legislative that are more beneficial to those within the group. The Federalist Papers No. 10 can be part of the reason in place the Democratic and Republican started to take its place. Also addressing the people and assuring that a rightful individual was in a place that would make decisions that are for the greater good of the people. With the with the protection set in place, there are different variations of what faction still in place. Madison’s statement of “the various and unequal distribution of property. Those who are creditors and those who are debtors.”(95). Because the vast differences in wealth there is a wide range of unequal property divided, there is a large variety of different kinds of wealth and poverty.Where self interest group, businessmen, as well as those working in relation with the government would have more connection to state matters that are important to the individual’s opinion. Therefore the government needs to be able resolate the conflicting issues of the property and nonproperty owners.

 In the creation of these representatives where it was important to Madison that the needs of the people were met and not overshadowed by the majority rule. Therefore the creation of this system creates a wider branch of values which helps in preventing the creation of large self-interest groups. With the inclusion of the citizen choice of voting further controlled the selection that governs. In doing so it helps controlling the decision made to be more for the collected good for the people. However as long there are groups of people with different ideologies and wealth there will continue to be a form of faction. An example of interest groups and political parties today is that of the Abortion ban bill of in Alabama where one group’s views are infringing on the rights of other women creating more tension among the groups. Another example can be that of the redistricting where there is favoritism to find the distressing that is more ideal for a candidate to win. While there are still interest groups that are beneficial like that of environmental groups, welfare groups like that of helping the homeless, health and youth programs.

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 The Federalist Papers No. 10 helped in the evolution of the Democratic and Republican system is today. In which Madison state that the Constitution is the key component in which faction can be controlled. Where there is an argument that by creating larger government there is a less possibility in the formation of a large faction because of the many different interest groups formed one cannot easily take power.

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