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Possibilities Of Current Global Issues My Impact Tourism Tourism Essay

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Political issues, tourism have dominated the economies of many Caribbean islands today causing local island governments to feel charged with promoting and further developing their island’s tourism industry and infrastructure. Tourism is a cluster of human activities associated with the desire and ability of people to travel outside their environment. Such travel places demands upon political institutions in a given policy for regulation of both inbound and outbound tourism and for adjustments in various aspects of the society. Political issues affect the sustainability of tourism in many ways, some of the ways are the foreign exchange also call the international relations policy this is how much the host country will interact with other country to bring in money to the country, which benefit the country, but for this to happen policies must be put in place by the government to help protect a country’s national interests, national security, ideological goals, and economic prosperity, so this impacts the sustainability of the Caribbean by allowing money come into the country to help build tourism economically. Another is the political issues on the environment, this is objects surrounding the environment, government have to put in place laws to restrict infrastructure from being built in prestige and fragile places that could destroy the area which are voluntary to the country. With government policies like this it impacts the country positively not only for tourist but also for residents.

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Natural and man-made disasters are bound to happen in the Caribbean, the islands are located along the path of hurricanes, which irremissibly come to us every year. This is something that the islands have lived with since time immemorial, that is to say, the aspects related to regional beauty are linked to the phenomena that affect us every year but as nature lives in harmony with itself, it has the ability to recover from the effects of hurricanes, regenerating plants and redirecting the course of rivers that overflow their banks; in addition to bringing moisture to dry land. We humans have occupied the natural environment but have not learnt to co-exist with our habitat. Our societies have not been able to formulate mechanisms to prevent natural events from producing the social disasters that we usually have every year in one or several of our countries. In other words, hurricanes are natural, but disasters are man-made, since the responsibility for the damages brought about by hurricanes is eminently social; it is therefore up to us humans to seek harmony with nature so that its phenomena would not have the negative effects that we regrettably suffer from time to time. Since we can influence neither the occurrence nor the trajectory of hurricanes, we must be prepared, so as to avoid or at least reduce such negative effects. In that respect, there have been great advancements in scientific knowledge pertaining to such phenomena, such as their origin, speed, wave height, wind force, temperature, that is to say, everything we need in order to know the exact time of arrival and departure, which puts us in a position to anticipate how we will be affected, taking into consideration the environmental conditions of the islands. Some of the man-made disasters are like pollution , whether to the air land or sea, from either the cruise ships or from hotels , these have a negative impact on the Caribbean because if the island become deteriorated then no tourist will want to visit the island since there is nothing there to attract them and if the island is doomed for a hurricane or Natural disaster constantly there only going to be little or no tourist that visits the country because they want to protect themself and also enjoy the tourism product of the country.

Technology issues in the Caribbean region will need to adopt strategies and the actions to put it in the forefront of technological change. It is in the marketing and distribution areas that the use of technology is most critical. Natural advantages (sun, sand and sea) are no longer sufficient to give the Caribbean the competitive edge in global markets. New technologies are driving the new tourism from the supply side. New technologies are making it possible to supply individual tailor-made holidays that are cost-competitive with mass standardized and rigidly packaged options. Technology is driving the new tourism. It is creating the basis for flexibility and individuality of the travel experience without necessarily increasing costs.

Economic issues amongst tourism sector offers a number of opportunities for linkages, which have not been fully exploited. From organic food production and cut flowers, to health services, high fashion for the tropics and environmental services, the potentials are enormous. These potentials must be analysed on a sector by sector basis using new strategies of development based on the principles of product focus and production flexibility. There is need to create more linkages between tourism and other sectors of the economy, particularly services of developing the axial potential of the tourism sector: using the presence of a tourism sector to develop other exports, e.g. sports, ecotourism, high fashion, environment services, health tourism. Three key issues of economic impact have also been identified: the high leakage of the tourism sector and the low levels of linkages developed between tourism and the other sectors of the economy; the need for more research and analysis; and the need to develop strategies and actions to maximize the Economic impacts of tourism.

The Human resource issue is one of the key strategic issues facing the Caribbean tourism sector which is to ensure that the continued competitiveness of the sector in global markets. A number of factors will reinforce the competitiveness of the Caribbean tourism sector. One is the Human resource development; the key to quality is the human resources that deliver quality services. The development of the human resource base on the Caribbean tourism sector is a key priority. There is an urgent need to invest in the training and development of human resources that would manage the tourism industry in an efficient, profitable and sustainable manner and also provide quality services to an increasingly demanding international clientele. It is in the critically important field of human resource development that the accommodation sector faces its toughest challenge. In the increasingly competitive world of international tourism, the days of enthusiastic amateurs are over. Technical efficiency and professional service are the distinguishing marks of success.

Tourists are becoming increasingly sceptical in their choice of tourism destination.

A major factor that has been gaining importance in their selection set is the environmental quality of their preferred destination. Tourism planners need to recognize that the sustainability of their destination and its various offerings necessitates the consideration of environmental protection and conservation-related issues. This essay undertakes the study to explore the link between implementing better human resource, upgrading technologies, maximizing economic, political and Natural and manmade disasters to gain more tourism knowledge on how to help sustain pristine and unique areas that attracts tourist to the Caribbean.


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