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The Ancient Astronaut Theory Theology Religion Essay

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What if everything that you thought about ancient civilization was false, what if human technology as we know it was catapulted forward by ancient visitors, what if early in human history, the earth was visited by extra-terrestrials and humans came in contact with them. The whole idea of alien visitors is very intriguing, to even think that our earth was a place for outsiders and is so hard to even fathom, this is why it is so interesting. But what other explanations are there for pieces of evidence that have been found that weren’t humanly possible for humans to create. Ancient visitors is the only theory out there right now that can explain it, and I believe in it because there is just too much evidence and not enough human technology at the time to not believe that something weird was going on. Is it so hard to believe? Is it so hard to believe that ancient hieroglyphs depicting gods and birds coming out of the sky and giving the locals tools and information were actually UFOs coming out of the sky and these gods were aliens giving them survival techniques or blueprints for gigantic structures? These are just some of the questions that fuel the ancient alien theory.

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All of this speculation about human history and contact with ancient aliens started with the Ancient Astronaut Theory which is a culmination of theories of many different scientists particularly in the latter half of the 20th century. The Ancient Astronaut Theory was mainly proposed by a scientist named Erich Von Daniken. He proposed that extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on the Earth thousands of years ago, allocating their craft with early civilizations and perpetually changing human history. The fact remains that there is so much evidence and weird happenings in our history that Von Daniken’s theory has validity. (Erich Von Daniken and Ancient Aliens)

The Ancient Astronaut Theory is definitely the umbrella over everything regarding ancient aliens and is what has led to this explosion in the past couple of years about this weird topic. The new show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel has been a harbinger for beliefs like this and has opened the eyes of scientists everywhere. It is one thing to hear about all of these ancient artifacts and crazy buildings that could not have been built by humans, but something entirely different to actually see these practically impossible feats that early humans were able to achieve with no understanding of technology and with nothing but a hammer.


-The Sky People: this was found at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala and resembles an astronaut in a space helmet.

Now there is a definite counterargument against this theory and it is about a couple of different things. Firstly, there is an argument that it would take between 600 and 1,200 light years for a system that could support life to get to Earth. Next, that if aliens actually did get here, why would they help us. And third, why would extra-terrestrials visit us a long time ago and then just stop and not visit us now? (Ljubuncic) These are three of the strongest counterarguments made against theories of ancient visitors and while they are substantial, they are explanations against them, as there are in every argument- which is what makes an argument legitimate. For the first claim, we have no idea how advanced life would be if it were to exist beyond us, they could be 600-1,200 light years ahead of us in technology so that 600-1,200 light year trip to earth is more like a year of travel. Secondly, why not help? I think that if we visited another life form and we were far more advanced than them that we would definitely help them out. And lastly, because now we are advanced enough and on our way to huge leaps in technology, the astronauts just helped us get started.

There are so many pieces of evidence that just has to raise the question, has the earth been visited my outsiders? Places like Stonehenge, and the Moai of Easter Island are filled with mysterious traits that really does make you think about what if? How could human beings without sophisticated tools or the knowledge of engineering craft, transport such incredible structures? If somebody who told you that there was a deity, who could control the universe and be able to make a planet, would it be that farfetched to believe that there were ancient visitors that came to the planet and helped civilizations with technology and tools? I took a survey asking kids who lived in my dorm if they thought just with prior background knowledge that ancient aliens actually existed or that there was some sort of outside intervention to explain things that are here on earth today. Out of 10 CU students that I asked, there were only 3 of them that thought there was no outside intervention. This is so true that people really don’t know what happened explain these structures or depictions of aliens in caves so there had to be something that was going on back then for these impossible feats to happen. All of these monumental places and weird occurrences that had happened in the past are truly amazing considering the technology that they had back then, really almost too amazing to believe that these people built them. All of these different places can all be directly related to one thing- ancient astronauts.

A place called Ollantaytambo located in Peru is an absolutely monumental fortification located about 30 miles from Machu Picchu. There is something very strange about Ollantaytambo. “The citadel served as both a temple and a fortress. At some time unknown, and for reasons unknown, work mysteriously stopped on this huge project. The gigantic monoliths are part of what was to be a shrine or temple. At some time unknown, and for reasons unknown, work mysteriously stopped on this huge project” (Barclay). At the northern end of the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo has a weird but special spirit about it. The legend goes that a white bearded God, Wiracocha, came into the town and blessed the people. The people honored him so much that they carved his face in the side of the mountain where you can see it today. Was this white bearded god perhaps a white cloaked alien? How was this giant obelisk put into place so uniformly and well? How were the giant slabs of stone taken to the top of the mountain where Ollantaytambo resides? How were these intricate cuts made on these stones enabling them to fit together? Truly this is amazing that these stones were forged together with nothing more than a hammer by the Incas. It just doesn’t fit the bill, how could these ancient Incans have built this astonishing structure with a chisel? The stones had said to be almost welded together and with such sound precision that the obelisk is perfectly fit together with no cracks or splits after thousands of years of erosion and wear. Ollantaytambo is unbelievable, just look at it. How was it put together by humans?


How was this massive structure assembled by ancient humans? It really just doesn’t make any sense that this was actually made by early humans with no tractors or welding, ancient aliens?

There are so many artifacts on earth are that are affiliated with, or suspected to be the result of ancient alien technology. A location like this is the Carnac Stones located in Carnac, France. These stones are a collection of gigantic rocks that have been set in place in meticulous and calculated assortments. Some configurations resemble straight lines and rows while others are circular shapes. The Carnac stones together, simulate a series of triangles that make up a complicated mathematical formula – the Pythagorean Theorem. Another appealing issue around the structure of these stones is the very difficult calculations needed to actually put them in sync to where they are, and just when exactly these stones were assembled. The Carnac Stones were made in 3300 BC which is during the time of the stone ages. Pythagoras didn’t invent the Pythagorean Theorem until 530 BC it’s impossible that people in the stone ages had the competence that was needed to calculate and create the shapes required to execute the Pythagorean Theorem. Because of the size of the stones and the very limited tools available to people of that time it’s also very doubtful that they were able to lift these humongous stones into their upright place.

Researchers have not yet found out the real objective of the Carnac Stones. The stones have places inside of the composition that could’ve been antique tombs or burial chambers. Were these stones used to have burial ceremonies for ancient aliens? The Carnac Stones might have even been used to guide alien UFO’s as they are one of the three structures on earth that can be seen from space. There is also research that is being done on possible astronomical pieces of the structures. The Carnac Stones are located at the latitude where the sun on winter and summer solstices forms a Pythagorean triangle.


Is this site evidence that ancient aliens came to the Earth and administered our ancestors knowledge of new mathematical calculations and wisdom of great technology from other worlds? How was the Pythagorean Theorem being incorporated into the stones formation when the Pythagorean Theorem hadn’t even been invented yet? The Carnac stones are very unusual and something that has to raise the question of ancient extraterrestrial intervention. (Hixon)

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Another one of the many oddities in the world related to ancient astronauts is called the Nazca Lines in Peru. Drawn into a highland in Peru’s Nazca Desert, are a series of ancient depictions stretching more than 50 miles has dumbfounded archaeologists. Along with simple lines and intricate shapes, they include drawings of animals, and humans, some measuring more than 600 feet wide. Because of their vast size, the lines can only even be seen clearly from high in the sky-and there is no evidence that these Nazcans, who lived in this area between 300 B.C. and 800 A.D., had any sort of way to see these lines in their full entirety because they couldnt go up in the sky, or could they? According to ancient alien theorists, the figures were used to guide spaceships when they landed, and the lines were used as runways. What on earth would the Nazca people use these ample lines for?


The Nazca Lines are a complete mystery. No one has proof of who built them or why they were built. They are truly a befuddling landmark. The Nazca Lines have many explanations including ancient gods, or a landing strip for returning aliens, which would have been very helpful to outsiders to have been able to have an airstrip. The ground patterns are dated back to between “200 BC and 600 AD” (Ronquillo). Because these lines are so old it really brings up the question what were they using this “airstrip” for and how on earth did they even build such precise lines. This plain or plateau where theseslines are located is very dry and calm. Because there is not much wind or rain to erode anything off of this plain, these lines have stayed here for such a long period of time. This place is an ideal setting for someone that wanted to leave their mark. The concentration and precision of the Nazca lines leave no doubt that there was required long-term, intensive labor required to construct them which is strange because they serve an unkown purpose. Why would the Nazca people spend so much time on something that has no apparent purpose? Were they in fact constructing an airstrip for outsiders? Could it have been a place where UFOs landed? Why would the Nazca people do all of this for nothing? They wouldn’t just construct this giant sized, stone etched, concrete sheets of earth for a tribal or even practical purpose for like roads or something. Could it have been a DIA for ancient astronauts? (Ronquillo)

One of the most troubling questions about our ancient civilizations and ancient aliens has to do with religion. When examining old religious texts there are a number of stories that seem to be describing people coming from the sky, which they thought were angles, demons, and even God. Ancient astronaut theorists believe that these stories and encounters could have actually been contact with ancient aliens. We know that these ancient civilizations would describe things using pictures and hieroglyphs. So if they would create these glyphs based on what they saw is it not strange that we have found countless pictures of what looks like flying objects? These ancient peoples believed that the gods of their religions came down from the sky and had the ability to fly on these machines. When you consider the stories of King Solomon in Israel they talk about him flying around on a magic carpet. It was said that he would fly in the sky and map the surrounding areas. Was this their way of describing a real flying machine that was used thousands of years ago? There are also mountains near Tibet that King Solomon would fly to and the tops of the mountains resemble what looks like a runway. It is uncommon for these mountains to have such flat surfaces. Could they have actually constructed runways for these flying machines to land on?

One of the things to consider is how ancient civilizations would refer to gods as powerful beings that were superior to man. It’s possible that these in fact weren’t gods but aliens who possessed advanced technology that may have made them seem “Godly”. It doesn’t seem impossible that these people would worship these legendary “Gods” that came from the sky and seemed so superior. Were they actually Aliens? And is it possible that the aliens wanted these ancient civilizations to worship them? Maybe in return for the praise they were getting the aliens in fact did supply us with equipment and technology and knowledge to advance our civilization. This could have been the very beginning of all religious beliefs. (Ancient Aliens)


-Ascension of King Solomon: According to some experts, King Solomon of Israel owned a flying machine that let him navigate great distances and be a cartographer of the world. Ancient alien theorists have observed that many religious texts feature numerous types of aircraft. (History.com)

If there were ever ancient astronauts that came to the earth and helped human civilization with knowledge and tools, they definitely left some good evidence behind for conspirators to feast on. If there these theories are true, which there is enough evidence to validate it, it would change everything that we know about human history and change our whole perspective on our earth in the universe. This is the world that we live in and to think that if ancient aliens came to earth and altered what we think of as human doings, really affects how each and every one of us live our lives in this world. This whole topic is just so interesting because there are just so many weird things that are happening and have happened in human history and just has to make each and every one of us think, what really went on here? It is so astonishing that some of these things exist today and even more astonishing that we have absolutely no idea how or why some things are the way they are. All we can do is theorize and speculate about ancient outsiders coming down to earth and forever changing the course of human history. What if everything that you thought about ancient civilization was false, what if human technology as we know it was catapulted by ancient visitors, what if early in human history, the earth was visited by extra-terrestrials and humans and these visitors came in contact. What if we were alive because of ancient aliens? What if we are where we are here today because of ancient astronaut technology. You have to wonder…


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