Business Management Lectures

As a whole, business management is a wide-ranging topic that considers aspects that are necessary to support the running and optimisation of a business. The different areas of business management include strategic planning, leadership, change management, operations strategy, project management and much more.

This business management lecture was created by an experienced lecturer from a UK university, with the aim of lecturing students and professionals on the subject of business management. Each module can be used individually to catch up on missed lectures or to revisit topics that you are unsure of, and you could also complete the lecture from start to finish as an additional learning or revision tool.

These are the fundamental topics that all business owners and managers must understand, and so this module is an essential guide to introduce the core aspects of running a business. It will provide a breakdown of theory, as well as supplementing this with practical examples and case studies throughout. Throughout the course of this free online lecture, you will improve your knowledge of the many different aspects of business management, helping you to prepare yourself for a successful career in the world of business.

Chapter Contents

  • Organisational Structure Lecture
    Introduction: Welcome to the Organisational structure chapter! Organisational structure determines how an organisation sets out its functional flows, with a clear division of tasks in various departments.
  • Strategic Planning Lecture
    Introduction: Within this, we will discuss the different ways that a business can determine their strategy, what options are available, and how strategic success can be measured. We will also understand the various factors that can affect strategic decision making.
  • Leadership Lecture
    Introduction: Significant literature surrounds the subject of leadership, not least the numerous biographies and autobiographies of those identified as being ‘good’ leaders. You will also possess your own views on the topic shaped by your personal experiences of leadership within families, social groups, educational institutions and ultimately your working environment.
  • Change Management Lecture
    Introduction: Welcome to the lesson on Change Management! The ability of an organisation to change and adapt is very important. It is how such change is managed that determines how a firm can optimise its progress. Therefore, there is a need for firms to place importance on managing change in an effective and sustainable manner.
  • CSR Lecture
    Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an issue of much debate and discussion within modern business. There are those that argue that CSR efforts are vital if environmental and social challenges (such as climate change, labour exploitation and good governance) are to be effectively addressed.
  • Operations Strategy Lecture
    Introduction: This chapter will first define operations from a business perspective, and will then outline the fundamental operational process - inputs, transformation and outputs. This will lead on to discussion of other aspects that affect the operations process, such as inventory, supply chain and quality management.
  • Operational Quality Management Lecture
    Introduction: Welcome to the next lesson of this module where we will cover the topic of operational quality management. This chapter follows on from the discussion of operations management in the previous chapter and will provide a look at the more complex aspects.
  • Entrepreneurship Lecture
    Introduction: Entrepreneurship refers to the process of identifying, and then setting up a business to leverage a business opportunity. The entrepreneurial process involves some type of innovation, this may be product innovation or process innovation.
  • Project Management Lecture
    Introduction: Welcome to the Project Management lesson. As a topic, Project Management can be very challenging, and its multidimensional aspects can be difficult to understand sometimes. This chapter will look at some key and common points to assist and guide further reading, and to help with understanding this relatively complicated topic.
  • Technology in Business Lecture
    Introduction: Welcome to the Technology in Business, Society and Consumers lesson. Technology is vital to the business world and an understanding of this chapter is essential to determining how society and consumer behaviour and expectations, in general, are influenced and shaped by it.

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