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Apple vs Microsoft Compare and Comparison

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Corey Rill

Microsoft and Apple are the two biggest companies when it comes to computer manufacturing and the consumer electronics industry. The two companies have an ample of similarities and differences. Both Microsoft and Apple launched their corporations within a short period of each other. They are the highest earning rival companies, As well as the best innovators in the market as their products are some of the most widely used worldwide.

Apple Incorporated targets its efforts on the manufacture, design, and sale of consumer electronics like mobile phones, persacoms (personal computers), and televisions, as well as other similar software products. The Microsoft Corporation, on the other hand, is a computer  company that deals with the development and manufacture of software products for computers.

Apple is most known for its computer design, the Macintosh, and other entertaining gadgets like the Macbook Air, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch. The items are being improved constantly and are advancing greatly as the years go by. As such, they have been received quite well by consumers.

The Microsoft Company is most well known for their OS, or Operating System,  Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. In the software market, Apple has produced the iLife creativity and IOS phones. Other inventions from Apples baked goods sale includes the iTunes media browser and the Mac Operating System MacOS X.

In terms of production and  entering of new technologies into the market, The Corporate management at Apple seems to have a rather different strategy than that of Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that takes ideas that are already on the market and then dominates it. Apple, on the other hand, enjoys developing new ideas and making them big.  Apple identifies newborn technologies and ideas that are not used in a practical way and develops them to give them the appeal needed to be sold on the mass market and possibly to even satisfy the needs of the greater market. The examples of these are the iPhone (which was the first touchscreen phone), the Apple Watch, the GUI, the Multi-Touch, and iTunes. Microsoft identifies already established technologies and ideas  wishing to take part in its success. It does this by using It’s power as a massive industry to deal with the competition until it succeeds the market. Examples include Xbox, MSN, Bing, Zune, Windows mobile, and Windows.

Apple mostly directs its approach in making new products that will enable it to gain profit regardless of what the product is. Microsoft approaches the product line with the sole purpose of becoming the dominating company in the market no matter the profit it makes. Most companies involved with technology have followed Microsoft’s strategy of attempting to dominating the market regardless of the profits it makes. Trying to term it as the best sales strategy for a future-oriented company. However, apple has been running sturdy with good profits for more than a considerable amount of years, without the focus of dominating or arising any problems.

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In terms of features made for internet use, the companies also have different strategies. Apple does its selling using a minimalist game plan both in design and interfaces. The company narrows the clutter to  a minimum and assumes that the users do not have the time or patience to sift through the internet searching for endless possibilities. The company designs its services to provide for those with less time and more money. Microsoft is designed to give the consumer the most options possible. The corporation assumes the customer will spend hours looking for what they think is the best option. The company’s search guide shows the consumer the best way to make a choice. Microsoft does this with its target customers because they are the consumers with more time on their hands and less money to spend. For instance, apple offers  one option for buying music; their program called iTunes, while Microsoft offers thousands of searches and downloadable contents on the internet. This shows that the two companies’ marketing strategies for selling products are meant for different customers.


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