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The Connection Between Biodiversity And International Relations Politics Essay

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I would start talking about the importance of the concept of biodiversity, as they not only have to take into account the geopolitical, economic and military with the state of the countries in the world, but today in terms of natural resources and what they can extract from them for your benefit or about development, but also understood as an aspect that includes all human beings, among all species worldwide. And the reality of Colombia as a country, state and territory among other nations.

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This leads us to delve into the background theme of environmentalism, which is what promotes and preserves the recovery of the welfare of all of nature around us, animals, plants, ecosystem in general with a sense of conservation, calling Relations international “green policy.” An awareness that we have as individuals, institutions and governments around the world, direct or indirect involvement of international relations.

This is a global issue and will have to analyze factors such as global warming, the effects of climate change on earth, the mass death of whales, the area of ​​depletion of the ozone layer, radioactive waste, pollution, leading to the consequences as acid rain, melting glaciers and the species that live there, the biological containment of GM crops, causing serious changes in the Earth in the past 35 years.

News that are heard, including the arrest of a ship with a hundred dead blue shark fishery product illegal in the Galapagos Islands, Natural Heritage of UNESCO are examples of environmental factors that are natural and analyze from the activities of environmental organizations public officials and governments around the international environment.

A study called The Arctic Climate Assess, where more than 100 scientists, found that Arctic sea ice is now 24% lower than in 1960. Also a study on the Antarctic Peninsula has found that 87% of the glaciers studied in this region have been retreating more and more from 50 years ago. This as evidence of climate change on melting of the Arctic Ocean. (Rivero, 2008)

Well for activists of these movements worldwide, the world order is inhumane, because it promotes a mentality of survival of the fittest, pursued a career thoughtless and wasteful exploitation of natural resources, and is based on the dominance of states and major projects of multinational companies often hired by the public sector, whether supported by the military and in the field of international relations, serious concerns about the natural forest area of ​​control groups like the FARC guerrillas and have only squandering their illegal logging for their illegal crops, leading glyphosate fumigations have caused drought in many regions of hybrid natural groceries from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia wasting a privilege as the “green seal” for marketing of organic products in the international community. The privilege of this stamp, you can only apply to 7 years in advance.

In California, a baby means 2 times the environmental burden to the planet than one born in Sweden, 3 times longer than one born in Italy, 13 times longer than one born in Brazil, 35 times longer than one born in India, 140 times more than one born in Bangladesh, and 280 times longer than one born in Chad, Rwanda, Haiti or Nepal. You can then move the ecological carrying California, which is the model of consumption patterns that globalization spreads, the 70 million babies born each year in the world? Science studies assert that no. (Rivero, 2008)

Being environmentally conscious is concerned about the deterioration of the environment. Example: If I say: “Industrial emissions that worsen the environmental conditions of my city”, I am referring to projects and operations of this company are affecting my life and that of other species, and therefore should have the right and the mechanisms to stop harmful processes in the industry.

In the world there have been radical environmental groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, but also in the last 35 years there have been extremist opposition groups which have been called “Anti environmentalists postmodern liberalism” or “Liberal Conservative.” These groups act against radical activists denying any environmental statement issued by radical environmentalists.

These Anti environmental groups are “unscientific”, ie fighting fiercely science. The mode of action of anti-liberal environmentalists is to review each scientific paper published in prestigious journals such as The National Academy of Sciences, Science Nature, Scientific American, etc. To misrepresent what scientists report their research results and affirm the opposite of what was said. (Ballesteros, 2002, second edition.)

For example, the NAS has been reported that global warming exists, but we do not know the effects of this in the future on the planet. NAS also said we need continuous monitoring of certain climatological parameters to recognize the course you are taking global warming. Scientific facts such as this have been modified and distorted by anti-environmentalists in the world, arguing that no scientific evidence that global warming exists. Whatever they read between the lines, distorted and altered to make the public think that the scientific issue.

These same people say that for example there is AIDS and the AIDS virus is not the cause of the disease. Actually such people is the cause of what we are now suffering in the world, even as they have been filtered, to obtain government positions utmost importance to obtain lucrative contracts from there anti-ecological, anti-ethical with respect to human health , animal and plant, using many arguments to attack real science. Many union members have done the same for abuse of reserves and parks.

The crisis of Biodiversity refers to the complete extinction of many species on our planet.

This implies a rapid decrease in the diversity of life on earth. Some causes of species extinction are habitat loss by expansion of human colonies, macro-building projects of construction companies in developed countries with geopolitical interests in unspoilt and increased reproduction and overpopulation of poor people, who for many reasons invade rural and jungle, polluting and destroying ecosystems established with toxic waste, causing pests and diseases, wasting and over-exploiting natural resources.

Human activities have caused the extinction rate has increased 50 times above the normal rate.

Biodiversity is important in the global and international political context because we depend directly from other species to dress, eat and medicines for them, it moves very high percentages of the economy in the annual GDP of world trade. The disappearance of about 40,000 species during the last two centuries is defined as a legitimate global ecological catastrophe.

50% of the surface of the earth has been devastated by the advance of human populations, agricultural and industrial activities. That have recently appeared bird species were considered extinct sometime in the past, does not mean that all species listed as extinct are hidden out there, avoiding the scrutiny of experts.

Capitalism and socialism, subsumed under the common denominator of industrialism, summarized the causes of environmental crisis. The characteristic features of this predatory lifestyle and defiling nature of the human condition are the blind faith in the continued economic growth, the expansion of the means of production and productive forces, the materialistic ethic, confidence in the technique alone will be able to solve the problems of humanity and the bureaucratic and centralist society.

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Between the rise of environmental movements, are the crisis of political parties and entities to represent and enforce the demands of citizens against state agencies. From the “structural functionalist theory, it is considered that the discontent of masses of individuals comes from the deterioration of their living conditions, expressed in the forms of economic, political and military society and the change in values ​​from a “subjectivist theory of social actors, can be explained by a change in values ​​and sensitivity of social actors.


Although it is difficult to locate in time the emergence of an environmental movement in Colombia, this has its beginnings from the struggles of indigenous and Creole for the independence of the Spanish Crown, through the struggles of workers and peasants of the early and mid twentieth century land and better working conditions, to the student and youth movements of the sixties and seventies for peace and new life forms and movements and marches in the eighties and nineties, they should not forget that Colombia has experienced an armed confrontation unresolved for more than forty years, badly affecting the environment, fauna and flora, a result of drug trafficking.

Either way, the emergence of an environmental movement takes place only after the seventies as a result of numerous forums, conferences and reports coming from international agencies and academics in the core countries, including the Stockholm Conference on Environment 1972 and the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987. Then there are the first attempts in the seventies building an environmental movement with the creation of a conservation group of the “Universidad del Tolima. Then on the other hand “the National University of Palmira promoted the inclusion of the department of ecology in the curricula of colleges of agriculture and from there it created awareness for environmental protection and natural resources.

In recent years, and given that the middle class and intellectuals have extended their frame of concern, environmental movements or fractions of these tend to assimilate European values ​​and American environmental movement, leading to many “environmentalists” to be active members or supporters of known nature advocacy organizations like Green Peace and Friends of the Earth, and other ideologies and styles to take action themselves in other international contexts.


Some political candidates in their speeches have incorporated environmental language and sought to win popular support without being able to consolidate the foundations for the emergence of a “green party” as has happened in countries like Venezuela and Brazil.

Several candidates for public corporations, waving green flags, have gained favor with the electorate. A Green Party candidate was elected mayor of Caguán-the “distension zone.” However, in the political arena, Colombia appears as a barren ground for the birth of a party “green.” The theoretical political opening that would lead to the Political Constitution of Colombia has been canceled by darker forces outside the law, but faithful defenders of the establishment.

The direct action of these movements has been driven by the inability of the state and legally constituted governments to give timely and satisfactory response to the demands of citizens. Additionally, the armed insurgency gained more space within the national territory to the point that today nearly sixty percent of the country is the presence of groups outside the law, guerrillas, paramilitaries or the newly named ‘BACRIM’ (criminal gangs of drug trafficking, organized crime and landowners to defend themselves against guerrillas and common criminals. The international community is witnessing a worrying situation.


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